Best True Crime Gifts

For the true crime lover in your life, finding the Best True Crime Gifts can be a thrilling quest in itself. This carefully curated selection caters to those interested in the mysterious and the macabre. Dive into a world of intrigue with gripping true crime books, chilling documentary collections, and thought-provoking board games. Enhance their experience with unique items like crime scene-themed accessories, mystery-solving kits, or even tickets to a true crime convention. Whether they’re armchair detectives or aspiring investigators, these gifts will captivate, engage, and maybe even send a shiver down their spine. Give them a gift that reflects their fascination with the darker side of humanity and keeps them on the edge of their seat. Also, check out our other Father’s Day Gift Guides for more inspiration.

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Best True Crime Gifts

For the true crime junkie in your life, why not wrap them up in a cosy layer of dark humour with this hilarious novelty sweater? This sweatshirt isn’t just a garment; it’s a statement piece that proudly declares their love for all things crime-related. Picture them snuggled up in this quirky jumper, sharing a laugh over a gruesome mystery or discussing the latest true crime podcast. It’s the perfect gift that combines warmth, humour, and passion for unravelling mysteries. Who says crime lovers can’t have a good time while staying stylishly snug?

Best True Crime Gifts

For the true crime fan who thrives on solving mysteries from the comfort of their favourite armchair, this “Arm Chair Detective” mug is the ideal gift. With a witty slogan that encapsulates their passion for unravelling true crime mysteries, this mug is not just a vessel for their favourite brew but a statement piece for their office or cosy reading nook. Imagine them sipping on their beverage of choice, immersed in the thrilling world of crime stories, with a smile as the mug’s clever slogan resonates with their detective spirit.

Cryptic Killers Unsolved murder mystery game - Police Case Files Investigation Detective Evidence & Crime File - individuals, date nights & party games- Murder at MediLuck Medicines

Step into the thrilling world of mystery-solving with “Cryptic Killers,” an unsolved murder mystery game that promises to transform your ordinary evenings into gripping adventures. This game, designed for individuals, date nights, and party gatherings, invites players to immerse themselves in a riveting police case filled with intrigue, detective work, and elusive evidence. As you delve into the intricacies of the Murder at MediLuck Medicines, you’ll find yourself navigating through the carefully crafted detective files, piecing together clues, and uncovering the secrets that shroud this unsolved crime.

Best True Crime Gifts

Give the gift of intrigue and suspense with the Premium Overnight Murder Mystery Break for Two. This immersive experience includes a thrilling murder mystery evening at a top-quality location nationwide, where you and a companion can put your detective skills to the test. With over 100 original plots filled with twists, gory confessions, and stone-cold killers, the evening promises excitement and suspense. As you enjoy a three-course dinner with tea and coffee served during the entertainment, you’ll be engrossed in solving the mysterious crime unfolding before your eyes.

For the true crime enthusiasts who have a dark sense of humour, the “Scumbags & Baddies” Serial Killer Tea Towel is the perfect blend of macabre fascination and everyday functionality. Imagine drying your dishes with a tea towel adorned with hand-illustrated depictions of infamous serial killers, from Bundy to Kemper, capturing the essence of the darkest corners of criminal history. The meticulous hand-drawn designs, screen-printed on the towel, pay homage to the evilest figures we have nightmares about, making it a unique and edgy gift for those who find intrigue in the minds of the most notorious villains.

Lucky Duck Games | Chronicles of Crime | Board Game | Ages 14+ | 1-4 Players | 60-90 Minute Playing Time

For the true crime fan seeking an immersive and engaging experience, the “Chronicles of Crime” board game by Lucky Duck Games is the ultimate gift. Suitable for ages 14 and up, this game invites 1-4 players to step into the role of crime-solving investigators, offering a captivating experience that seamlessly blends technology with traditional board gaming. With a playing time of 60-90 minutes, players use a unique app to scan crime scenes, question witnesses, and analyze evidence in their quest to solve intricate cases.

Serial Killer Cookbook, The: True Crime Trivia and Disturbingly Delicious Last Meals from Death Row's Most Infamous Killers and Murderers

For the true crime lover with a taste for the macabre, “The Serial Killer Cookbook” is a captivating and chilling gift that combines true crime trivia with a disturbing culinary twist. This paperback delves into the eerie world of death row’s most infamous killers and murderers, offering a unique exploration of their disturbing last meals. Featuring a collection of recipes inspired by the final gastronomic choices of notorious figures, the book intertwines true crime narratives with morbidly fascinating details about the culinary preferences of these dark characters.

Best True Crime Gifts

Elevate your true crime enthusiast’s wardrobe with the “Eat, Sleep, True Crime” Hoodie, a quality garment designed for the dedicated true crime junkie. This personalized hoodie is more than just a piece of clothing; it’s a statement of passion for the mysteries and investigations that consume their thoughts. Hand-printed to order using the finest materials, each hoodie is a unique and carefully crafted tribute to the world of true crime.

