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Are you looking for a unique gift for your loved ones that will make them feel like true warriors? Look no further than the world of Vikings! With their rich history, fascinating mythology, and legendary battles, the Vikings have captured the imaginations of people around the world. And now, you can bring a piece of that world into your loved ones’ lives with these ten unique Viking gifts. From jewellery inspired by Viking runes to drinking horns fit for a Viking feast, these gifts will transport your loved ones to a time of adventure and bravery. So, whether you’re shopping for a history buff, a fan of the TV show Vikings, or just someone who loves all things Norse, these gifts are sure to impress and delight. Explore the world of Viking gifts and find the perfect present for your loved ones!

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The Significance of Gifting Viking-Inspired Gifts

The Vikings were known for their love of adventure, fierce warrior spirit, and intricate mythology. Gifts inspired by Viking culture can be a way to honour these qualities in a loved one. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion, a Viking-inspired gift will surely be a unique and memorable present that will stand out from the crowd. Not only do these gifts celebrate Viking history, but they also often have a symbolic meaning that can be interpreted in different ways. For example, a Viking drinking horn can represent strength and courage, while a piece of jewellery featuring Viking runes can symbolise protection and good luck. By giving a Viking-inspired gift, you’re not just giving a physical object but also a piece of history and mythology that can be treasured for years.

Top 3 Best Viking Gifts

1 – Viking Beard Grooming Set – View the best deals here

2 – Viking Drinking Horn Stand – View the best deals here

3 – Viking Whiskey Tumbler – View the best deals here

Viking Drinking Horn

Divit Genuine Viking Drinking Horn with Iron stand | Authentic Medieval Beer Drinking Horn | Brass Adornments & Burlap Gift Sack Included | 16 oz capacity | (Copper, Polished)

Immerse yourself in the exhilarating spirit of Norse culture with our Viking Drinking Horn, an iconic symbol and a standout amongst the best Viking gifts. Infused with the rich tradition of Viking feasts and celebrations, this drinking horn introduces an element of strength, courage, and life’s joy to your special occasions. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or any other celebration, this unique gift adds an authentic Viking touch, transforming the event into a memorable saga.

Each of our Viking Drinking Horns is more than just a vessel for your favourite mead or ale; it’s a testament to the rich history of Norse traditions. Ideal for anyone with a love for history, mythology, or simply a distinctive addition to their collection, this drinking horn is a gift that leaves a lasting impression. Elevate your gifting game by choosing this unforgettable piece of Viking culture, a true conversation starter at any gathering.

Viking Rune Jewellery

DECARETA Beard Beads for Men,24 Piece Vikings Runes Beads Norse Dreadlock Beads Hair Tube Beads with Rubber Bands,Plastic Bun Curler Pull Hair Pin Quick Beader with Pouch for Men Women Braiding Ties

Discover the mystical world of the Norsemen with our Viking Runes Jewelry, a captivating piece among the best Viking gifts. These pieces go beyond aesthetics; they delve into Viking runes’ symbolic and magical realm. Used by the Vikings for communication, divination, and enchantment, these runes embedded in our jewellery serve as unique talismans of protection, good luck, and strength, making each piece an accessory and a meaningful keepsake.

These Viking rune jewellery pieces are more than just adornments; they are an extension of Viking spirituality and symbolism, inviting the wearer to connect with the ancient wisdom of the Norse culture. A symbol of strength for some, a token of good fortune for others, or a protective amulet, our Viking runes jewellery transcends the ordinary, making it an ideal gift for those drawn to Viking history or looking for a powerful, symbolic gift. As such, our Viking Runes Jewelry stands as a testament to the enduring allure and mystique of Viking culture, making it a truly exceptional gift choice.

Thor's Hammer Necklace

KINGWHYTE Viking Thor's Hammer Talisman Wolf Necklace 925 Sterling Sliver Nordic Vintage Viking Vegvisir Mjolnir Odin Compass Amulet Pendant With Stainless Steel 20+2inch(55cm)

Venture into the realm of Norse mythology with our Thor’s Hammer Necklace, a unique and powerful artefact among the best Viking gifts. Embodying the might of the Norse god Thor, the pendant is a miniature rendition of Mjolnir, Thor’s legendary hammer. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it carries the symbolic resonance of strength, protection, and courage, making it more than just an accessory—it’s a testament to a wearer’s inner warrior spirit.

