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Stumped for gift ideas for a netball fanatic in your life? Don’t worry! Our guide covers a variety of netball gift ideas that will suit all players and supporters, from beginners to seasoned pros.

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Why Netball Gifts Matter?

The Excitement of Netball

Netball is more than a sport. It’s an adrenaline rush, a way of connecting, and, most importantly, a passion. So, giving a gift related to netball is like acknowledging and appreciating the recipient’s love for the game.

The Sentiment Behind Netball Gifts

Netball gifts are not merely about the objects but about the memories and feelings they elicit. They can inspire, motivate, or even bring back nostalgic memories of exciting matches.

We Print Balls Personalised Netball Ball (Pink/White)

Celebrate your love for netball and make it truly your own with the Personalised Netball Ball. Create a custom design, add personal details, or display team pride. It’s a perfect gift or a special way to commemorate your netball journey. Get ready to hit the court with a ball that’s as unique as you are.


Silver Glitter Personalised Netball Player Girls Hoodie, Ideas for Daughter Birthdays, Gifts for Girls On Their School Netball Team, 5-6 Years, Black

The Silver Glitter Personalised Netball Player Girls Hoodie is a thoughtful and stylish gift idea that celebrates your daughter’s love for netball or shows appreciation to girls on their school netball team. It’s a gift that combines personalisation, comfort, and team spirit, making it a memorable and cherished item.


Mizuno Women's Wave Revolt Running Shoe

The Wave Revolt features Mizuno’s innovative Wave technology, which provides exceptional cushioning and stability. The unique wave-shaped midsole absorbs impact during each stride, reducing the risk of fatigue and injury. This technology delivers a smooth and responsive ride, allowing you to focus on your running without distractions.

Netball Girl Definition T-shirt Funny & Sassy Sports Tee T-Shirt

With its funny and sassy design, this t-shirt is sure to make a statement. The definition of a netball girl on the front adds a touch of humour to the shirt, showcasing the unique qualities and characteristics of netball players. It’s a fun way to celebrate your love for the sport and share a laugh with fellow players and fans.

60 Second Makeover Limited Ladies I'd Rather Be Playing Netball Mug Gift

The “I’d Rather Be Playing Netball” Mug Cup is a lighthearted and playful way to show your appreciation for netball. It’s a perfect gift for netball-loving ladies who enjoy a good laugh and want to proudly display their passion for the sport. Start your day off with a smile and a cup of netball-inspired fun with this charming mug.


Mitre Oasis Netball | Hugely Durable | Great Grip | Stylish Design, Orange/Yellow/Black, 4

Mitre is a trusted brand known for its quality sports equipment, and Oasis Netball lives up to that reputation. With its combination of durability, grip, and style, it’s a ball that can elevate your netball experience and help you excel on the court.

Basketball Necklace Basketball Lovers Gifts Basketball Inspirational Gifts Basketball Sport Necklace Jewelry Jewelry Box

The necklace features a netball pendant with the inscription, “You Are Braver Stronger Smarter Than You Think.” This motivational message serves as a reminder of the inner strength and resilience that netball enthusiasts possess. It encourages the wearer to believe in their abilities and push beyond their limits both on and off the court.

Netball Colouring Book: Netball inspired quotes with beautiful backgrounds and netball themed images for girls, teens and women who love to play netball, netball gifts for teens, girls and women

Inside the book, you will find a collection of intricate illustrations specifically designed for netball enthusiasts. Each page combines netball-related imagery, such as players, balls, and courts, with inspiring quotes that capture the spirit of the game. Whether you’re a player, fan, or simply appreciate the sport, this colouring book offers a creative outlet to express your love for netball.

NetballGirlCode Hydro Water Bottle - Netball Gift for Women Girls Netball Players & Coaches (Netball Diva)

Stay hydrated in style with the NetballGirlCode Hydro Water Bottle. Embrace your inner netball diva while ensuring you have a reliable and convenient hydration companion. It’s a must-have accessory for netball players, coaches, and fans who want to show off their passion for the game while staying refreshed and ready for action.


Netball Player Gift Netball Sports Gift Netball Survival kit Cosmetic Bag Netball Lover Gift (Netball Survival kit UK)

Surprise a netball lover with this practical and thoughtful gift. The Netball Survival Kit Cosmetic Bag is a unique and personalized way to show your love for the game and a space to store essential items to support their netball journey. It’s a gift that combines practicality, thoughtfulness, and a touch of netball spirit.


Personalised Girls Netball Boot Bag Kids Sports School PE Kit, Hot Lava Red/White Print

What sets this boot bag apart is the personalization option. You can have the bag customized with the name or initials of the young netball player, adding a special and unique touch. This personalization not only adds a sense of ownership but also makes it easier to identify their bag in a busy sports environment.

MEETCCY Love Sports Enthusiasts Charm Bead 925 Sterling Silver Black Enamel Crystal Basketball Baseball Football Charms For Bracelets

Designed to fit Pandora and European charm bracelets, this charm bead can be easily added to your existing bracelet or worn as a pendant on a necklace. Its compatibility allows you to personalize your jewellery and showcase your love for sports in a stylish and meaningful way.

Gold Basket Ball Necklace Stainless Steel Necklace and Pendent Great Gift (Gold)

The netball pendant on the necklace is a symbol of the wearer’s love for the sport. It serves as a reminder of their passion, dedication, and the joy they find in playing or watching netball. The combination of silver and gold tones adds a touch of sophistication and versatility, allowing the necklace to be easily paired with various outfits.

WQ Pro Court Free Standing Height Adjustable Netball Hoop and Post Official Height Portable

Elevate your netball experience with the WQ Pro Court Free Standing Height Adjustable Netball Hoop and Post. Perfect for aspiring players, recreational enthusiasts, and serious competitors alike, this portable hoop system offers official height play, durability, and convenience, bringing the thrill of netball to any location you choose.


EPPO Basketball Hoop Indoor for Kids 16.5' X 12.5' - Automatic Scoring Basketball Hoop Mini Basketball Hoop for Door with 2 Balls,Basketball Toy for Kids Boys Teens, A Basketball Lover as Gift

Introducing the Hoop Indoor for Kids 16.5″ X 12.5″—a thrilling and interactive mini hoop designed specifically for young basketball enthusiasts. This compact and portable hoop brings the joy of the game into your home, allowing kids to engage in exciting game play anytime they desire. With its automatic scoring feature and included balls, it offers endless entertainment and skill-building opportunities for kids, making it a perfect gift for any sports lover.


Finding the perfect netball gift doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a little insight and creativity, you can find a gift that resonates with the recipient’s passion for netball and makes them feel special.


What is a good gift for a netball beginner?

Basic equipment like a netball or training gear would be great for beginners.

Are there any unique netball gifts?

Yes, you can consider personalized items like a custom jersey or a netball-themed necklace.

Where can I find high-quality netball gifts?

Online sports retailers, netball-specific stores, and large platforms like Amazon are good places to start.

What's a suitable netball gift for a coach?

Consider a tactical board for match strategies, a whistle, or a book on netball coaching.

Can I gift netball match tickets?

Absolutely! Tickets to a high-profile match can be a thrilling gift for a netball fan.


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