White Elephant Gifts

White elephant gift exchanges are a time-honoured tradition of fun, surprise, and, often, sheer hilarity. Choosing the perfect white elephant gift can be a delightful challenge, whether it’s that annual office party, family gathering, or a friend’s get-together. The goal? To find something unexpected, often silly, but always memorable. Our guide to the best white elephant gifts is designed to ensure your present becomes the talk of the event for all the right reasons.

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How to Choose the Best White Elephant Gifts

Choosing the perfect white elephant gift requires a blend of humour, uniqueness, and a touch of practicality. Aim for something that can provoke laughter and surprise when unwrapped yet won’t be destined for the bin once the party’s over. It’s wise to pick universally appealing items, so avoid gifts that are overly personal or niche. Quirky yet helpful kitchen gadgets, amusing books, or a retro board game can often be hits. Budget is also a key consideration; white elephant gifts are usually inexpensive but should have a perceived value of thoughtfulness or novelty. Remember, the goal is to stir up fun and ensure that your gift is the star of the exchange, sparking a playful battle amongst participants who all want to claim it as their own.

Top 3 White Elephant Gifts

1 – Joke A Day Calendar – View the best deals here

2 – Snoop Dogg Cookbook – View the best deals here

3 – Toilet Golf – View the best deals here

Amasawa Mini Golf Potty, Mini Toilet Golf Gift Set, Mini Golf Potty Gift Set, Golf Bathroom Game Set, Suitable for Classic and Novel Mini Toilet Golf Push Rods, 6 Piece Set, 65 cm Long Rod

The Mini Golf Toilet Set – a hilarious and entertaining twist on the classic game of golf that brings a new level of fun to your bathroom routine! This unique 6-piece set combines the excitement of mini golf with the convenience of a toilet, creating a memorable experience for players of all ages.

Unleash your inner golfer while answering nature’s call with this Mini Golf Set. Crafted with attention to detail, this set includes a 65 cm long mini golf push rod that perfectly fits within any bathroom space. The set has a charming mini putting green mat, sand traps, water hazards, and obstacles to challenge your putting skills.

IGOKOTI Desk Vacuum Crumb Cleaner Mini Rechargeable Tabletop Vacuum,Desktop Vacuum Table Dust Cleaner for Laptop PC Keyboard Office Clean Brushes Car Pet House Cleaning Tools (Black)

The Desk Vacuum Crumb Cleaner – is the perfect solution for keeping your workspace and surroundings clean with convenience and style. This Mini Rechargeable Tabletop Vacuum is designed to effortlessly eliminate dust, crumbs, and debris from various surfaces, making it a practical and quirky addition to any desk, office, or living space.

Sleek and compact, the Desk Vacuum boasts a modern design in a sophisticated black hue, seamlessly blending into any environment. Its small size makes it a breeze to keep at arm’s reach, ready to tackle unexpected messes easily. Whether it’s a keyboard covered in pesky crumbs, a dusty tabletop, or even hard-to-reach corners, this tabletop vacuum provides efficient and thorough cleaning.

Yardwe Microfiber Slippers Floor Cleaning Mop Floor Dust Cleaning Tool Unisex Slippers Women and Men House Slippers Mopping Slipper Detachable Bottom Deer Shape

They are introducing the Slippers Floor Cleaning Mop Dust – an ingenious and lighthearted approach to maintaining cleanliness while effortlessly gliding through your daily activities. These unique slippers are not just ordinary footwear but efficient cleaning tools that keep your floors dust-free and gleaming.

Crafted for comfort and practicality, the Slippers combine a cosy slipper design with microfiber mop soles. As you walk around your home, the microfiber soles attract and trap dust, dirt, and pet hair, transforming your casual steps into effective cleaning motions. Whether strolling through the living room, bustling in the kitchen, or simply lounging around, your floors receive a gentle yet thorough clean – no extra effort required.

white elephant gifts

Explore a culinary adventure unlike any other with “From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from The Boss Dogg’s Kitchen.” This vibrant hardcover masterpiece, born from the collaboration of Snoop Dogg and Chronicle Books, serves up a delectable array of recipes that will tantalise taste buds and elevate your kitchen game.

Within its pages, embark on a journey to discover the most iconic and cherished dishes, all with a signature twist that only Snoop Dogg could infuse. This illustrated gem boasts a collection of Platinum Recipes that range from comfort classics to gourmet delights, meticulously curated to reflect the Boss Dogg’s personal culinary preferences and creative flair.

