Funny Valentines Gifts

Valentine’s Day, a holiday dedicated to expressing love and affection, can sometimes feel like it’s wrapped up in seriousness and intense romance. But who said it can’t also be filled with laughter and amusement? A funny Valentine’s Day gift can break the ice, lighten the mood, and make the day even more memorable. But with so many options, how do you find the perfect one that will bring a smile to your Valentine’s face? Let’s dive into some humorous yet heartfelt gift ideas that will infuse your day with laughter and love.

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The Art of Gifting on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is traditionally associated with romance and heartfelt gestures. But who made those rules? This year, break the mould and bring some laughter to your love life.

Why Choose Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts?

Valentine’s Day gifts don’t always have to be serious or traditionally romantic. Sometimes, the best gift is the gift of laughter. Funny gifts can be an excellent way to show your lighter side, express your unique personality, and share an inside joke that only you two understand. It’s a fun and creative approach to Valentine’s Day, sure to create unforgettable memories.

Gift Ideas for Funny Gifts for Valentines

Struggling for ideas? Don’t worry—we got you covered.

Anniversary Candle Gifts for Her Him, Valentines Day Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend Boyfriend, Online Dating Gifts, Funny Romantic Gift Idea for Women Men Wife Husband Fiancee, Lavender Scented Candles

Celebrate the essence of love and joy this Valentine’s Day with our heartfelt and humorous scented candles – “You’re the Best Thing I Found on the Internet.” These beautifully crafted candles embody the perfect blend of romance and laughter, making them the ideal gift for your beloved, whether it’s your girlfriend, boyfriend, or someone special in your life.

The label adorning the glass jar adds a playful touch to the heartfelt message. The phrase “You’re the Best Thing I Found on the Internet” serves as a reminder of the unique love story you share, especially if you first met through online dating, adding a touch of nostalgia and humour to your connection.

Custom Girlfriend Face Men's Boxers Underwear,Customised Picture Underpants for Men,Personalized Photo Briefs Shorts,Funny Gift for Valentine's Day Birthday, Wedding Gifts for Husband Boyfriend…

Celebrate the spirit of love and playfulness this Valentine’s Day with a truly unique and personalised gift for your husband or boyfriend. These cheeky underpants are designed to add a touch of humour and affection to your intimate moments, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Crafted with love and care, these men’s boxers are fully customisable with a picture of your girlfriend’s face. Simply upload her photo, and our expert team will skillfully print it on the underwear, making it a one-of-a-kind present that symbolises your special bond.  It’s a lighthearted way to celebrate your relationship and share a moment of joy together.

PopLife Naughty Eggplant 3D Pop Up Card - I Love You for Your Personality, But…” Inappropriate Birthday Card, Sexy Valentine’s Day Gift, Funny Card for Husband, for Boyfriend, Fiance

Add a touch of humour and playfulness with the Eggplant 3D Pop-Up Card. This one-of-a-kind card is designed to bring laughter and joy to your loved one on their birthday, Valentine’s Day, or any other intimate celebration.

As you open the card, a delightful 3D pop-up of cheeky eggplant springs to life, immediately setting a fun and mischievous tone. The front of the card features a witty message that reads, “I Love You for Your Personality, But…” – a playful way to show affection and appreciation for your partner’s unique traits.

Scented Candles - I'm Sorry Gifts for Mum, Her, Him - Funny Apology, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Birthday Gifts for Mum, Dad, Women, Men, Grandma, Wife, Husband, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Friends, Bff

Crafted with care, the scented candle comes in an elegant design, featuring a witty and charming label that reads, “I hope this candle smells better than all the shi*t I’ve put you through.” The playful message serves as a candid acknowledgement of past mistakes, making it a heartfelt and genuine gesture of apology.

Choose the Scented Candle as your heartfelt way of saying “I’m Sorry.” Embrace the power of humour, sincerity, and the soothing scent to mend the wounds of the past and open the path for a brighter, more loving future. Let this gift be a symbol of growth and understanding, strengthening your bond with your loved one as you navigate the ups and downs of life together.

Girlfriend Anniversary Birthday Romantic Gift - Love You Most The End I Win - Cute Couple Gifts Ideas for Wife Fiance Husband Boyfriend - Memorable Pillowcase Reminder Home Decor

Express your love and appreciation for your wife, fiance, husband, or boyfriend with this thoughtful and heartwarming gift. Embrace the magic of love and create lasting memories with this unforgettable Valentine’s Day present that speaks directly to the depth of your affection and the joy of being together.