BLOODY ALPHABET: The Scariest Serial Killers Coloring Book. A True Crime Adult Gift - Full of Famous Murderers. For Adults Only.: 2 (True Crime Gifts)

For the true crime enthusiast with a penchant for the macabre and a creative spirit, “The Scariest Serial Killers Colouring Book” is a unique and unsettling gift that merges artistic expression with the chilling world of true crime. This adult colouring book is not for the faint of heart, featuring detailed illustrations of famous murderers and notorious serial killers. Each page allows the recipient to immerse themselves in these infamous characters’ dark and twisted tales while channelling their creativity through colouring. It’s a one-of-a-kind true crime adult gift that provides a morbidly captivating and therapeutic experience.

For the true crime enthusiast who loves a side of mystery with their morning brew, the True Crime Starbucks 16oz Travel Mug is the perfect companion. Picture sipping your favourite coffee while diving into the depths of criminal investigations with this uniquely designed travel mug. The 16oz capacity ensures you have ample fuel for your true crime sessions, whether catching up on podcasts, reading crime novels, or simply contemplating the mysteries of the criminal world.

Best True Crime Gifts

Give the gift of intrigue and dining with the Murder Mystery Three Course Dinner Cruise on the River Thames for Two. This unique experience promises a delightful three-hour cruise along the iconic River Thames, blending scenic views of London’s landmarks with a thrilling murder mystery. As you step on board, enjoy a welcome drink to set the mood for an evening of interactive entertainment. Indulge in a delicious three-course meal for two while immersing yourself in the unfolding mysteries and clues of the crime. Become the detective as you navigate the plot’s twists and turns against the city’s stunning backdrop.

Hunt A Killer Class of '98: Complete Box Set - Solve a Small Town Murder at a Class Reunion Gone Deadly - Game for True Crime Fans with Documents & Puzzles - Solve Crimes at Game Night or Date Night

Elevate game night for the true crime fanatic with the “Hunt A Killer Class of ’98: Complete Box Set.” This immersive experience transforms an ordinary evening into a riveting small-town murder investigation set during a class reunion gone deadly. This game delivers a unique blend of intrigue and entertainment, perfect for true crime enthusiasts. Packed with documents, puzzles, and clues, players become detectives tasked with solving a gripping mystery that unfolds with each carefully crafted box set. As they pore over evidence and decipher cryptic clues, participants will feel like they’ve stepped into a real crime scene, making it an ideal gift for those who relish the thrill of solving crimes while enjoying a fun-filled game night with friends or family.

Best True Crime Gifts

Embrace the dark humor and unique charm of your favorite true crime fan with the “I Like Murder Shows Comfy Clothes And Maybe Like 3 People Shirt.” This shirt is not just a garment; it’s a statement piece that captures the essence of a true crime fan’s personality. With a touch of edgy style featuring a skull and flower design, it combines comfort with a hint of mystery.

The Ultimate Serial Killer Trivia Book: A Collection Of Fascinating Facts And Disturbing Details About Infamous Serial Killers And Their Horrific Crimes (Perfect True Crime Gift)

Dive deep into the chilling world of true crime with “The Ultimate Serial Killer Trivia Book,” a captivating paperback that serves as the perfect gift for any true crime fan. This collection of fascinating facts and disturbing details delves into the lives of infamous serial killers, unravelling the mysteries behind their horrific crimes. Ideal for those who relish the darker side of criminal history, this book offers a riveting exploration of the minds and motives of notorious figures.

Onebttl True Crime Gifts, Funny Crime-themed Coffee Mug with Controller, Novelty Gifts for True Crime Fans, True Crime Lovers, Crime Show Merchandise - I'd Rather Be Watching Crime Show 13.5oz/400ml

Elevate the coffee-drinking experience for the true crime lover in your life with the Onebttl True Crime Mug. This novelty coffee mug is a vessel for their favourite brew and a statement piece reflecting their passion for crime-themed entertainment. Featuring a quirky design with a controller and the humorous declaration “I’d Rather Be Watching Crime Show,” this mug is a delightful addition to their collection of true crime merchandise.

Best True Crime Gifts

Introducing the ultimate companion for your true crime marathons – “This is my true crime watching blanket.” This cosy and whimsical fleece throw is more than just a blanket; it’s a fantastic gift idea guaranteed to bring smiles to the faces of your friends and family. Measuring 150cm by 120cm, it provides the perfect balance of warmth and comfort for those chilly nights unravelling criminal stories. The personal touch of being able to add names makes it a thoughtful and customized gift for the true crime enthusiast in your life, ensuring they stay both stylish and snug during their crime-solving sessions.

Best True Crime Gifts

For the true crime enthusiast who enjoys both mental challenges and the macabre, the Serial Killer Puzzle Book is a captivating and unique gift. This intriguing book is a compilation of puzzles, crosswords, and brainteasers artfully themed around notorious serial killers. Offering a blend of entertainment and education, this puzzle book provides a gripping way to test one’s wits while exploring the dark tales of infamous criminals.