NOVELTY PLACE Drinking Helmet - Can Holder Drinker Hat Cap with Straw for Beer and Soda - Party Fun

Elevate the fun at your next party with the Novelty Drinking Helmet! This Can Holder Hat Cap with a Straw for Beer and Soft Drinks is the ultimate party accessory designed to bring laughter and entertainment to any gathering.

Say goodbye to juggling your drink and snacks while trying to socialise – this drinking helmet lets you enjoy your favourite beverage hands-free. Place your cans in the holders on either side of the helmet, insert the straw into your drink of choice, and you’re all set to sip, mingle, and make memories.

YumSur 30pcs Beard Christmas Baubles Clips Colorful Christmas Beard Hair Baubles Ornaments for Boyfriends Brothers Fathers and Men

Transform facial hair into festive flair with the 30pcs Beard Christmas Baubles Clips! These colourful Christmas beard baubles are the perfect way to add a touch of holiday spirit to beards of all shapes and sizes.

Unleash your inner Santa Claus or reindeer enthusiast with this set of 30 baubles in assorted colours. Each bauble has a convenient clip, making it easy to attach to facial hair without causing discomfort. Whether rocking a full beard or a stylish moustache, these baubles are designed to bring instant merriment to your look.

RAINBEAN Burrito Tortilla Blanket, 72 inch Novelty Blanket Giant Human Burrito, Tortilla Throw Food Creation Wrap Blanket for Sofa Bed Outdoors Travel, Soft & Plush Giant Towel for Adults Kids

Add a dash of humour and comfort to any occasion with the Tortilla Blanket! Measuring 72 inches, this Novelty Blanket reimagines the classic tortilla as a cosy throw perfect for adding a playful twist to your home décor.

Wrap yourself in the warmth and softness of this giant human burrito blanket. Crafted with attention to detail, the lifelike print replicates the look of an authentic tortilla, complete with all the delicious details. Whether you’re lounging on the sofa, cuddling in bed, or enjoying a picnic outdoors, this blanket is a surefire conversation starter with everyone laughing and wanting to join the culinary cosiness.

White Elephant GIfts

Get ready to start every day with a side-splitting chuckle with the Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes 2024 Day-to-Day Calendar! Packed with 1,000 punny and hilarious jokes, this calendar is your daily dose of lighthearted humour guaranteed to brighten up even the gloomiest mornings.

Flip through the pages of this delightful Day-to-Day Calendar and discover a treasure trove of knee-slappers, groan-inducing puns, and witty one-liners. From classic quips to clever wordplay, each joke is thoughtfully selected to tickle your funny bone and bring a smile to your face.

HIMM Basketball Games Head Hoop, 2PCS Mini Basketball Hoop for Kids Indoor Outdoor Catching Ball Basket Case Headband Hoop Game Ball Toy for Basketball Theme Birthday Party, Christmas, Party Favors

Get ready to take your basketball game to a new level – on your head! The innovative design of the Head Hoop transforms any gathering into an exciting basketball-themed experience. Whether indoors or outdoors, this game adds a hilarious twist to catching and tossing balls, making it a standout choice for birthday parties, Christmas celebrations, or creative party favours.

The Basketball Games Head Hoop set includes not just one but two headbands equipped with mini basketball hoops. With adjustable straps, these headbands ensure a snug and comfortable fit for players of all ages. Challenge your friends, family members, or coworkers to a lighthearted competition that’s bound to create joyous laughter and friendly rivalries.

aokat Coffee Mug Warmer for Desk, Cup Warmer Automatic Shut Off, Beverage Warmers for Coffee, Milk, Tea, Water, with Touch Screen Switch,Safely Use for Office/Home (Black B)

Are you searching for a practical yet entertaining white elephant gift? Look no further. The Coffee Mug Warmer combines functionality with luxury, making it a thoughtful and helpful present for colleagues, friends, and family. Embrace the joy of warm beverages and order your Coffee Mug Warmer today – the perfect way to enhance your daily drink experience.

No more sipping cold coffee or tea – the  Coffee Mug Warmer keeps your cup perfectly heated so you can savour every sip. The automatic shut-off feature guarantees safety and energy efficiency, making it a reliable addition to your office or home setup.

Tetris Waffle Maker. Makes Tetris Shaped Waffles. Officially Licensed Tetris Waffle Machine. Tetrimino Waffle Maker. Perfect For Retro Games Fan. Create Classic Gameboy Waffles in your Home.

Get ready to level up your breakfast game with the Tetris Waffle Maker – the ultimate white elephant gift that combines nostalgia, creativity, and deliciousness. This officially licensed Tetris Waffle Machine lets you create waffles that are not only delicious but also iconic Tetris-shaped delights.