Crafted with care and designed to tug at the heartstrings, this pillowcase carries a sweet and affectionate message: “Love You Most, The End I Win.” It’s a heartwarming reminder of the love and playfulness you share as a couple, reaffirming your devotion to each other.

Triple Gifffted Funny His and Hers Gifts Ideas, Unique Valentine's Day Matching Mugs for Couples, Christmas, Him and Her, Boyfriend Girlfriend Anniversary Engagement, Ceramic Cup, 380ML

Crafted with care and designed to add a touch of humour to your daily routine, these ceramic mugs feature a playful and cheeky phrases – “I like his beard” and “I like her butt.” This lighthearted message perfectly captures the fun-loving and affectionate nature of your relationship, making it a delightful reminder of the unique connection you share.

Celebrate the fun and love shared between you and your significant other with the His and Hers Couple Mugs – the perfect and funny Valentine’s Day gift for couples. These matching mugs are not only ideal for Valentine’s Day but also make for a unique and charming present for your anniversary, engagement, Christmas, or any special occasion that celebrates your love.

INFMETRY Cute Capsules in a Glass Bottle Lovely Pill Notes Valentines Day Gifts for Her Him Boyfriend Girlfriend Mom Birthday Anniversary Couples Gifts For Women Men (25pcs Yellow)

Surprise your loved one with this funny and thoughtful gift, as they experience the joy of discovering each lovely note tucked inside these adorable capsules. Each message serves as a tiny treasure, building memories that will last a lifetime.

The Capsules in a Glass Bottle is a personalised gift perfect for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion you wish to celebrate with your loved one. Inside this charming glass bottle, you’ll find 25pcs of adorable yellow capsules, ready to have a personalised note added inside.

MIPOMALL Boyfriends Mug - Valentines Gifts for Him - Gifts for Boyfriend, This Guy has The Best Girlfriend, Birthday Gifts, Coffee Mugs Cup, Christmas Present - wm7419

Celebrate your loving relationship with the boyfriend’s Mug, the perfect Valentine’s gift for him and a heartfelt way to show your affection and appreciation for your boyfriend. This thoughtful and charming mug carries a sweet and playful message that reads, “This Guy Has The Best Girlfriend,” making it a delightful and endearing expression of your love.

Crafted with care and designed to bring a smile to your boyfriend’s face, this coffee mug is a wonderful reminder of the special bond you share. Imagine his joy as he starts his day sipping his favourite beverage from this lovingly designed mug, feeling grateful for the love and care you provide.

Answer This - Couples - How Well Do You Know Your Partner? - Relationship & Conversation Card Game for a Date Night or a Party - Cool Anniversary or Valentines Gift

“Answer This” is a captivating and interactive Couples Game designed to test how well you know your partner, making it the perfect addition to your date night or a fun activity for a party with friends. This engaging card game offers an enjoyable way to strengthen your relationship and spark meaningful conversations.

Designed with love and care, “Answer This” consists of a deck of relationship and conversation cards that delve into various aspects of your partner’s life and personality. It challenges you both to answer questions about each other’s preferences, experiences, and thoughts, fostering a deeper understanding of one another.

Need For Gift - Fitness Activities Game Dice - Christmas Stocking Filler for Him - Novelty Funny Gift for Men Naughty Gifts for Man Women Her Boyfriend Girlfriend (1 Set)

Introduce a fun and playful element to your Valentine’s Day celebrations with the “Naughty Dice Game” – the perfect novelty and funny gift for your partner, whether it’s your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. This unique set of dice adds a touch of excitement and laughter to your sex life, making it an ideal Valentine’s gift for adventurous couples.

Crafted with care, this set includes dice with various positions and places printed on them. With a simple roll of the dice, you and your partner can embark on spontaneous fun.

'I'm Glad I Accidentally Swiped Right' Engraved Photo Frame or Wooden, Slate or Glass Coaster - Funny Anniversary Gift for Him or Her

Capture the humour and love of your serendipitous connection with the “I’m Glad I Accidentally Swiped Right” Engraved Wooden, Slate, or Glass Coaster – the perfect funny Valentine’s gift for your significant other. This thoughtful and witty gift celebrates the unexpected journey that brought you both together, adding a touch of humour and sentimentality to your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

This gift is perfect for him or her, regardless of who made the accidental swipe. It’s a delightful way to express your appreciation for the unique path that brought you both together and to celebrate the happiness you now share.

Valentine’s Day Survival Kit In A Can. Humorous Novelty Gift - Gifts For Him/Gifts For Men. Boyfriend, Fiance, Friend, Husband, Partner. Present & Card All In One. Customise Your Can Colour. (Blue/Navy)

The humorous label on the can reads “Valentine’s Day Survival Kit,” setting the tone for the delightful surprises inside. They can colour can be customized to match your recipient’s preferences, with options like Blue or Navy to make it even more special.