Adorning oneself with our Thor’s Hammer Necklace is akin to harnessing the thunder god’s power. This symbol of resilience is a constant reminder of the wearer’s inner strength and ability to overcome life’s battles. Moreover, as a symbol of protection and courage, it instils a sense of security and bravery in its bearer. As such, a Mjolnir necklace transcends the norms of traditional jewellery and becomes a meaningful talisman, making it an extraordinary gift choice for those connected to or fascinated by Viking culture and Norse mythology.

Viking Axe

Yodeal Thor's Stormbreaker Axe Battleax PU Foam 28inch Replica Cosplay Props Gifts, Grey

Step back in time and embrace the warrior spirit with our Replica Viking Axe, a standout piece in our collection of the best Viking gifts. More than just an eye-catching home or office decoration, this axe is a tangible symbol of the strength and power of the brave Viking warriors. With its intricate details and historical accuracy, it not only adds an edge to your decor but also infuses your space with the robust essence of Norse culture.

Each of our Replica Viking Axes reflects the impeccable craftsmanship synonymous with the Viking era. Their bold design and symbolic significance make them a unique gift for those who appreciate history, mythology, or the rugged charm of Viking lore. As a symbol of power, strength, and the warrior spirit, these replica axes can inspire courage and determination, making them much more than just decorative items. This makes the Replica Viking Axe not just a gift but an unforgettable token of historical significance, sure to impress any receiver.

Viking Drinking Horn Stand

Viking Drinking OX Horn | Tankard | Mug | Cup for Ale, Beer, Mead, Wine, Shot Glass, Bottle Opener |100% Leak Free | Natural and Handmade | COMBO OFFERS (2 HORNS WITH WOOD STAND COMBO)

Celebrate the refreshing spirit of Viking tradition with our Viking Drinking Horn Stand, a distinct and practical addition to the best Viking gifts. Serving as an eye-catching display for a Viking drinking horn, this stand not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your horn but also embodies the Norse virtues of strength, courage, and joie de vivre. Each frame is crafted to support your horn elegantly, turning a simple beverage vessel into an artful showpiece.

Our Viking Drinking Horn Stand goes beyond mere functionality; it symbolises Viking grandeur and is designed to ignite conversations and evoke a sense of awe. Perfect for anyone captivated by Viking history or desiring a unique touch to their bar or dining setup, this horn stand is a gift that leaves a lasting impression. So, imbue your special occasions or gatherings with the heartiness of a Viking feast. Choose our Viking Drinking Horn Stand – a symbol of life’s robustness and a gift reflecting the enduring Viking spirit.

Viking Drinking Horn Strap

HORNCRAFT Ox Horn Bugle | Viking War Blowing Horn | Battle Sounding Horn Trumpet | 13 inches | Medium Dark Polished Blowing Horn Bugle | Trumpet style Hunting Horn | Perfect for Re-Enactment

Infuse your Viking drinkware collection with practicality and style with our Viking Drinking Horn Strap, an intriguing addition to the lineup of best Viking gifts. Designed to carry a Viking drinking horn, this strap is not just an accessory but a symbol of the strength, courage, and vivacity inherent in Norse culture. Carefully crafted to bear the weight of your drinking horn, this strap ensures your horn is always within easy reach while adding a touch of Viking aesthetics to your ensemble.

Each Drinking Horn Strap tells a story of Viking courage and the joy of life. The strap’s robust design and durability pay homage to the strength of the Viking era, making it more than just a carrying solution—it’s a wearable piece of history. Whether you’re shopping for a Viking enthusiast or someone who values unique, practical accessories, our Viking Drinking Horn Strap offers a blend of historical charm and functionality, making it an unforgettable gift that brings the Viking spirit to life.

Viking Shield Replica

LOOYAR 2 Pack Viking Age Middle Ages Medieval Round Shield and Hand Axe Weapon Toy for Berserker Soldier Warrior Costume Battle Play Halloween Cosplay LARP Blue

Immerse yourself in the spirit of Viking valour with our Replica Viking Shield, a compelling selection in our range of the best Viking gifts. More than merely decoration for your home or office, this shield is a potent symbol of the strength, protection, and warrior spirit that embodied Viking culture. Designed with attention to historical accuracy, our replica Viking shield adds a bold and adventurous element to any space it graces.