Embark on a culinary adventure as you transform your morning routine into a playful puzzle-solving experience. With each waffle piece, you can create your edible masterpiece, arranging them in classic Tetris formations that are as delightful to look at as they are to eat. It’s the perfect way to start your day with a touch of fun and nostalgia.

Asifn Fish Slippers Summer Beach Women Shoes Men Soft Creative Shower Non-Slip Unisex Funny Animal Sandals Casual Flop Pool Home Children Shoe(Black,3/3.5 UK

Step into a world of laughter with the Fish Slippers – the ultimate white elephant gift that adds fun and flair to any footwear collection. These summer beach shoes are not your average pair of sandals but a creative and hilarious take on traditional footwear.

Imagine strolling along the beach or lounging by the pool with these fish-shaped slippers adorning your feet. Their playful design will turn heads, create smiles, and spark conversations wherever you go. Made for both men and women, these unisex fish sandals are a fantastic way to express your unique style while embracing a touch of aquatic amusement.

STAR CUTOUTS CS836 Harry Singer Songwriter Cardboard Cutout with Free Mini Standee Perfect for Birthdays, Gifts, Parties & Fans, Multicolour, Regular

Elevate the excitement of any celebration with the Harry Styles Cardboard Cutout – the ultimate white elephant gift that brings a touch of star power and entertainment to any event. This life-sized cardboard cutout is the perfect addition to birthdays, parties, and gatherings, guaranteed to turn heads and spark conversations.

Capturing the essence of the iconic singer and songwriter, this Harry Styles cutout is a must-have for fans and enthusiasts alike. Its vivid multicoloured design and lifelike representation create an atmosphere of excitement and admiration, making it an attention-grabbing centrepiece on any occasion.

5 Pack Umbrella Hat with Elastic Band, Fishing Umbrella Hat for Adults Kids Women Men, Umbrella Hats for Outdoor Activities

It is introducing the 5-Pack Umbrella Hat with Elastic Band – the ultimate blend of practicality and playful fun for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. This set of colourful and quirky umbrella hats is a white elephant gift that promises to bring smiles, laughter, and unexpected style to any adventure.

Designed with convenience, these umbrella hats feature an adjustable elastic band that ensures a secure and comfortable fit for adults, kids, women, and men alike. Say goodbye to juggling between holding an umbrella and engaging in outdoor activities – these hats keep you sheltered from the elements while allowing you to move freely.

Wicked Costumes Adult Christmas Turkey Fancy Dress Costume - One Size

Step into the holiday spirit with the Adult Christmas Turkey Fancy Dress Costume. This one-size outfit is perfect for adding a hilarious twist to your seasonal celebrations. Unleash your inner festive fowl as you slip into this whimsical turkey costume.

It’s the ideal white elephant gift that guarantees smiles, laughs, and a hilarious holiday experience. The one-size design ensures a comfortable fit for most adults, making it a fantastic choice for various body types. The high-quality materials and attention to detail capture the essence of a turkey with vibrant colours and amusing accents, all while keeping you cosy and comfortable throughout your festive escapades.

Tips for a Successful White Elephant Gift Exchange

For a successful white elephant event, consider these tips:

  1. Set Clear Rules: Before starting, make sure everyone understands the game’s rules. How many times can a gift be stolen? Is there a limit on the number of times one person can be stolen from?
  2. Budget Boundaries: Establish a price range that is affordable for all participants, ensuring a level playing field.
  3. Gift Variety: Encourage people to bring gifts that are both quirky and interesting to spark joy and conversation.
  4. Anonymous Contributions: Gifts should be wrapped and placed anonymously so that the chooser has no idea who brought which item.
  5. Order of Play: Decide the order in which participants will select gifts. Drawing numbers is a common method.
  6. Stealing Etiquette: Make sure everyone understands the etiquette of ‘stealing’ gifts – it should be done in good spirits and without hard feelings.
  7. Wrapping Style: Encourage creative wrapping to make the selection process even more intriguing.
  8. Theme Consideration: Sometimes having a theme can add an extra element of fun to the event.
  9. Timely Turns: Keep the game moving. Each person should choose or steal a gift without too much delay to maintain momentum.
  10. Final Reveal: Once the game is over, have everyone share what they ended up with and guess who might have brought each gift.
  11. Photo Op: Don’t forget to take a group photo of everyone with their gifts – it’s a great way to remember the event.
  12. Plan for Extras: Have a couple of extra gifts on hand just in case someone forgets to bring theirs.

A well-organized white elephant event with a touch of competitive spirit can become a highlight of the holiday season, bringing laughter and a sense of camaraderie to the group.

