Sentimental Valentines Gifts

Top 3 Best Sentimental Valentine’s Gifts

1 – Where We Met Portrait – View the best deals here

2 – Personalised Scrapbook – View the best deals here

3 – Personalised Night Light – View the best deals here

Sentimental Valentine's Gifts

The Custom Where We Met Portrait is a heartfelt and personalised gift idea, perfect for occasions like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or as a custom wedding gift. This unique portrait captures the essence of a couple’s love story by depicting the significant location where they first met or had their first date. The customisation adds a personal touch, making it a sentimental and memorable piece of art.

As a Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift, the Custom Where We Met Portrait allows couples to celebrate their journey and cherish the special moments that brought them together.

Sentimental Valentine's Gifts

The “I Love You” Name Light Sign is a personalised and sentimental Valentine’s Day gift that adds a warm and romantic touch to the occasion. This custom name sign features the phrase “I Love You” illuminated with light, creating a visually appealing and heartfelt display. The personalisation aspect allows you to include the couple’s names, making it a unique and intimate gift.

As a Valentine’s Day gift, this light sign becomes a cherished keepsake that expresses love and constantly reminds us of the special bond between partners.

Sentimental Valentine's Gifts

The “Our Story So Far” Personalised Scrapbook is a heartfelt and thoughtful gift that allows couples to capture and celebrate the journey of their relationship. This couples’ memory book is a dedicated space to document and reminisce about the special moments, milestones, and shared experiences that have defined their story. The personalisation feature adds a unique touch, allowing you to customise the scrapbook with names, dates, or particular messages.

Niimo Couples Hand Casting Kit - 2023 LBP Award Winner 'Best Baby Keepsake', Skin-Safe Hand Cast Kit, Couples Hand Mold Casting Kit, Wedding Gifts for Couple, Personalised Gifts for Couples Unique

The Hand Casting Kit by Niimo is an award-winning and unique gift for couples, providing a memorable way to create a sentimental keepsake. This kit enables couples to mould and capture a 3D replica of their intertwined hands, preserving the moment of connection and love in a tangible form. As a sentimental Valentine’s Day gift, the hand-casting kit offers a unique and personal touch, allowing couples to create a lasting symbol of their bond.

LNM Personalised Anniversary Couples Gifts for Him and Her, Personalised Blankets Adults, Customised Blanket with Photos, Custom Blanket, Customise Photo Blanket, Personalised Gifts for Women & Men

The LNM Personalised Photo Blanket is a thoughtful and unique gift option for both women and men, offering a personalised touch to the warmth and comfort of a blanket. This custom blanket allows you to incorporate special memories and moments by featuring photos of your choice. As a personalised gift, it becomes a meaningful and sentimental item, making it an excellent choice for couples on Valentine’s Day. The personalisation adds a touch of intimacy, making it a perfect couples’ gift for Valentine’s Day.

Sentimental Valentine's Gifts

The Dartington Crystal Hand Engraved Valentine’s Day Flute, Set of 2, offers a touch of refined romance to your special moments. These exquisite flutes are meticulously hand-engraved, showcasing intricate designs that convey the sentiment of love and celebration. With a set of two glasses, they are ideal for sharing a toast with a loved one, making them a perfect choice for marking Valentine’s Day or any other romantic occasion. Dartington Crystal’s craftsmanship ensures a visually stunning presentation and a high-quality glassware experience, adding more sophistication to your celebrations.

Sentimental Valentine's Gifts

The Engravers Guild Valentine’s Solid Oak Photo Frame in the size of 5×7 is a beautifully crafted and personalised gift perfect for celebrating love and cherished memories. Made from solid oak, this photo frame is a stylish piece of décor and a meaningful way to display a particular photograph, capturing a precious moment shared between partners. The inclusion of engraving by the Engravers Guild adds a bespoke touch to the frame, allowing you to personalise it with names, a special date, or a heartfelt message.