Crafted to mirror the robust nature of Viking warfare, each Replica Viking Shield is a tangible connection to the past and a tribute to the indomitable spirit of the Viking warrior. It adds a striking aesthetic touch to your decor and infuses your environment with the power and courage inherent in Norse culture. A gift that’s bound to impress, our Replica Viking Shield is the perfect choice for history buffs, mythology enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates the fearless Viking spirit. Beyond being a decor piece, this replica shield is a symbol of resilience and protection and a testament to the enduring allure of the Viking era.

Viking Helmet Replica

Medieval Mask Viking Helmet Replica Armor Warrior Helmet With Wooden Stand and Liner

Step into the shoes of the fierce Norse warriors with our Replica Viking Helmet, a standout piece among the best Viking gifts. Far from being just an ornament, this helmet symbolises the Viking warrior spirit, symbolic of strength and protection. Its intricate design and historical accuracy make any home or office a striking showcase of Viking culture and history.

Each of our Replica Viking Helmets is a nod to the courage and resilience of the legendary Viking warriors. Beyond its decorative appeal, it is a potent reminder of the protective strength central to the Viking way of life. Whether you’re looking for a unique addition to a collection, a conversation starter for your living space, or a gift for a lover of history or mythology, our Replica Viking Helmet is more than just a gift—it’s a piece of history, a testament to the indomitable Viking spirit, and a symbol of protection and strength.

Viking Tapestry

Capsceoll Wall Tapestry, 80x60 Inches of The Vikings Ancient Scandinavian Pattern And Norse Runes Isolated on White Drakkar Wall Hanging Tapestry for Decor Dorm Tapestry Living Home

Enrich your living space with a touch of the Norse world with our Viking Tapestry, a striking option within the best Viking gifts. Renowned for their elaborate art and tapestries, the Vikings wove tales of courage, wisdom, and grandeur into their creations. Our Viking tapestry does just that, serving not just a beautiful home or office decor but also as a testament to the beauty, artistry, and vibrant spirit of the Viking era.

Each Viking Tapestry showcases intricate design details that highlight the aesthetic prowess of the Viking artisans, offering you a chance to own a piece of their artistic legacy. More than just a decorative piece, this tapestry adds a dash of historical grandeur to any room while keeping the Viking spirit alive. Whether you’re hunting for a unique gift for an art enthusiast, a history lover, or someone who cherishes cultural pieces, our Viking Tapestry brings a blend of artistry and historical significance to any space, making it an exceptional gift choice.

Trinket Box

Pacific Giftware Viking Jewelry Trinket Box Container New

Surprise him with a unique Viking gift from the UK – the Pacific Giftware Norse Viking Vegviser Runic Compass Knotwork Thor Hammer Trinket Box. This sculptural decor piece features a 5-inch diameter, showcasing intricate knotwork and the powerful Thor’s hammer. It is a functional trinket box, perfect for storing small keepsakes or jewellery. This Viking-inspired gift combines craftsmanship and symbolism, making it a meaningful and eye-catching addition to his home decor. Whether he’s a fan of Norse mythology or appreciates intricate design, the Pacific Giftware Norse Viking Vegviser Runic Compass Knotwork Thor Hammer Trinket Box is a perfect choice to celebrate his love for Viking culture.

Drinking Horn Mug

Norse Tradesman Original LG Viking Drinking Horn Mug - 100% Authentic Beer Horn Tankard with Natural Surface & Burlap Gift Sack | The Original, Unpolished, approx. 1 Pint

Delight him with an authentic Viking gift from the UK – the Norse Tradesman Original LG Viking Drinking Horn Mug. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this 100% authentic beer horn tankard exudes Viking charm. With its natural surface and unpolished finish, it showcases the raw beauty of the horn. The mug holds approximately 1 pint of his favourite beverage, perfect for a drink with a touch of Viking flair. Presented in a burlap gift sack, “The Original” Viking Drinking Horn Mug from Norse Tradesman is a thoughtful and unique gift celebrating his love for Viking culture. This remarkable and distinctive mug lets him indulge in an authentic Viking drinking experience.

