Complaints Policy

At The Gift Bags, we offer our users precise and trustworthy information, guides, and product reviews to aid them in making well-informed choices about gift-related products. We regard complaints with utmost seriousness, recognising them as invaluable feedback that allows us to enhance our content processes.

This Complaints Policy delineates the procedure for users wishing to lodge a complaint concerning our website, content, or services.

  1. Complaint Submission

Complaints can be tendered through email: Users can forward their complaints to The email’s subject line must read “Complaint” for swift identification.

  1. Information to Accompany the Complaint

For a swift and efficient resolution, it’s advisable for complainants to provide:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address (if the complaint is emailed)
  • Contact Number (optional, but beneficial for communication)
  • A comprehensive account of the complaint, encompassing pertinent dates, products, and specific issues.
  1. Acknowledgment of Complaint

Upon receipt of a complaint, The Gift Bags will confirm its arrival within five working days. This acknowledgement will be dispatched to the email address provided by the complainant.

  1. Complaint Investigation

The Gift Bags will meticulously investigate the complaint’s essence and pinpoint the root cause. This might entail scrutinising the content under dispute, liaising with relevant entities, and evaluating pertinent data.

  1. Complaint Resolution

The Gift Bags is committed to resolving complaints swiftly and equitably. Depending on the issue’s intricacy, the resolution might span up to 30 days from the acknowledgement date. Should the solution demand more time, the complainant will be updated with a projected resolution timeline.

  1. Communication and Updates

The Gift Bags will keep the complainant abreast of developments and any pertinent updates throughout the inquiry and resolution phases.

  1. Final Decision

After a thorough investigation, The Gift Bags will arrive at a conclusive decision. If the complaint is substantiated, suitable measures, including content amendments, procedural updates, or other requisite actions, will be implemented.

  1. Appeals

The complainant can contest the decision if they are discontented with The Gift Bags’ resolution. Appeals should be written and dispatched to the address above or emailed to An appointed appeals officer will then re-evaluate the request.

  1. Privacy and Confidentiality

The Gift Bags pledges to manage all complaints and associated data with confidentiality, adhering to pertinent data protection statutes and guidelines.

  1. Feedback and Enhancements

We welcome users to share their thoughts on our Complaints Policy and its efficacy in handling complaints. Feedback can be directed to

Our dedication lies in perpetually refining our services and ensuring an unparalleled user experience with The Gift Bags.

Note: This Complaints Policy is amenable to modifications. Users are counselled to review the most recent version on The Gift Bags website. The latest update to this policy was on 7th August 2023.