Valentine's Day Chocolates

Top 3 Best Chocolate Valentine’s Gifts

1 – Artisan Chocolate Selection – View the best deals here

2 – Personalised Chocolate Tree – View the best deals here

3 – Belgian Chocolate Heart Smash – View the best deals here

Personalised Chocolate Tree

Valentine's Chocolate Gifts

The Personalised Malteser Heart Drizzle Chocolate Tree is a delightful and indulgent Valentine’s Day gift that combines the sweetness of chocolate with a personalised touch. Shaped in the form of a tree and adorned with irresistible Malteser chocolates, this edible creation is a treat for the taste buds and a visually appealing and thoughtful gesture.

The heart-shaped theme and the addition of a personalised touch make this chocolate tree a perfect Valentine’s Day present. The personalised message adds a romantic and intimate element to the gift, whether for a partner, spouse, or a special someone.

Artisan Chocolate Selection

The Artisan Chocolate Selection from The British Hamper Company is a splendid Valentine’s Day gift for men who have a taste for luxury chocolates. This hamper features a variety of handcrafted chocolates, offering an exquisite blend of flavours and textures. It’s a sophisticated and indulgent choice for a Valentine’s gift, catering to those who relish gourmet treats.

Valentine's Chocolate Gifts

The Belgian Chocolate Smash Heart is a delectable and visually stunning Valentine’s Day gift that promises a delightful surprise for your special someone. Crafted in the shape of a heart, this chocolate creation is designed to be smashed open, revealing a treasure trove of delicious fudge, chocolates, and sweets hidden within. A personal message adds a thoughtful and customised touch to this sweet gesture.

Personalised Toblerone Chocolate Bar love - Personalised with the Name of Your Choice, Milk Chocolate with Honey-Almond Nougat (L - 360 gram, Milk chocolate with honey-almond nougat)

The Personalised Toblerone bar is a sweet and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift that adds a personal touch to a classic treat. This iconic triangular-shaped chocolate bar can be customised with the name of your choice, making it a unique and memorable present for your loved one. The bar is made of rich milk chocolate with honey-almond nougat, providing a delicious and satisfying taste experience.

Personalised Chocolate Kiss Cake

Valentine's Chocolate Gifts

The Personalised Valentine’s Smash Kiss Chocolate Cake is a delightful and enchanting gift that adds a personal and sweet touch to Valentine’s Day celebrations. Shaped like a kiss, this chocolate cake is designed to be smashed open, revealing an array of treats concealed within its delicious layers. Personalisation allows you to add a special message or the recipients’ names, making it a unique and memorable gesture.

Valentine's Chocolate Gifts

The Personalised Chocolate Message with Name is a sweet and heartfelt Valentine’s Day gift that allows you to express love in a delicious and personalised way. Crafted from high-quality chocolate, this sweet treat features the message “I LOVE YOU” and a customisable name, creating a uniquely intimate and romantic gesture.

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, this chocolate message is a delectable treat and a thoughtful and personalised expression of affection. Including the recipient’s name adds a special touch, making it a unique and cherished gift.

Chocolate Bouquet

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The Chocolate Bouquet featuring Pink Ferrero Rocher and Lindt Lindor Chocolates is an exquisite and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift that blends the sophistication of premium chocolates with the charm of a beautifully arranged bouquet. Weighing 260 grams, this sweet gift hamper is a true indulgence, combining the luxurious taste of Pink Ferrero Rocher with the irresistibly smooth truffle fillings of Lindt Lindor Chocolates. The pink-hued Ferrero Rocher adds extra elegance, making this bouquet a delicious treat and a visually stunning and romantic gesture.

Chocolate Flower Pot

Valentine's Chocolate Gifts

The Personalised Red Smash Chocolate Flower Pot is a delightful and innovative Valentine’s Day gift that brings together the beauty of flowers and the indulgence of Belgian chocolate. Crafted from Belgian milk chocolate, this flower pot is not your typical bouquet; instead, it features a mix of Maltesers®, Cadbury’s Buttons®, and Minstrels® sealed with a layer of Belgian chocolate crispy crunch.

The interactive element makes this gift even more special – it’s designed to be smashed like a piñata, revealing a cascade of sweet treats inside. The option to personalise the flower pot with a name or message, handwritten in Belgian chocolate, adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness and makes this gift truly unique.

Valentine's Chocolate Gifts

The Cadbury Valentine’s Selection Box is a delightful and thoughtful Valentine’s Day treat designed to sweeten the celebration of love. This unique gift features a Cadbury Dairy Milk “I Love You” gift bar, adding a romantic touch to the selection. Alongside this expressive bar, the Cadbury Gifts Direct presents a unique two-layered Cadbury Selection Box, offering a variety of beloved Cadbury chocolates.