Viking Hoodie

GLUDEAR Men's Vikings Tattoo Norse Mythology 3D Print Hoodie Pullover Sweatshirt S-5XL

Delight him with an authentic Viking gift from the UK – the Norse Tradesman Original LG Viking Drinking Horn Mug. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this 100% authentic beer horn tankard exudes Viking charm. With its natural surface and unpolished finish, it showcases the raw beauty of the horn. The mug holds approximately 1 pint of his favourite beverage, perfect for a drink with a touch of Viking flair. Presented in a burlap gift sack, “The Original” Viking Drinking Horn Mug from Norse Tradesman is a thoughtful and unique gift celebrating his love for Viking culture. This remarkable and distinctive mug lets him indulge in an authentic Viking drinking experience.

Viking Revolution Beard Grooming Kit

Viking Revolution - Beard Grooming Kit for Men - Ultimate Beard Kit with 100% Boar Beard Brush, Beard Comb, Citrus Beard Balm, Unscented Beard Oil, Beard & Mustache Scissors - Fathers Day Gift

Transform his grooming routine with the Viking Revolution Beard Grooming Kit for Men. This ultimate beard kit includes essential tools and products to keep his beard looking and feeling its best. The kit features a 100% boar beard brush and a comb, ideal for taming and styling his facial hair. It also includes a citrus-scented beard balm and unscented beard oil, providing nourishment and hydration for a healthy, soft beard. He can precisely trim and shape his facial hair with the included beard and moustache scissors. The Viking Revolution Beard Grooming Kit is a comprehensive beard care solution that makes a perfect gift for any bearded gentleman. This all-inclusive kit will elevate his grooming routine and help him achieve a well-groomed and enviable beard.

Viking Ale Horn

AleHorn Drinking Horn - 12 Inch Curved Style Viking Horn Drinking Cup - Viking Cup for Ale & Mead - Handcrafted Drinking Horn with Stand - Horn with Stand (Polished)

Impress him with an authentic Viking gift from the UK – the AleHorn Drinking Horn. This 12-inch curved-style Viking horn drinking cup is a true embodiment of Viking tradition. Handcrafted with care, it offers a unique and rustic drinking experience. Whether he enjoys ale or mead, this horn cup is perfect for savouring his favourite beverages. The drinking horn comes with a stand, allowing for a stylish display when not in use. Its polished finish exudes a touch of elegance while maintaining its Viking charm. The AleHorn Drinking Horn is a remarkable and distinctive gift celebrating his love for Viking culture. Let him enjoy his drinks in true Viking style with this exceptional handcrafted drinking horn.

Dragon Boat Insense Stick Burner

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Embark on a journey of rich, aromatic tranquillity with our REOVE Dragon Boat Incense Stick Burner, a perfect embodiment of distinctive Viking gifts. Artfully hand-carved from resin, this incense holder takes the form of a traditional Viking ship, complete with intricate detailing that reflects the craftsmanship of a bygone era. As incense sticks burn within it, the dragon boat seems to sail on a mystical cloud of scent, creating an evocative, sensory experience. This Viking ship incense burner serves as a practical censer and stands as a retro ornament, adding a touch of historical grandeur to any space. This unique item is an ideal gift for those who appreciate Viking culture and history or enjoy the calming ritual of incense burning. Celebrate the spirit of the Vikings with this stunning piece of handicraft, designed to ignite the imagination and soothe the senses.

Viking Silver Bracelet

VENACOLY Sterling Silver Bracelet for Women Bracelet Jewellery Gifts for Women

Experience the allure of old-world charm with our VENACOLY Sterling Silver Bracelet, a fitting choice when considering a Viking gift for her. Expertly crafted from high-quality sterling silver, this bracelet weaves a narrative of strength and beauty synonymous with Viking lore. Its intricate design elements pay homage to the Vikings’ rich culture, artistry, and mythology, making it an enchanting accessory for any lover of history or jewellery. The sterling silver construction ensures durability and longevity, while the timeless design guarantees it will remain a cherished piece in her collection for years. Whether a gift for a special occasion or to express your affection, this Viking-inspired bracelet offers an unforgettable blend of history, design, and elegance.

