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Step into a world where magic meets reality with our enchanting collection of Unicorn Gifts. Tailored for those who cherish the whimsical and the wonderful, each item in our range is a gateway to a realm of imagination and sparkle. From dazzling accessories that light up any outfit to charming home decor that brings a touch of fantasy to your living space, our Unicorn Gifts are perfect for anyone who believes in the extraordinary. Whether you’re a dreamer, a believer, or searching for that one-of-a-kind present, our collection is sure to delight and surprise. Embrace the magic and let your spirit soar with these captivating Unicorn Gifts, where every item tells a story of wonder and delight. Also, check out our other Children’s Gift Guides for further inspiration.

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Pets Alive Pet Shop Surprise Series 2 Slumber Party, Pounce the Unicorn, Ultra Soft Plushies, 17 cm, Over 8 Surprises, Interactive Toy Pets with Electronic Speak and Repeat (Unicorn)

Discover the Pets Alive Pet Shop Surprise Series 2 Slumber Party featuring Pounce the Unicorn – an enchanting and interactive plush toy that makes a perfect gift. This delightful toy measures 17 cm and has over eight surprises to delight and engage kids of all ages.

Pounce the unicorn is an ultra-soft plushie designed for endless cuddles and playtime. With its charming design and interactive features, this toy will capture the hearts of children and unicorn lovers alike. This adorable toy comes with electronic speaking and repeating capabilities, adding an element of fun and laughter as it interacts with its little owners.

Polly Pocket Micro, Unicorn Party Playset, Pink Unicorn Toy with Purple Hair, 25 Toy Surprises Inside, Toys for Ages 4 and Up, One Polly Pocket Playset, GVL88

Immerse yourself in the magical world of the Polly Pocket Unicorn Party Large Compact Playset, featuring micro Polly and Lila dolls – a captivating playset with over 25 surprises to discover. This delightful playset is designed for children aged four and up and offers endless fun in its princess party-themed play areas, including a bouncy house, castle, swings, water floaties, and much more.

The Polly Pocket Unicorn Party Playset brings a world of imagination and excitement to life. With its detailed design and numerous surprises, children will be thrilled to explore and play in this enchanting universe. The set includes micro Polly and Lila dolls, adding an element of storytelling and adventures as kids engage in creative play with these delightful characters.

Yojoloin Unicorn Gifts for Girls, Girls Birthday Presents, Decorate Your Own Water Bottle with Unicorn 3D Stickers, Kids DIY Arts and Craft Kits for Kids Girls 3 4 5 6 7 8 Years

The Unicorn “Decorate Your Water Bottle” set includes Unicorn 3D stickers, providing hours of fun and imaginative crafting for kids aged 3 to 8 years.

With this DIY arts and crafts kit, girls can design and personalise their water bottles with enchanting unicorn stickers, allowing them to express their creativity and create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Dino Bikes 144R-UN Unicorn 14' Bicycle 14'', White & Pink

Surprise a little one with the Dino Bikes 144R-UN Unicorn 14″ Bicycle, and watch as their face lights up with joy. This charming 14-inch bicycle comes in a beautiful white and pink colour scheme, adorned with enchanting unicorn graphics and details.

The bike is visually appealing and built for safety and stability. Sturdy training wheels provide extra support for beginners, allowing them to build confidence as they learn to ride. Ideal for children who are around 3 to 6 years old, the Dino Bikes Unicorn 14″ Bicycle offers a perfect first bike experience that is safe and enjoyable.

Washimals Peculiar Pets Tub Set Refresh

Surprise a young artist with the Crayola Washimals Peculiar Pets Tub Set Playset, and watch as they immerse themselves in a world of colourful creativity and unicorn-themed fun. This unicorn gift will bring joy and inspiration to any creative child, allowing them to unleash their imagination and create magical masterpieces.

This playset is not just about colouring; it encourages imaginative play as kids create stories and adventures for their peculiar pets. This gift set is perfect for kids who love arts and crafts, as it offers a delightful combination of colouring, play, and imaginative storytelling.