Valentine's Chocolate Gifts

The Personalized Valentine’s Gift Box is a thoughtful and sentimental way to celebrate love and connection on Valentine’s Day. This unique gift box is designed to be a couple’s delight, featuring the inclusion of personalised elements that make it truly unique. The box includes the option to add photos, creating a visual journey of shared memories and moments. The personalised touch extends to the chocolates within the box, ensuring that each treat carries a special significance.

Valentine's Chocolate Gifts

The Personalised Chocolate Roses offer a delightful and unique twist on the traditional flowers gift box for Valentine’s Day. Instead of real roses, this unique gift features beautifully crafted chocolate roses that capture the essence of romance and provide a sweet and indulgent treat for your special someone. Personalisation adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness, allowing you to customise the gift with a special message or the recipient’s name.

Valentine's Chocolate Gifts

The “Obnoxious Chocs” is a hilarious and cheeky Valentine’s Day gift that adds a playful twist to the celebration of love. This box of chocolates is not your typical sweet treat; instead, it’s filled with amusing and obnoxious chocolate varieties that will bring laughter and joy to the occasion. The unconventional nature of these chocolates makes them a unique and memorable gift with a sense of humour for partners.

How to Choose the Best Chocolate Valentine’s Gifts

Choosing the best Chocolate Valentine’s Gifts involves a blend of understanding your loved one’s preferences and adding a touch of creativity. Firstly, consider the type of chocolate they enjoy – dark, milk, white, or a variety with unique infusions like sea salt, nuts, or exotic fruits. Opt for high-quality or artisanal chocolates to make your gift feel more luxurious and unique.

Presentation is key; look for beautifully packaged chocolates in heart-shaped boxes or elegant wrappings that enhance the romantic gesture. If your loved one appreciates ethical and sustainable choices, seek brands that use fair trade and organic ingredients. Many chocolatiers offer customisation options for a more personalised touch, allowing you to handpick the flavours or create a personalised message with the chocolates.

If they have dietary restrictions, consider vegan or sugar-free options that cater to their needs without compromising taste. Finally, complementing the chocolates with another gift, like a bouquet or a thoughtful card, can elevate the entire experience, making your Valentine’s Day gift both sweet and memorable.

For those looking for more affordable options, consider exploring Affordable Valentine’s Day Ideas. If humour is more your style, our guide on Funny Gifts for Valentine’s Day might be just what you need. And for the men in your life, our selections of Valentine’s Gifts for Men and Valentine’s Gifts for Your Boyfriend provide great ideas to surprise them.

Why Chocolate Valentine’s Gifts Are Important

Chocolate Valentine’s gifts hold a special significance due to their rich history and symbolic meaning in the context of love and romance. Firstly, chocolate has long been associated with passion and affection, making it a timeless and classic gift choice for Valentine’s Day. Giving chocolates is often seen as a gesture of sweetness and indulgence, reflecting the giver’s desire to bring joy and pleasure to their loved one.

Moreover, chocolates have a universal appeal and are a versatile gift option, suitable for almost any relationship stage, from new romances to long-established partnerships. They offer a simple yet effective way to express love, appreciation, and thoughtfulness.

Additionally, the variety and customisation options available with chocolates allow for a personal touch. From artisanal selections to luxury brands and classic flavours to innovative combinations, a wide range of choices suit different tastes and preferences. This variety enables the giver to tailor the gift to the recipient’s unique palate, making it more meaningful and personal.

Furthermore, chocolates can be paired with other gifts, such as flowers or wine, to create a more comprehensive and romantic gesture. This versatility enhances their appeal as a Valentine’s gift.

Lastly, sharing chocolates can be a sensory and intimate experience for couples, fostering closeness and togetherness. Tasting and discovering flavours can be a delightful bonding activity, making chocolates a gift and an experience to share.

In essence, chocolate Valentine’s gifts embody a blend of tradition, pleasure, and personal expression, making them an enduringly popular and significant choice for expressing love on Valentine’s Day.