Viking Wolf Bracelet

COOLSTEELANDBEYOND Stainless Steel Mens Wolf Head Bracelet with Genuine Braided Leather

Indulge in the fierce spirit of Nordic mythology with our COOLSTEELANDBEYOND Stainless Steel Men’s Wolf Head Bracelet, the ideal selection among gifts for Viking lovers. This eye-catching bracelet features a pair of intricately designed stainless steel wolf heads, a motif deeply rooted in Viking legend, showcasing an extraordinary blend of boldness and artistry. Nestled between these wolf heads is a band of genuine braided leather, exuding rugged charm and adding to the overall authenticity of the piece. Whether for a history enthusiast, a fan of Viking mythology, or someone who appreciates distinctive jewellery, this wolf head bracelet is more than a stylish accessory – it’s a wearable piece of history that adds a touch of warrior spirit to any look.

Viking Wall Hanging

4 Pieces Wood Sign Wall Decor Nordic Vikings Celtic Drakkar Rune Wall Sign Scandinavian Vikings Boat Rustic Wooden Hanging Board Mediaeval Art for Living Room Bedroom Mythology Wood Plank Sign(Black)

Immerse yourself in the mystical world of Nordic mythology with our Nordic Vikings Celtic Drakkar Rune Wall Sign Set, a top-notch choice among Viking gifts for men. This set includes four distinct signs, each meticulously carved with symbols and imagery representative of Viking and Celtic culture, including the iconic Drakkar longship. Made from rustic wood and presented in an elegant black finish, these signs carry an air of medieval charm, transforming any living room or bedroom into a veritable Viking haven. They serve as a striking tribute to the rich history and culture of the Vikings, making them an ideal gift for history buffs, Norse mythology enthusiasts, or anyone fascinated by the legendary Viking era. With these signs, one doesn’t just decorate a space – they infuse it with the indomitable spirit of the Vikings.

Viking Whiskey Tumbler

Viking Whiskey Tumbler

Indulge in the allure of Norse heritage with our Viking Whisky Tumbler, an exceptional inclusion in our Viking gifts collection. Handcrafted by A. E. Williams Pewter, this tumbler brings Viking lore to life with intricate engravings of fearless warriors and majestic Longboats on the highest quality British pewter. Accompanying this robust tribute to Norse seafarers is a pure crystal glass tumbler, designed to elevate your whisky experience while accommodating a generous 285ml of your favourite malt, with room for a few cooling ice cubes.

Standing 9cm tall, this tumbler combines design, sustainability, and personalised engraving options to make it an exquisite and thoughtful gift. Arriving in a gift-ready box, complete with a history of the world’s oldest family-run pewter company, this tumbler invites you on a unique whisky journey, adding a sustainable and antique charm to your drinkware collection. Embrace the Viking saga with this one-of-a-kind, Norse-inspired barware.

Viking Sword

Viking Sword

Step into the legendary world of Norse warriors with our Handmade Viking Sword, a standout among the best Viking gifts. Meticulously crafted with high-quality steel and heat-treated for ultimate durability, this sword is a nod to the might of Viking warriors and a tangible expression of their strength. The design stays true to the original Viking sword with a straight blade, polished to a mirror-like finish, and a genuine leather hilt, ensuring a secure grip. This offering isn’t merely a sword; it symbolises power, courage, and history, making it an ideal gift for any individual seeking the Viking spirit or a unique collection cabinet addition.

But the experience doesn’t stop at the sword. The purchase includes a personalised wooden box to protect and display the sword. Made of high-quality wood, this box can be customised with the recipient’s name, initials, or a meaningful message, making it a truly thoughtful gift. Whether showcased at home, in the office, or in a personalised man cave, this combination of a Viking sword and its personalised wooden box introduces an element of sophistication and historical charm. So, whether you’re seeking a special occasion gift or a surprise for a loved one, our Handmade Viking Sword and personalised wooden box offer an unparalleled gifting experience.

Where to Find Authentic Viking Gifts

There are many places to find authentic Viking gifts, both online and in person. Some popular online retailers include Etsy and Amazon. These retailers offer various Viking-inspired gifts, from jewellery and clothing to home decor and accessories. In addition, many museums and historical sites provide Viking-inspired gifts that are authentic and unique. If you’re looking for an extraordinary gift, consider visiting a Viking museum or historical site in person to find something special.