Inside the can, your loved one will discover a collection of thoughtful and funny items, carefully chosen to bring a smile to their face. Each item is a playful reminder of your love and the unique bond you share.

Blank Coupon Book for Him: 30 Fillable Blank DIY Vouchers for Boyfriend, Husband, or Couples. IOU Tokens for Dad, Brother, Friend, Partner or Lovers. ... Birthday, Christmas, or Any Occasion.

Surprise your special someone with a thoughtful and personalized gift using the Blank Coupon Book for Him. This DIY voucher book is the perfect Valentine’s gift for your boyfriend, husband, or any significant man in your life, offering 30 fillable blank coupons that you can customize with your own heartfelt promises and gestures.

Crafted with care, this paperback coupon book allows you to create a unique and meaningful present for your loved one. Each blank coupon can be tailored to suit their preferences, making it a perfect way to give them a collection of IOU tokens for special treats, favours, or experiences.

Custom Blanket Personalised Blankets for Adults Christmas Long Distance Relationship Gifts Mum Kids Family Friends Lovers Dog Pets Personalized Birthday Blankets 4Photo-2

Introducing the Custom Blanket with Photo Text – the perfect funny and humorous gift for Valentine’s Day! This personalised flannel throw blanket offers a touch of charm and laughter to your romantic celebrations, making it an unforgettable and unique present for your girlfriend, boyfriend, or any special couple in your life.

Crafted with love and care, this blanket allows you to customise it with your own photo and text. Imagine the joy and surprise on your partner’s face as they unwrap this cosy and personalised gift, featuring a memorable photo and a witty or funny message that reflects your special bond.

Funnli His and Hers Gifts, 2 Pieces Stainless Steel Engraved Coffee Spoon,Valentines Day Ice Cream Spoons Present, Anniversary Christmas Birthday Wedding Gifts for Him Her Couple

Add a touch of charm and sweetness to your Valentine’s Day with the Funnli His and Hers Gifts – a set of 2 Stainless Steel Engraved Coffee Spoons. These delightful spoons are not only perfect for stirring coffee but also make a unique and thoughtful present for your partner, whether it’s your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife.

Crafted with attention to detail, each stainless steel coffee spoon is engraved with a special message – one spoon reads “His” and the other reads “Hers.” This sweet and endearing touch makes them a perfect Valentine’s Day gift, symbolizing the unique bond and connection you share as a couple.

How to Choose the Right Funny Valentine’s Day Gift

Know Your Valentine’s Sense of Humor

The most important factor in choosing a funny gift is knowing your Valentine’s sense of humour. Something that’s hilarious to one person might not be funny to another. Make sure your gift is something that aligns with their humour style.

Consider Practicality

While the primary purpose of a funny gift is to amuse, it’s a bonus if it can also be of some use. For instance, a humorous coffee mug or T-shirt can be used regularly.

Keep It Personal

The best gifts, funny or not, have a personal touch. They show that you know your Valentine’s likes, dislikes, and quirks.


Choosing the best funny gifts for Valentine’s Day is all about knowing your partner and their sense of humour. From hilarious greeting cards to personalized gifts and novelty items, there’s no shortage of options to bring a smile to their face. Remember, it’s not just about the gift but the laughter and joy you share in the process.


What is a good funny gift for Valentine's Day?

A good funny gift for Valentine's Day is one that aligns with your Valentine's sense of humor. It could be a funny greeting card, a personalized item, or a novelty gift.

Where can I buy funny Valentine's Day gifts?

You can buy funny Valentine's Day gifts from online marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy. Local gift shops and novelty stores may also carry a range of funny gifts.

Can a Valentine's Day gift be funny and romantic?

Absolutely! A gift can be both funny and romantic. A personalized item with a humorous twist, for instance, can show both love and a sense of humor.

Why should I consider a funny gift for Valentine's Day?

A funny gift can make Valentine's Day memorable and unique. It shows your lighter side and can create shared moments of laughter and joy.

What are some DIY funny Valentine's Day gift ideas?

DIY funny Valentine's Day gifts could include a scrapbook of hilarious memories together, a homemade comic strip, or a 'reasons why I love you' jar with funny reasons mixed in.

Celebrate the holiday season with a touch of humor and personalized flair by gifting custom boxer briefs for men or personalized underwear for women featuring a face – a cheeky and unique Christmas gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or husband. This custom and intimate present allow you to showcase your creativity by adding a face, whether it’s yours or a playful choice, to create a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.