Sentimental Valentine's Gifts

The 3D City Map, Where We Met Map is a unique and personalised gift that holds particular sentimental value, making it an ideal Christmas or Valentine’s Day present for a husband or a significant other. This custom wood wall map art is designed to showcase where a couple first met or had their memorable first date. The three-dimensional representation adds a distinctive touch to the map, creating a visually striking and personalised piece.

Sentimental Valentine's Gifts

The Personalised Floral Triple Tea Light Box is a charming and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift that combines the beauty of floral design with the warm glow of tea lights. This unique gift typically features a wooden box with personalised floral patterns, creating a romantic and personalised touch. The box is designed to hold three tea lights, creating a cosy and intimate ambience.

As a Valentine’s Day gift, the personalised floral triple tea light box is a delightful decorative piece and a symbol of the warmth and love shared between partners. Personalisation allows you to add names, a special date, or a loving message, making it a unique and meaningful keepsake.

Sentimental Valentine's Gifts

The Personalized Round Valentine’s Day Couples Memories Tin offers a touching and bespoke way for a couple to cherish and revisit the milestones of their relationship. Crafted in a circular tin design, this keepsake is not just a container but a vessel for the shared memories and experiences that define their love story. The personalisation feature allows for adding the couple’s names or a sentimental message, transforming the tin into a unique and heartwarming Valentine’s Day gift.

Sentimental Valentine's Gifts

The Personalised Couples Multiple Photo Glass Printed Frame emerges as a captivating and sentimental Valentine’s Day gift, offering a unique way to showcase the beautiful journey of a couple. The ability to print multiple photos on the glass frame allows for a carefully curated collage that encapsulates the most cherished moments of their relationship. Whether capturing the excitement of their first date, the joy of shared adventures, or the quiet moments of togetherness, this personalised frame transforms memories into a visual masterpiece.

The personalisation feature further elevates significance, including names, a special date, or a heartfelt message. The result is not just a photo frame but a personalised work of art that encapsulates the couple’s unique love story.

Sentimental Valentine's Gifts

The Personalised Couples Multiple Photo Glass Printed Frame emerges as a captivating and sentimental Valentine’s Day gift, offering a unique way to showcase the beautiful journey of a couple. The ability to print multiple photos on the glass frame allows for a carefully curated collage that encapsulates the most cherished moments of their relationship. Whether capturing the excitement of their first date, the joy of shared adventures, or the quiet moments of togetherness, this personalised frame transforms memories into a visual masterpiece.

Sentimental Valentine's Gifts

Elevate your Valentine’s Day celebration with the exquisite Pink Mother of Pearl Heart Locket in Gold. This stunning piece features an 18k gold-plated locket crafted from 925 sterling silver, adorned with a delicate pink mother-of-pearl heart. The intricate design exudes elegance, making it a captivating symbol of love and affection. The locket, measuring 18mm in width and 18mm in height, opens to hold cherished photos or tiny mementoes close to the heart, creating a personalised and sentimental touch.

Sentimental Valentine's Gifts

The Personalized Valentine’s Wordsearch Acrylic Block is a delightful and unique Valentine’s Day gift that adds a touch of playful romance to your celebration. This clear acrylic block features a customised word search puzzle with significant words for the couple, such as names, shared memories, or affectionate terms. The transparency of the block creates a modern and sleek appearance, making it a stylish addition to any space.

Sentimental Valentine's Gifts

The Personalised Life Map Print, available in A3 or A4 size and with or without a black frame, presents a unique and thoughtful way to express appreciation for someone special, making it an ideal Valentine’s Day gift. This custom print lets you curate a personalised life map with up to 10 illustrations from 30 options. Each illustration can represent significant moments, shared interests, or meaningful milestones in the recipient’s life, creating a visual journey that tells a unique story.

Sentimental Valentine's Gifts

The Special Date Keychain is a thoughtful and personalised accessory that holds sentimental value, making it an ideal gift for anniversaries, birthdays, or as a special keepsake for significant life events. This keychain is crafted to feature a personalised date, such as the anniversary of a meeting, a birthday, or a wedding date. The engraving of this particular date transforms the keychain into a meaningful and cherished token.