Corrit Girls Toys Age 3-10, Unicorn Toys Gifts for Girls toys for 3-10 Year Old Girls Christmas EVE Gifts for Girls Birthday Presnets Gifts for 3-10 Year Olds Girls Garden Toys Kids Dart Board set

The Corrit 5-in-1 Portable Bean Bag Toss Games is an exciting and versatile unicorn-themed gift that brings hours of fun and entertainment for boys and girls alike. This game set includes various interactive activities, making it an ideal gift for unicorn lovers who enjoy indoor and outdoor play.

The 5 1 Portable Bean Bag Toss Games offer a range of gameplay options, including dinosaur and unicorn-themed targets, ten sticky balls, eight bean bags and rings, and six darts. This variety ensures that kids can enjoy different games and challenges, keeping them engaged and entertained.

Original Stationery Mini Unicorn Slime Kit for Girls, Kids Can Make Awesome Unicorn Slime with Sparkle, Clay, Foam, and Jelly Cubes, Great Gift Idea

The Original Stationery Mini Unicorn Slime Kit for Girls is a delightful and creative gift that will spark joy in young slime enthusiasts. This kit offers everything kids need to make awesome unicorn-themed slime with a touch of sparkle and magic. Kids can enjoy a hands-on and mess-free slime-making experience with the kit’s easy-to-follow instructions.

This Mini Unicorn Slime Kit promotes creativity, tactile play, and sensory exploration. Watch kids unleash their imaginations and create magical slime masterpieces with sparkles and fun textures. It’s an entertaining and engaging gift that will keep them entertained for hours.

Original Stationery Mini Unicorn Slime Kit for Girls, Kids Can Make Awesome Unicorn Slime with Sparkle, Clay, Foam, and Jelly Cubes, Great Gift Idea

Give the gift of creativity and magic with the BONNYCO Unicorn Gifts for Girls Painting Kit. Watch as young artists bring unicorns to life with their paintbrushes and create a world of enchantment and wonder. This unicorn-themed craft kit will surely be a treasured gift that will bring joy and smiles to any young girl’s face.

The painting kit includes various unicorn-themed crafts, providing a range of creative options for young girls to explore and enjoy. With glow-in-the-dark features, the finished artwork will come to life at night, creating a mesmerising and magical display that kids will adore.


Original Stationery Mini Unicorn Slime Kit for Girls, Kids Can Make Awesome Unicorn Slime with Sparkle, Clay, Foam, and Jelly Cubes, Great Gift Idea

The Electric Walking Unicorn Plush Toy is a delightful and interactive gift that brings magic and joy to toddlers, girls, boys, kids, and even pets. This adorable stuffed animal toy is designed to walk and sing, captivating young hearts with charm and entertainment.

With its electric walking feature, the unicorn plush toy can move independently, making it a fun and engaging companion for kids and pets alike. The magic singing feature adds an element of wonder as the toy sings delightful tunes that will bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

Original Stationery Mini Unicorn Slime Kit for Girls, Kids Can Make Awesome Unicorn Slime with Sparkle, Clay, Foam, and Jelly Cubes, Great Gift Idea

The LED girl’s watch is a fantastic gift for children aged 3-9. These adorable unicorn-themed watches are not only practical but also add an element of enchantment and fun to a child’s daily routine.

Designed with young children in mind, these watches are safe, durable, and easy to use. The LED feature adds a magic touch as the watch lights up, creating a captivating and mesmerisings display that kids will love.

Animagic: Rainbow The Glowing Unicorn | Interactive Unicorn Plush with a Magical Glowing Horn and Multicoloured Fur | For Kids Aged 2+

Meet “Animagic: Rainbow The Glowing Unicorn” – a captivating and interactive unicorn plush that brings magic and wonder to children aged two and up. This enchanting unicorn toy features a magical glowing horn and multicoloured fur, making it a delightful and mesmerisings companion for young children.

The magical glowing horn adds an element of enchantment, as Rainbow’s horn lights up, creating a captivating and magical display. This plush toy is designed with young children in mind and is soft, cuddly, and safe, providing comfort and joy during playtime and bedtime.