Designed with comfort in mind, these customized boxer briefs or underwear offer a festive and lighthearted twist to traditional Christmas gifts. The personalized touch adds a layer of intimacy and fun, making them a memorable and thoughtful present for your loved one. Whether you choose to be silly or sentimental, these customized undergarments are sure to bring a smile to their face during the holiday season and create a unique memory that will be cherished for years to come.

The “Light When You Want Me Naked” is a playful and cheeky gift for a boyfriend, perfect for adding a touch of humor and romance to your relationship. This creative and intimate present from a girlfriend is designed to bring a smile to your boyfriend’s face, making it an ideal choice for special occasions like Valentine’s Day or as a spontaneous and lighthearted gesture.

This unique gift may refer to a light that can be turned on or off, creating a playful atmosphere and hinting at moments of intimacy. It’s a fun and memorable way to express affection and spice up the romance in your relationship. While it may be humorous, gifts like these often hold sentimental value, becoming a shared joke and a reminder of the special connection between you and your boyfriend. The “Light When You Want Me Naked” gift is a thoughtful and entertaining way to celebrate love and add a touch of excitement to your relationship.

If you are a user of Buyagift and have a Comedy Pass for Two, you’re in for a fantastic experience! This pass typically allows you and a companion to choose from 16 different locations, offering a variety of comedy clubs and venues to enjoy a night filled with laughter and entertainment.

To redeem your Comedy Pass for Two, simply browse through the available locations and select the one that suits your preferences. Once you’ve made your choice, follow the instructions provided by Buyagift for booking your comedy experience. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share laughs, enjoy a night out, and create lasting memories with a friend, family member, or significant other.

The Buyagift 60 Minute Segway Adventure for Two is an exciting experience that promises a thrilling adventure for you and a companion. This voucher allows you both to enjoy a Segway experience, exploring your chosen location for an exhilarating 60 minutes. The adventure is available throughout the week, providing flexibility for you to schedule your escapade at a time that suits your preferences.

Riding a Segway is a unique and fun way to navigate various terrains, and this adventure is designed to cater to all levels of experience. Whether you’re a first-time rider or have tried it before, the 60-minute duration ensures you have ample time to master the Segway and enjoy the scenic surroundings. This experience is not just a thrilling outdoor activity but also an opportunity to create lasting memories with a friend, family member, or loved one. The Buyagift 60 Minute Segway Adventure for Two is an ideal gift for those seeking an unforgettable adventure and a unique way to explore the great outdoors.

Shining She Engraved Fork, I Forking Love You, Stainless Steel Engraved Fork with Luxury Black Box, Perfect Gifts for Christmas Valentine's Day

The Valentines Engraved Fork is a unique and thoughtful gift for the special person in your life. This fork is made of high-quality stainless steel and features the engraving “I Forking Love You” making it a playful and romantic gift. The fork comes packaged in a luxurious black box, making it a great option for gift-giving on occasions such as Valentine’s Day. The elegant and durable design of the fork makes it perfect for daily use or for special occasions. Show your love and appreciation with this one-of-a-kind engraved fork.

Valentines Day Boyfriend Gifts Mugs - This Guy Has an Awesome Girlfriend Coffee Mug - Birthday Gifts for Him Coffee Cup 11 Oz

This 11 oz ceramic coffee mug is the perfect gift for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day or for his birthday. The mug features the message “This Guy Has an Awesome Girlfriend” in bold, black lettering, making it a fun and playful way to show your appreciation for him. The mug is microwave and dishwasher-safe, making it both practical and durable. Give the gift of a morning coffee or tea in style with this unique and thoughtful gift. Show your boyfriend how much you care with this “This Guy Has an Awesome Girlfriend” coffee mug.

The Original Toilet Bowl Night Light. Motion Sensor Home Gadgets for Men Women Dad Gifts for Men Fathers Day Christmas. Funny Novelty Bathroom Accessory. Birthday Presents. Fun Cool Gadgets Gift

The Original Toilet Bowl Night Light is a fun and practical bathroom accessory that adds a touch of humour to any bathroom. It features a motion sensor that automatically turns on when you enter the room, illuminating the toilet bowl with a soft LED light. The light is available in multiple colours and can be set to change colour or stay a single colour. The light is also energy efficient and only activates in darkness, saving energy and money.

This unique night light is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of fun to their bathroom. It’s a great gift for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, Father’s Day, or Christmas for him or dad. It’s also a perfect gift for anyone who has trouble finding the toilet in the middle of the night or simply wants to add a fun and unique touch to their bathroom decor.


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