Sentimental Valentine's Gifts

The Personalised Wooden Puzzle, shaped like a heart and featuring reasons why you love your girlfriend or boyfriend, is a heartfelt and unique Valentine’s Day gift. Crafted as a thoughtful expression of love, this personalised puzzle allows you to engrave specific reasons, sentiments, or shared memories onto each piece. The heart-shaped design adds a romantic touch, making it a symbol of your deep connection and affection.

The personalised engravings on each piece remind you of the unique qualities and moments that make your relationship special. This gift is a token of love and a keepsake that can be proudly displayed, celebrating the intricacies and depth of your connection with your significant other.

Sentimental Valentine's Gifts

This Valentine’s Day, surprise your loved one with the Custom Instant Film Print with Personalized Message, a beautiful embodiment of sentimental Valentine’s gifts. This romantic and unique gift harks back to the charm of vintage instant film, infusing nostalgia with modern personalisation.

Select a photo that encapsulates a treasured memory or a moment that resonates deeply with you and your partner, turning it into a visual anchor of your affection. The personalisation extends to a heartfelt message, allowing you to express your love in words, making this more than just a print – it’s a profoundly intimate keepsake.

Curved Banana Personalised Heart Shaped Matte Photo Rock Slate - Add Your Own Photo - 15cm

Make your memories last a lifetime with our Curved Banana Personalised Heart Shaped Matte Photo Rock Slate. This unique and stylish 15cm rock slate is made from high-quality materials and features a curved banana shape with a heart cut-out, perfect for displaying your favourite photo. The matte finish adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the piece, while the natural beauty of the rock slate itself adds a touch of rustic charm. Personalise it with your photo and create a unique gift that will surely bring a smile to your loved one’s face. Whether you’re giving it as a Valentine’s Day gift, an anniversary present, or a special keepsake, the Curved Banana Personalised Heart Shaped Matte Photo Rock Slate is a beautiful way to celebrate your memories and show your love.

Anniversary present for Him, Her - I Love You Gift for Husband, Wife - Romantic Message in a Bottle - Gifts for Boyfriend, Girlfriend

Elevate your expression of affection this Valentine’s Day with our exquisite collection of sentimental Valentine’s gifts, designed thoughtfully for both him and her. Our standout offering, the “I Love You” Romantic Message in a Bottle, is an enchanting and deeply personal way to convey your love to your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend, making this occasion unforgettable.

Valentine's Gifts for Him

The Photo Bracelet, specifically tailored for couples, epitomises sentimental Valentine’s gifts, offering a beautifully intimate way to keep cherished moments close at all times. This Valentine’s Day, gift your significant other this unique Projection Bracelet, symbolising your shared memories and affection.

Customisable to feature a treasured photo or an engraved message, this bracelet transforms into a poignant reminder of the special times you’ve shared. It’s not just an accessory; it’s a wearable memoir that encapsulates a moment of your love story, constantly reminding you of your deep connection.

HENGBIRD 50PCS Love Capsule Letters,Message Pills -Romantic Boyfriend Gifts, Cute Anniversary, Birthday, Valentines Gift for Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Emotional Love Letter, Paper Message in a Bottle

The HENGBIRD 50PCS Love Capsule Letters, affectionately known as Message Pills, embody the essence of sentimental Valentine’s gifts, offering a uniquely heartfelt and creative way to express your deepest affections. This Valentine’s Day, surprise your beloved with this innovative and romantic gesture, encapsulating your love in charming little capsules.

Each capsule is a treasure trove of emotion, unfurling into a tiny scroll bearing personalised love notes, sweet nothings, or heartfelt letters that speak volumes of your affection. The joy of opening each capsule is akin to discovering a hidden gem, making every message a delightful surprise and deepening the bond between you and your partner.

Sentimental Valentine's Gifts

The Two Personalised Mini-Figures on a Personalised Brick is a quintessential example of sentimental Valentine’s gifts, offering a unique and endearing way to commemorate your relationship. This Valentine’s Day, veer away from the conventional and embrace the charm of upcycled LEGO pieces, creating a gift that speaks to the heart with a hint of nostalgia and creativity.
Personalise these adorable mini-figures to mirror the distinctive traits of you and your partner, turning them into a playful yet poignant representation of your bond. The customised brick, etched with your name, a significant date, or a loving message, transforms this gift into an emblem of your affection and shared memories.

