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Sunglasses are staple fashion accessories. They complement and complete your outfit for a more elevated look. Yet they also deliver both form and function. Full Fact’s report on sunglasses confirms that a good pair protects your eyes from UV rays that can cause irreversible damage and potential blindness after prolonged exposure. Because of their protective function, the NHS recommends wearing sunglasses outside year-round. That makes them one of the most fashionable and practical gifts you can give to friends.

If you’re unsure what to pick or where to look, consider Ray-Ban’s line of various sunglasses. The brand creates high-quality pairs with maximum UV protection, and they have different collections and sunglasses types that can suit every friend in your circle. To get you started, here’s a quick guide on the different Ray-Ban gifts you can give to each of them:

Polarised sunglasses for the active friend

These sunglasses come with a special polarised coating. Psychology Today’s post on how sunglasses protect the eyes reveals that this special filter can eliminate light, like the sun’s glare, from a particular polarisation angle. That makes them perfect for active friends who spend lots of time indoors. Your gift will allow them to see their surroundings better, increasing safety and enjoyment. If they’re boating, for example, polarised sunglasses can cut out sunlight that bounces off the water so they can see below the surface.

Ray-Ban offers hundreds of polarised pairs for you to choose from, so it should be easy to find one that suits your friend’s style and preferences. Just get a pair with a ‘P’ before the lens. One model you can start looking at is the lightweight and durable Wayfarer Liteforce: it comes in a classic Ray-Ban frame design sturdy enough for outdoor use.

Bio-acetate sunnies for the eco-conscious friend

Sustainability is all the rage today—and Business News Daily notes this trend is prevalent even in fashion. With more people becoming conscious of what their products are made of, your eco-minded friends may appreciate getting bio-acetate sunglasses from Ray-Ban.

These sunglasses frames are made with bio-based materials from renewable sources, such as cotton, sugar cane, and wood pulp, to reduce reliance on plastic. The bio-based Corrigan sunglasses, specifically, are made from corn-based acetate. However, that’s not the only eco-friendly Ray-Ban model available—so you’ll have plenty of options when choosing what to gift.

Smart glasses for the techie friend

There are gadget releases almost every day, and some people like to keep up with the times and have the latest technologies at their fingertips. If your techie friend is one of them, smart glasses might be one of the most incredible gifts you can give—and Ray-Ban has something to offer here, too. The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are the successor to the Ray-Ban Stories. In addition to taking photos and videos, playing music, and allowing wearers to take calls, this new and improved pair lets users live stream directly to Facebook and Instagram. What’s more, users can do all these things hands-free.

These smart glasses come in Ray-Ban’s classic designs, like the Meta Headliner. With this subtle device masquerading as regular sunglasses yet hiding so many possibilities, you’re sure to make your techie friend happy.

Reverse sunglasses for the fashion-forward friend.

You’ve probably never thought of turning sunglasses’ lenses inside out, but Ray-Ban has. The Ray-Ban Reverse collection features several classic pairs with inverted lenses offering better protection from glare due to their concave design. Apart from this, they’re something that only people with unique tastes may be inclined to wear—perfect for your fashionista friend!

You can gift them the Reverse Aviators, as this classic Ray-Ban design is timeless. Yet, their reverse-style lenses give the sunglasses a bit of a fashionable quirk.

Picking among Ray-Ban’s sunglasses guarantees you’ll find the perfect gifts for your friends. Remember these sunglasses the next time you need ideas for birthdays, holidays, and other special events.

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