Jewelkeeper Unicorn Jewellery Box for Girls Birthday Presents - Girls Jewellery Box with Pullout Drawer, Glitter Rainbow Kids Jewellery Box with The Beautiful Dreamer Tune - 15x10.8x8.6 cm

Surprise your little girl with the Unicorn Music Jewellery Box, and watch as she delights in the magic and music it brings to her life. This gift will be cherished and serve as a keepsake, reminding her of the special moments shared during her birthday and beyond.

The Unicorn Music Jewellery Box is more than just a storage box; it’s a treasure organiser that young girls will adore. With its whimsical unicorn design and sparkling rainbow details, it adds an element of magic to any little girl’s room.

Lexibook Power Mini-My Little Unicorn Robot with Sounds, Music, Light Effects, Voice Repetition Function and Reaction to sounds-ROB02UNI

The My Little Unicorn Robot is an adorable and interactive robotic companion that offers entertainment and fun. This mini unicorn robot is designed with various features, including sounds, music, light effects, voice repetition function, and reaction to sounds, providing endless playtime for kids.

The My Little Unicorn Robot is more than just a toy; it’s a delightful companion for young children. With its interactive features, it responds to sounds, repeats voices, and plays music, creating a dynamic and engaging experience for kids.

Amitié Lane Light-Up Unicorn Terrarium Kit for Kids - Birthday Gifts for Girls - Creative Unicorn Toys & Craft Kits Presents - Arts & Crafts Fun for Little Girls Age 4 5 6 7, 8-12 Year Old Girl Gift

The DIY Light Up Unicorn Terrarium Kit for Kids is a magical and creative gift that allows children to create their own enchanting mini plant garden in a jar. This kit includes an LED light to add a whimsical glow to the terrarium, making it a captivating and delightful craft project for girls.

With the DIY Light Up Unicorn Terrarium Kit, children can express their creativity and imagination while designing and assembling their personalised magical garden.

Lexibook Unicorn Walkie-talkies, communication game for children Belt clip for transport Battery, Pink, TW12UNI

The Unicorn Walkie-Talkies is a delightful communication game for children that brings adventure and fun to their playtime. These walkie-talkies are designed with a cute unicorn theme in pink, making them a perfect gift for kids who love unicorns and imaginative play.

The belt clip ensures easy transport, allowing kids to take their walkie-talkies on adventures wherever they go. With the walkie-talkies, children can engage in exciting pretend play scenarios, exploring the world of communication and teamwork.

Barbie Dreamtopia Magical Lights Unicorn with Rainbow Mane, Lights & Sounds, Barbie Royal Doll with Pink Hair and Food Accessory, Gift for 3 to 7 Year Olds, GWM78

Surprise a child with the Barbie Dreamtopia Magical Lights Unicorn, and watch as they embark on magical adventures with Barbie and her rainbow-maned unicorn. This gift will be cherished and inspire imaginative play and creativity as kids explore the enchanting world of Barbie Dreamtopia.

This set includes a Barbie princess doll with pink hair and a food accessory, providing a delightful and imaginative experience for children aged 3 to 7. With lights and sounds, the unicorn adds an element of wonder and excitement, allowing kids to immerse themselves in the fantasy world of Barbie Dreamtopia.

Evo Electric Ride-On Unicorn Trike | Pink Ride-On Trike | 6V Battery Powered Ride-On Trike With Working Headlights, Pedal Driven Car Forward, Flashing Light Pole & Realistic Sound Effects | Ages 2+

The Evo Electric Ride-On Unicorn Trike is a delightful and magical gift for children aged two and up. This pink ride-on trike is battery-powered and has various features that bring joy and excitement to young riders. With working headlights, the trike offers a realistic driving experience, allowing kids to feel like they are riding their unicorn.

The pedal-driven forward motion adds a fun and interactive element, allowing children to steer and control the trike. Designed with safety and durability in mind, the Evo Electric Ride-On Unicorn Trike is suitable for young children, providing a safe and enjoyable ride-on experience.

SULIFEEL Rainbow Unicorn 4 Size Adjustable Light up Roller Skates for Boys Girls for Kids Beginners Purple Rollerskates - Medium (13C-3Y UK)

The Purple Rainbow Unicorn Adjustable Roller Skates for Kids – a magical and fun way for girls and boys to enjoy outdoor play. These roller skates feature a delightful purple rainbow unicorn design and come with light-up wheels, providing an enchanting and exciting skating experience.