DIY Viking Gift Ideas

If you’re feeling crafty, there are many DIY Viking gift ideas that you can try. For example, you could create your Viking drinking horn using a cow horn and some essential tools. You could also make your own Viking rune jewellery by carving your runes into wood or stone. Other DIY Viking gift ideas include creating your own shield or helmet or weaving your own Viking tapestry. These gifts are not unique and personal, but they also allow you to connect with the creativity and craftsmanship of the Vikings themselves.

How to Wrap and Present Viking Gifts

When wrapping and presenting Viking gifts, there are many ways to make the experience unique and memorable. Consider wrapping your gift in brown paper or burlap, tied with twine or leather cord. You could also include a handwritten note explaining the gift’s symbolism and meaning. Consider using a Viking-inspired gift box or bag to make the presentation even more special. And remember, the way you present your gift can be just as important as the gift itself.

Gift-Giving Etiquette in Viking Culture

In Viking culture, gift-giving was a vital ritual steeped in tradition and symbolism. Gifts were often given to show respect, honour, or gratitude; a formal ceremony or ritual usually accompanied them. For example, when visiting a Viking chieftain, it was customary to bring a gift as a sign of respect and loyalty. Similarly, when a Viking warrior died in battle, his weapons and armour were often given as gifts to his comrades or family members to honour his memory. While gift-giving etiquette in Viking culture may not be as strict today, it’s still important to consider the symbolism and meaning behind your gift and to present it in a way that shows respect and gratitude.

Additional Viking-Inspired Gift Ideas for the Home or Office

There are many options if you’re looking for Viking-inspired gifts for the home or office. For example, you could decorate your loved one’s home with Viking-inspired wall art, such as a replica Viking shield or tapestry. You could also give them Viking-inspired home decor, such as a Viking-themed mug or candle holder. Consider sharing the office a Viking-inspired desk accessory, such as a replica Viking sword letter opener or a Viking-themed pen holder. These gifts are not unique and stylish but add a touch of history and mythology to any space.

Personalised Viking Gifts – Adding Names or Other Details to Your Gifts

If you’re looking for a truly personalised Viking gift, consider adding a name or other details to your gift. For example, you could engrave a Viking drinking horn with your loved one’s name or initials. Or, you could have a piece of Viking rune jewellery customised with a specific message or symbol. Personalising your gift adds a special touch that shows your loved one that you put thought and care into the present.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on Gifting Viking-Inspired Gifts

In conclusion, gifting Viking-inspired gifts is a unique and memorable way to honour the history, mythology, and spirit of the Vikings. From jewellery and drinking horns to tapestries and home decor, there are many options to choose from that are sure to impress and delight your loved ones. Whether you buy an authentic Viking gift or create your own DIY project, the important thing is to choose a gift with meaning and symbolism that resonates with your loved one. By giving a Viking-inspired gift, you’re not just giving a physical object but also a piece of history and mythology that can be treasured for years.


What are some popular Viking gifts?

Popular Viking gifts include drinking horns, Viking jewellery such as Mjolnir pendants or Valknut rings, Viking-inspired clothing like Thor's hammer t-shirts, Viking axes or swords replicas, and Norse mythology books or artwork.

Where can I find authentic Viking gifts?

You can find authentic Viking gifts at specialised Viking and Norse mythology stores, online marketplaces like Etsy or Amazon, or at Viking-themed festivals and events.

Are Viking gifts suitable for both men and women?

Yes, Viking gifts can be enjoyed by both men and women. There are a wide variety of Viking-inspired items available, including jewellery, clothing, accessories, and home decor that can appeal to anyone interested in Viking culture.

What is the significance of drinking horns in Viking culture?

Drinking horns hold great significance in Viking culture as they were commonly used to toast and celebrate important occasions. They symbolise strength, bravery, and a connection to Norse traditions.

Are Viking gifts appropriate for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries?

Absolutely! Viking gifts can be a unique and meaningful choice for special occasions. They offer a sense of history, adventure, and a connection to Norse mythology that can make any celebration more memorable.


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