Factors to Consider When Buying Chocolate Valentine’s Gifts

When selecting Chocolate Valentine’s Gifts, consider these key factors to ensure a delightful and memorable gift:

  1. Quality of Chocolate: Opt for high-quality chocolate, with consideration for the cocoa content that aligns with your recipient’s taste preference. Renowned brands often guarantee better quality.
  2. Type of Chocolate: Understand the preference of your loved one – whether they favour dark, milk, or white chocolate. Artisanal chocolates can offer unique flavours, while well-known commercial brands might provide familiar favourites.
  3. Dietary Restrictions: Be aware of allergies or dietary preferences such as vegan, sugar-free, or gluten-free options.
  4. Packaging and Presentation: Attractive and appropriate packaging enhances the gift’s appeal. Check if the shop offers unique Valentine’s Day packaging or consider personal wrapping.
  5. Personalisation: Custom messages or selecting individual chocolates for a bespoke box show thoughtfulness.
  6. Occasion Appropriateness: Look for Valentine’s themed chocolates, including heart shapes and romantic packaging, to resonate with the day’s spirit.
  7. Price: Set a budget beforehand. There are quality options available across various price points.
  8. Ethical Considerations: If possible, choose ethically sourced chocolates that support fair trade practices.
  9. Purchase Point: Decide whether to buy from local shops for potentially fresher options or online for convenience and a more comprehensive selection.
  10. Recipient’s Preference: Knowing their favourite flavours or specific likes such as nuts, caramel, or fruit-infused chocolates can make the gift more personal.
  11. Expiry Date: Ensure the chocolates are fresh and will remain so until the day of gifting.

By keeping these aspects in mind, your Chocolate Valentine’s Gift will be delicious and thoughtfully chosen, adding a special touch to your celebration of love.

How to Wrap Chocolate Valentine’s Gifts

Wrapping Chocolate Valentine’s Gifts can be both a delightful and creative process. Here’s a guide to ensure your gifts are as visually appealing as they are tasty, with a focus on readability:

Materials Needed:

  1. High-quality wrapping paper: Choose a design that complements the occasion, perhaps with hearts or romantic motifs.
  2. Satin ribbons: Opt for colours like red, pink, or gold to maintain the Valentine’s theme.
  3. Scissors and clear tape.
  4. Tissue paper: This adds an extra layer of protection for the chocolates.
  5. Gift tags and pens for personalisation.


  1. Select the Right Box: If your chocolates don’t come in a gift box, find one that fits them snugly. Boxes protect the chocolates and provide a flat surface for wrapping.
  2. Measure and Cut the Wrapping Paper: Place the box on the wrapping paper, ensuring enough paper to cover all sides with extra overlap. Cut the paper accordingly.
  3. Wrap the Box: Centre the box on the paper. Secure the paper over one side of the box with tape. Repeat on the other side, neatly folding the edges for a crisp finish.
  4. Add Tissue Paper Inside: Line the inside of the box with tissue paper before placing the chocolates inside. This adds an extra touch of luxury and protects the chocolates.
  5. Embellish with Ribbons: Tie a satin ribbon around the box, finishing with a bow. Ribbons not only enhance the look but also secure the wrapping.
  6. Attach a Personalised Gift Tag: Write a heartfelt message or simply the recipient’s name on a gift tag, attaching it to the ribbon or the package.

Remember, the presentation of your Valentine’s chocolate gift can be as crucial as the chocolates themselves. It reflects the thought and care you’ve put into the gift, making it all the more special for your loved one.


In conclusion, chocolate Valentine’s gifts embody a timeless and classic expression of love and affection. The thoughtful selection and presentation of these chocolates can significantly enhance the emotional impact of your gift. Whether you opt for artisanal varieties, unique flavour infusions, or classic favourites, the key lies in aligning the choice with your loved one’s taste and preferences. The care taken in packaging and presenting the chocolates adds to the overall experience, transforming a simple gesture into a memorable and heartfelt expression of your feelings. Chocolates, with their universal appeal and rich, indulgent nature, are not just gifts but symbols of love, making them a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day. They represent the sweetness and depth of your relationship, ensuring that your gesture of love will be remembered and cherished.


What are the Best Types of Chocolates for Valentine's Day Gifts?

The best types include gourmet or artisanal chocolates, heart-shaped assortments, and luxury brands. Consider your loved one's preference for dark, milk, or white chocolate and any unique flavour infusions they might enjoy.

How Can I Personalise Chocolate Valentine's Gifts?

Personalise them by choosing a custom assortment of their favourite flavours, adding a personalised message or name on the packaging, or selecting a unique, handcrafted chocolate set.

Are There Vegan or Allergy-Friendly Chocolate Options for Valentine's Day?

Yes, many chocolatiers offer vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free options. Be sure to check the ingredients and manufacturing process to ensure they meet dietary requirements.

Can I Pair Other Gifts with Chocolate for Valentine’s Day?

Absolutely. Chocolates pair well with flowers, a bottle of wine or champagne, a romantic dinner, or a heartfelt card. These combinations can enhance the overall gifting experience.

How Should I Package Chocolate Valentine's Gifts for Shipping?

When shipping chocolates, use insulated packaging and cold packs to prevent melting. Ensure they are securely wrapped and cushioned to avoid damage during transit.


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