Sentimental Valentine's Gifts

The Personalised Couple Bucket List Journal stands as the epitome of sentimental Valentine’s gifts, offering couples a uniquely intimate and heartfelt experience. This Valentine’s Day, present your significant other with a gift that transcends material value. Personalise this beautifully crafted journal with your name or a heartfelt message, making it a profoundly sentimental keepsake. This Valentine’s Day, give more than just a gift; offer a promise of future adventures and a testament to your growing love.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Girlfriend

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How to Choose the Best Sentimental Valentine’s Gifts

Choosing the best sentimental Valentine’s gifts involves delving into the heart of your relationship to find something that truly resonates with your shared journey and emotions. Reflect on your most cherished memories together – perhaps a first date, a particular trip, or simple, everyday moments that have deep meaning for both of you. Consider gifts encapsulating these experiences, such as a customised photo album, a framed picture from a memorable day, or a map highlighting a significant place in your relationship. Items that can be personalised with dates, names, or messages, like engraved jewellery or customised art pieces, add a layer of sentimentality.

Think about what evokes emotions – a book of love letters, a playlist of songs significant to your relationship, or even a jar filled with notes recounting why you love them. Explore our Affordable Valentine’s Day Ideas for inspiration for budget-conscious people. The key is to choose something that speaks to the unique story and bond you share, making it a gift and a heartfelt expression of your love and the time you’ve spent together.

If you want to add a touch of humour to your gift, consider our range of Funny Gifts for Valentine’s Day. And for the men in your life, our section on Valentine’s Gifts for Men offers unique ideas. Finally, don’t forget to check out our Chocolate Valentine’s Gifts for a classic yet always appreciated option.

Why Sentimental Valentine’s Gifts Are Important

Sentimental Valentine’s gifts are significant because they transcend the material aspect of gifting and touch the emotional core of your relationship. These gifts are more than just items; they celebrate the unique bond you share with your partner.

Firstly, sentimental gifts can evoke cherished memories and emotions, making them a profound way to reflect on your journey together. They remind both of you of the special moments, milestones, and personal experiences that have defined your relationship.

Moreover, such gifts often carry a deeper meaning and personal significance. They show that you have put thought and effort into finding something that resonates emotionally, which can be far more impactful than a generic gift. This level of thoughtfulness demonstrates how well you know and understand your partner, reinforcing your emotional intimacy.

Sentimental gifts also have a lasting value, often becoming treasured keepsakes for years. Unlike more conventional gifts, which may fade in significance over time, sentimental gifts continue to symbolise your love and the shared memories that strengthen your bond.

In addition, these gifts can often express feelings that words alone cannot. They provide a tangible way to convey love, appreciation, and affection, helping to deepen your connection and reaffirm your commitment to each other.

In essence, sentimental Valentine’s gifts are a heartfelt way to celebrate the unique story of your relationship, making them a significant and cherished part of your Valentine’s Day celebration.

Factors to Consider When Buying Sentimental Valentine’s Gifts

Choosing sentimental Valentine’s gifts requires thoughtfulness and an understanding of your partner’s preferences and your shared experiences. Here are vital factors to consider:

  1. Personal Connection: Select a gift with a deep personal meaning for both of you. It could be related to your first date, a shared hobby, or a memorable trip you took together.
  2. Emotional Value Over Cost: Focus on the emotional significance rather than the price. A handmade gift or a simple item that evokes a particular memory can be more meaningful than something expensive.
  3. Customisation: Personalised gifts like engraved jewellery, custom artwork, or a photo book of memories add a unique touch and show thoughtfulness.
  4. Longevity: Choose something that lasts, symbolising the enduring nature of your relationship. It could be a durable item or something symbolic like a plant.
  5. Recipient’s Preferences: Consider their likes, dislikes, and subtle hints they might have dropped. The gift should resonate with their personality and taste.
  6. Quality: Ensure the gift is of good quality and well-made. This shows care and attention to detail.
  7. Presentation: The way you present the gift is crucial. Consider creative packaging or a unique setting to make the unveiling memorable.
  8. Experience Gifts: Sometimes, a shared experience can be more sentimental than a physical gift. Think about a romantic getaway, a cooking class together, or tickets to a show they want to see.
  9. Surprise Element: Adding an element of surprise can enhance the sentimental value of the gift. It shows effort and planning.
  10. Message: Include a heartfelt note or card expressing your feelings. Words can often convey emotions that a gift alone cannot.

By considering these factors, your sentimental Valentine’s gift will express your love and create a lasting memory for your partner.

How to Wrap Sentimental Valentine’s Gifts

Wrapping sentimental Valentine’s gifts requires a thoughtful and delicate touch. Here’s a straightforward guide to ensure your gift is as unique on the outside as it is on the inside:

  1. Choose Meaningful Wrapping Material: Select wrapping paper that resonates with the sentiment of the gift. Opt for gentle patterns or solid colours that align with the mood of the occasion. Soft pastels, romantic reds, or elegant whites are great choices.
  2. Personalise the Wrap: Incorporate elements with personal significance, such as using a piece of fabric from a memorable event or a paper pattern that reflects a shared memory or interest.
  3. Use High-Quality Ribbon: A quality ribbon adds elegance. Satin or silk ribbons in complementary colours can elevate the overall look. Consider tying a bow or creating a unique design with the ribbon for added charm.
  4. Add a Personal Note or Card: Write a heartfelt message on a card or a small note. Attach it to the gift or tuck it under the ribbon. This personal touch can make the gift even more meaningful.
  5. Embellish Thoughtfully: Small embellishments like dried flowers, a small photograph, or a charm can add a personal touch. These should be items that hold significance in your relationship.
  6. Careful Wrapping: Wrap the gift carefully and neatly. Clean folds and discreet tape use are critical to a polished look.
  7. Consider the Unveiling Experience: Think about how the gift will be unwrapped. Make it easy yet memorable. The unwrapping process should reflect the care and thought you’ve put into the gift.

Remember, how you wrap a sentimental Valentine’s gift can significantly enhance the emotional value of what’s inside. Take your time to do it with care and love.


In conclusion, whether you’re selecting sentimental, personalised, or simply thoughtful Valentine’s gifts, your gesture’s essence lies in its emotional resonance and meaning. These gifts, more than just material tokens, are expressions of love, appreciation, and the unique bond you share with your partner. Choosing, personalising, and thoughtfully wrapping these gifts reflects your understanding, care, and commitment to your relationship. These qualities imbue the gifts with special significance, making Valentine’s Day not just a celebration of love in its traditional sense but a celebration of your shared journey, memories, and the individual story of your relationship. Ultimately, the most cherished aspect of any Valentine’s gift is its sentiment – a tangible reminder of the love, laughter, and connection that enriches your life together.


What Makes a Gift Sentimental for Valentine's Day?

A sentimental gift typically has personal or emotional significance, like customised items that commemorate special moments, or gifts that reflect shared memories and experiences.

Can DIY Gifts Be Considered Sentimental?

Absolutely. DIY gifts often carry deep sentimental value because of the personal effort and creativity involved. They can be especially meaningful for Valentine's Day.

How Do I Choose a Sentimental Gift If We Haven't Been Together Long?

Focus on the experiences you've shared so far. Even simple gifts can be sentimental if they reflect your early memories together or aspects of your partner's personality you admire.

Are Sentimental Gifts Expensive?

Not necessarily. The value of a sentimental gift lies in its meaning and personal significance, not its price. Often, a heartfelt, handmade gift can be more sentimental than an expensive purchase.

How Can I Present a Sentimental Gift?

Present it in a way that adds to its meaning. This could be through thoughtful wrapping, a personal note, or setting a special mood when giving the gift, like a surprise setting or a romantic dinner.


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