The adjustable feature allows the roller skates to grow with kids, ensuring a perfect fit and extended use as they grow. With light-up wheels, the roller skates create a captivating display during skating, adding an element of magic and fun to the activity.

IKASA Giant Unicorn Stuffed Animal Plush Toy,110cm,Large Unicorn Cute Jumbo Soft Toys,Huge Big Size Plushy Fluffy Fat Plushie,Gifts for Kids

Surprise your child or a loved one with the Giant Unicorn Stuffed Animal Plush Toy, and watch as they embrace the magic of this oversized unicorn companion. This gift will be cherished and provide warmth and comfort, creating lasting memories of love and joy. This large, cute, jumbo soft toy features a considerable size, making it an oversized plushie that kids and adults will adore.

Measuring 110cm, this plush toy is a substantial and huggable friend, providing comfort and companionship during playtime or as a cuddly bedtime buddy. The Giant Unicorn Toy is made with high-quality materials, ensuring it is soft, plushy, and fluffy, making it a wonderful gift for kids and loved ones.

Learning Resources Coding Critters MagiCoders Skye The Unicorn Coding Robot Toy STEM Play Remote Control Toys Gifts for 4 5 6 7 Year Old Kids Boys & Girls

The Learning Resources Coding Critters MagiCoders Skye The Unicorn is an exciting coding toy for kids ages four and up. This interactive STEM play toy introduces children to the world of coding in a fun and engaging way, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

With Skye The Unicorn, kids can embark on coding adventures, teaching the unicorn to move, play, and perform various actions using simple coding commands. The toy encourages hands-on learning and creativity, as children use the included coding cards to program Skye’s movements and actions.

Bright Starts Rock & Glow Unicorn Crawling Baby Toy with Lights and Melodies, Age 6 months +, Pink

The Bright Starts Rock & Glow Unicorn Crawling Baby Toy is a delightful and engaging gift for babies six months and up. This adorable toy features lights and melodies, providing sensory stimulation and entertainment for little ones.

The lights and melodies add an element of excitement, helping to develop babies’ auditory and visual senses while keeping them engaged. Designed with safety and durability in mind, this baby toy is perfect for little hands to explore and play with.

Polly Pocket Theme Park Backpack Compact with 2 Dolls, Accessories & Multiple Activities & Unicorn Party Playset

The Polly Pocket Theme Park Backpack Compact is an exciting and versatile playset that brings kids a world of fun and adventure. This compact playset includes two dolls, various accessories, multiple activities, and a Unicorn Party Playset, providing hours of imaginative play.

With the backpack design, kids can easily carry their Polly Pocket playset wherever they go, allowing for on-the-go play and adventures. Including two dolls and multiple accessories allows endless play possibilities, encouraging role-playing and social interaction.

Tacobear Kids Tea Party Set for Children Unicorn Tea Set Tin Tea Set with Dessert Toy Carrying Case Princess Tea Time Unicorn Gift Pretend Play Tea Set Toys Gift for Kids Girls 3 4 5 6 7 Years

The Tacobear Kids Tea Party Set is a charming and enchanting gift that will delight children, especially girls aged 3 to 7. This unicorn-themed tea set is made of tin and comes with a dessert toy carrying case, providing a delightful pretend-play tea time experience.

The carrying case enhances the play experience, allowing kids to carry and store tea party accessories conveniently. The Kids Tea Party Set fosters imaginative play, creativity, and social skills as children spend pretend tea time with friends and family.

Happy Nappers Kids Sleeping Bag - Black Shark - Plush Toy, Comfy Sleeping Bag & Fluffy Pillow All in One - Lovely Birthday Gift - Great for Playtime, Naptime, Sleepovers & Travelling - Ages 3 to 6

The Happy Nappers Kids Sleeping Bag is a delightful and versatile sleep accessory that combines the functionality of a plush toy, a comfy sleeping bag, and a fluffy pillow all in one. This unique and fun product provides kids with a cosy and enjoyable sleeping experience.