Understanding the White Elephant Gift Exchange

Origin and History

“White Elephant” refers to a gift exchange where participants bring a humorous, unique, or even bizarre gift. The practice is believed to have originated from the royal courts of Siam, where kings would gift rare albino elephants to courtiers who displeased them, knowing the upkeep would be financially ruinous.

Rules and Common Practices

The rules are simple: each participant brings a wrapped, unmarked gift and places it in a common area. Players draw numbers to determine the order in which they will pick gifts. The first person selects a gift and opens it. Subsequent players can either “steal” an already opened gift or choose a new one. The game continues until everyone has a gift.

Why It’s Different

Unlike other gift exchanges, White Elephant is not about getting something you need or even something of high value. It’s about the experience, the surprise, and the laughter that ensues.

What Makes a Good White Elephant Gift?

A good white elephant gift typically balances humour, novelty, and utility. Here are some characteristics to consider when selecting a gift:

  1. Entertaining: The gift should have a fun factor, potentially sparking laughter or surprise when it’s opened.
  2. Inexpensive: Sticking to a set budget, usually modest, ensures that the focus remains on creativity rather than price.
  3. Universal Appeal: Since you don’t know who will end up with the gift, it should be something that a wide range of people can appreciate.
  4. Unusual: White elephant gifts often lean towards the unique and quirky, something that people wouldn’t normally buy for themselves.
  5. Gag-worthy: Sometimes the best white elephant gifts are those that serve as great gag gifts, like a silly piece of decor or an outlandish kitchen tool.
  6. Re-giftable: It can be a plus if the item is something that could be re-gifted in the future, perpetuating the white elephant tradition.
  7. Good for Groups: The best white elephant gifts can be enjoyed by others in the group setting, like a game or a shareable snack.
  8. Conversation Starter: Items that prompt discussion or require a bit of explanation can add to the fun and engagement of the group.

Remember, the goal isn’t to find the most valuable or practical item, but rather something that adds to the enjoyment of the game.

Factors to Consider When Buying White Elephant Gifts

When purchasing gifts for a white elephant event, keep these factors in mind:

  1. Budget: Adhere to the predetermined spending limit. This keeps the event fair and ensures no one feels uncomfortable about the cost.
  2. Audience: Consider the interests and senses of humour of the group. What is appropriate for a family gathering may not be for an office party.
  3. Versatility: Choose a gift that could suit a variety of people. Universal items like gadgets, games, or consumables are often safe bets.
  4. Novelty: The uniqueness of a gift can add to the fun. Items that are quirky or unusual tend to be popular choices.
  5. Size and Wrapping: The gift should be easy to transport and wrapped in a way that doesn’t give away what’s inside. Sometimes misleading wrapping can add to the surprise.
  6. Amusement Factor: Opt for something that will get a laugh or start a conversation, enhancing the event’s entertainment value.
  7. Practicality: While not essential, a gift that can actually be used may be more appreciated and fought over during the exchange.
  8. Theme: If the white elephant event has a theme, pick a gift that aligns with it, whether it’s holiday-related, retro, or DIY.
  9. Quality: Even if it’s inexpensive or humorous, try to ensure that the gift isn’t so poorly made that it breaks immediately or is completely useless.
  10. Ease of Use: Avoid overly complicated items that might require specific knowledge or additional parts to function.

Keeping these factors in mind will help you select a white elephant gift that’s likely to be a hit, ensuring that the gift exchange is a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Final Thoughts

The essence of white elephant gift exchanges lies in the unexpected, the whimsical, and sometimes the absurd. The best white elephant gifts elicit a chuckle, maybe even a hearty laugh, but most importantly, create a lasting memory. We hope our list has inspired you to find that perfectly quirky token that will not only delight but also be sought after in the playful skirmishes of the white elephant arena.


What makes the best white elephant gifts stand out?

The best gifts often blend humor with a pinch of practicality, ensuring they're memorable and can potentially be of use.

Are there any trending white elephant gifts?

Recent trends lean towards quirky tech gadgets, humorous self-care items, and offbeat board games or puzzle sets.

I want something that's humorous but also eco-friendly. Any ideas?

Consider gifts like reusable beeswax food wraps with funny designs, eco-friendly straws in bizarre shapes, or even a quirky plant growing kit.

What's the general price range for white elephant gifts?

While it varies based on individual group rules, most white elephant gifts fall in the affordable range, typically between £10 to £30.

I'm looking for a white elephant gift for a work function. Any office-appropriate suggestions?

Funny desk toys, quirky calendars, humorous mugs, or even satirical self-help books can be great for an office setting without crossing any boundaries.


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