Kulturmeister - Notorious Serial Killers Trump Card Game: Unique Playing Cards Themed for Crime Solving, Mystery Investigation - Dive into Detective Games with a Serial Killer Theme

Unleash the thrill of investigation with the Kulturmeister Notorious Serial Killers card game – a captivating and chilling gift for the true crime fan in your life. This deck of playing cards features the faces and details of 32 of the most dangerous psychopath murderers, creating a unique and immersive gaming experience. Perfect for a true crime enthusiast, each card becomes a portal into the dark world of notorious serial killers. Whether used for traditional card games or as a standalone game for true crime fans, this pack of cards is a versatile and intriguing addition to game nights.

Best True Crime Gifts

Embark on an enthralling journey into the chilling realm of true crime with “Detective Cold Case – The Berkshire Copycat Killer.” This immersive experience transforms your evening into a thrilling detective case file, inviting you to delve into the intricacies of a cold case that has perplexed investigators for years. As you work through the evidence, cryptic clues, and witness statements, you and your partner become the detectives tasked with solving the mysterious Berkshire Copycat Killer case.

How to Choose the Best True Crime Gifts

Selecting the best true crime gifts requires understanding the recipient’s fascination with this genre. True crime enthusiasts often appreciate gifts that delve into the intricacies of famous cases, explore the psychology of crime, or allow them to play detective. Consider their specific interests – are they more into historical cases, modern investigations, or forensic science? You can choose from various gifts, including books, documentaries, board games, and themed merchandise. Remember, the key is to find something intriguing yet respectful of the severe nature of the subject matter.

Why True Crime Gifts Are Important

True crime gifts are essential for enthusiasts because they cater to a unique, often passionate interest in the complexities of criminal cases and the justice system. These gifts can provide deeper insights into famous cases, offer new perspectives, or indulge the recipient’s curiosity respectfully and engagingly. They can also serve as conversation starters, allowing enthusiasts to connect with others who share their interests.

Factors to Consider When Choosing True Crime Gifts

  1. Type of Interest: Whether the person is interested in mysteries, forensic science, or criminal psychology.
  2. Content Sensitivity: Choose gifts that treat the subject matter respectfully and carefully.
  3. Educational Value: Consider gifts that offer factual insights or historical perspectives.
  4. Interactivity: Puzzle games, mystery boxes, or detective kits that allow active participation.
  5. Quality and Authenticity: Look for well-researched and credible sources, especially for books and documentaries.
  6. Merchandise: Apparel, accessories, or home decor featuring famous cases or quotes.
  7. Books and Literature: Non-fiction books, biographies, or true crime novels.
  8. Visual Media: Documentaries or true crime series on DVD or streaming service subscriptions.
  9. Experiences: Tickets to true crime tours, talks, or conventions.
  10. Personalization: Customized items related to their favourite cases or podcasts.

How to Wrap True Crime Gifts

  1. Themed Wrapping Paper: Use wrapping paper that fits the true crime theme.
  2. Mystery Box Style: Present the gift in a box styled like a mystery or evidence box.
  3. Crime Scene Tape: Use scene tape instead of ribbons for a dramatic effect.
  4. DIY Clues: Create a mini mystery or scavenger hunt leading to the gift.
  5. Dark and Moody Colors: Opt for a colour scheme that matches the genre, like black, grey, or red.
  6. Personalized Tags: Use tags styled like case files or detective notes.
  7. Interactive Wrapping: Incorporate puzzles or riddles related to the gift.
  8. Custom Stickers or Seals: Use stickers or seals that resemble detective badges or forensic symbols.
  9. Top Secret Envelopes: Use envelopes marked as ‘confidential’ or ‘top secret’ for gift cards or tickets.
  10. Vintage or Rustic Touches: Add elements that nod to historical true crime cases.


The best true crime gifts thoughtfully reflect the recipient’s interest in this captivating genre. The options are diverse, from educational books and documentaries to interactive games and themed merchandise. Choosing intriguing, respectful gifts that cater to the specific aspects of true crime that the recipient finds most fascinating is essential.


What are some popular true crime gifts?

Popular gifts include true crime books, documentary DVDs, board games like detective mysteries, and merchandise from popular true crime podcasts.

Are there any interactive true crime gifts?

Yes, interactive gifts like mystery boxes, escape room games, or detective puzzle kits are great for those who enjoy solving crimes themselves.

Can I find true crime gifts that are also educational?

Absolutely, there are many books and documentaries that offer educational insights into criminal psychology, forensics, and legal history.

What should I consider when buying true crime merchandise?

Consider the quality of the merchandise and ensure it handles the subject matter respectfully and sensitively.

Are there experience-based true crime gifts?

Experience gifts can include tickets to true crime tours, conventions, or talks by experts in the field.


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