With its plush toy design, the Happy Nappers Kids Sleeping Bag doubles as a cuddly friend, providing comfort and companionship during bedtime or naptime. When not used as a sleeping bag, the Happy Nappers can be easily folded into a unicorn pillow, perfect for lounging or relaxing.

The Allure of Unicorns

Unicorns have been enchanting people for centuries. But what’s the story behind their appeal?

The Symbolism of Unicorns

Unicorns symbolise beauty, purity, magic, and wonder. They stand for everything good and noble, making them an excellent symbol of positive vibes.

Why Unicorns Make Great Gifts

Unicorn gifts are a unique way of spreading joy, magic, and positivity. They’re perfect for individuals who love a touch of whimsy and fantasy. Plus, with such a wide range of unicorn-themed items, there’s something for everyone!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Unicorn Gifts

Before galloping into the world of unicorn gifts, here are a few factors to consider.

Age Appropriateness

First, consider the age of the recipient. A unicorn plush toy might be great for a toddler, while a unicorn-themed makeup kit might be more suitable for teenagers.

Personal Interests

What does the recipient like? Are they into books, crafts, or fashion? Matching the gift with their interests makes it even more special.

Quality and Durability

Lastly, always opt for high-quality products. A durable gift lasts longer and shows the recipient that you care.

How to Choose the Best Unicorn Gifts

Choosing the best unicorn gifts can be a magical and delightful experience, especially for those enchanted by these mythical creatures. The key is to consider the recipient’s interests and age. Plush unicorn toys or storybooks featuring unicorns can be ideal for younger children. Teenagers might appreciate unicorn-themed accessories or decor, like jewellery or posters. Adults could enjoy more sophisticated items like unicorn-inspired art or home decor. Always look for quality and uniqueness in your choices to ensure your gift stands out.

Why Unicorn Gifts Are Important

Unicorn gifts hold a special significance due to their representation of wonder, purity, and magic. They’re not just presents; they’re a way to spark imagination and joy. For children, unicorn gifts can encourage creative play and a love for mythology. For adults, they often symbolise nostalgia or a love for the whimsical. Gifting something as unique and enchanting as a unicorn-themed item shows thoughtfulness and a desire to bring a little magic into someone’s life.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Unicorn Gifts

When selecting unicorn gifts, consider these factors:

  1. Recipient’s Age and Interests: Tailor the gift to the age and interests of the recipient.
  2. Quality: Look for well-made items that will last.
  3. Uniqueness: Choose gifts that are unique or personalised.
  4. Purpose: Decide if the gift is for decorative purposes, practical use, or play.
  5. Safety: For children’s gifts, ensure they are safe and age-appropriate.

How to Wrap Unicorn Gifts

Wrapping unicorn gifts should be as enchanting as the gift itself. Use bright, colourful wrapping paper or bags adorned with glitter, stars, or rainbow patterns. Add special touches like ribbons, bows, and custom tags. Incorporate a unicorn ornament or a sprinkle of confetti inside the wrapping for a creative twist. Remember, the presentation of your unicorn gift can enhance the overall magical experience.


Unicorn gifts are more than presents; they’re a gesture of bringing fantasy and wonder into someone’s life. Whether for a child or an adult, the right unicorn gift can leave a lasting impression. Remember to consider the recipient’s age, interests, and the uniqueness of the gift, and don’t forget to wrap it in a way that adds to its magic!


Are unicorn gifts suitable for boys?

Absolutely! Unicorn gifts are not gender-specific. They can be enjoyed by anyone who loves a touch of fantasy and magic.

Where can I buy unicorn gifts?

You can find a wide range of unicorn gifts online on ecommerce platforms, or at physical stores like toy stores, book stores, or specialty gift shops.

What are some educational unicorn gifts?

Unicorn-themed books, puzzles, and craft kits can all have an educational element to them.

Are there unicorn gifts for adults?

Yes, there are many unicorn gifts suitable for adults, such as unicorn-themed jewelry, apparel, home decor, or even kitchenware.

Are unicorn gifts expensive?

The price of unicorn gifts can vary widely depending on the product. There are affordable options as well as more high-end items.


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