Gourmet Food Gifts

Are you looking to impress with a unique and delectable gift? Gourmet Food Gifts offer an exquisite journey for the taste buds, featuring a collection of handpicked, high-quality ingredients and flavours that stand out in culinary delights. Imagine the joy and surprise on your loved ones’ faces as they unwrap a selection of fine cheeses, artisan chocolates, or premium olive oils. Perfect for any occasion, these gifts satisfy the palate and add an elegant touch to celebrations, making every moment memorable. Discover the perfect way to express your appreciation and affection with Gourmet Food Gifts, where quality and taste meet to create unforgettable experiences. Also, check out our other Food and Drink Gifts for further inspiration.

Gourmet Food Gifts

Treat yourself and a companion to a truly exquisite culinary journey with Gourmet Dining for Two at an Awarded Restaurant. This experience offers the opportunity to relish the finest in gastronomy at various acclaimed restaurants across the UK. From MICHELIN-starred establishments to venues adorned with at least two AA Rosettes and other prestigious culinary awards, this gift promises a sophisticated and delectable dining experience.

Choose from 27 different locations, each boasting unique charm and culinary excellence. Whether celebrating a special occasion or simply savouring the joys of fine dining, this experience caters to gourmet enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable gastronomic adventure. Immerse yourselves in the refined ambience of award-winning restaurants, where expert service meets artfully crafted cuisine.

Gourmet Food Gifts

Embark on a culinary journey to Italy with the Italian Gourmet Dinner Box, a delightful gift that promises to transport your loved ones to the heart of Italian gastronomy. Carefully curated and beautifully presented, this dinner box is a perfect way to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or corporate milestones. The box features an array of speciality truffle products, embodying the essence of Italian flavours and culinary excellence.

Indulge in a gourmet experience, starting with Truffle taralli, a traditional Italian bread that serves as a delectable starter. The main course takes centre stage, choosing between Linguine or White Truffle Tagliatelle Pasta, complemented by ready-to-use Truffle sauce and Black Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Gourmet Food Gifts

Delight the taste buds of a honey enthusiast with the Gourmet Honey Taster Box, a delectable assortment of six exquisite honey jars. This thoughtfully curated collection is more than just a gift; it’s a sensory journey through honey’s diverse and rich flavours worldwide. From the floral notes of English Wildflower to the delicate sweetness of Greek honey and the robust richness of Chestnut honey, each jar offers a unique and indulgent tasting experience.

This tastefully packaged set is an ideal gift for any occasion, providing a sweet escape for those seeking variety and quality in their honey selection. Perfectly suited for connoisseurs, this Honey Taster Box is a treat for the palate and a visual delight with its distinct colours and textures.

Gourmet Food Gifts

Treat yourself and a companion to a unique and gourmet experience with the Gourmet Lunch On The Go for Two, an extraordinary culinary adventure aboard the ‘Bustronome.’ This innovative concept combines the delight of fine dining with the iconic sights of London, all from the comfort of a luxury bus. Picture yourself savouring four delicious courses while seated in your booth on the upper deck, surrounded by panoramic glass windows that showcase London’s landmarks.

The ‘Bustronome’ offers an unparalleled dining experience, with a chef preparing exquisite dishes downstairs as you absorb the city’s beauty from above. Each course is a culinary masterpiece, from Scallop carpaccio with pea shoots in a fennel vinaigrette to mushroom soup crowned with a feather-light whipped cream lightly kissed by truffle essence. This gourmet lunch on the go is a feast for the taste buds and a visual and cultural journey through London’s iconic scenes.

Gourmet Food Gifts

Elevate brunch to a gourmet experience with the Gourmet Brunch Hamper, a thoughtfully curated collection of delectable savoury delights. Perfect for gifting when visiting friends or family, this hamper is a luxurious assortment of fresh cheeses, cured meats, smoked fish, and accompanying wines and treats. It is a trendy fresh food gift, offering a delightful mix of gourmet luxury items traditionally enjoyed in a buffet setting.

Packed with care, this brunch hamper is designed for sharing and savouring over multiple occasions. From the rich and nuanced flavours of fresh cheeses to the savoury perfection of cured meats and the smoky notes of premium smoked fish, each component is selected to create a harmonious and indulgent brunch experience. Complemented by carefully chosen wines and accompaniments, this gourmet brunch hamper is a true feast for the senses.

Snowdonia Cheese Company Quintessential Cheese Hamper | Gift Basket | 5 Award Winning Cheeses, 2 Chutneys, Wholemeal Crackers | Delivered Chilled | Father's Day Gift

Indulge in the epitome of gourmet delight with the Snowdonia Cheese Company Quintessential Cheese Hamper. This thoughtfully curated gift basket promises a symphony of flavours and textures. This hamper features five award-winning cheeses from the Snowdonia Cheese Company, showcasing the artistry and craftsmanship behind each flavorful creation. From the rich and creamy Bouncing Berry to the robust and mature Black Bomber, the cheeses in this hamper are a true celebration of fine cheese-making.

Complementing the cheese assortment are two delectable chutneys that perfectly balance sweet and tangy notes, creating a harmonious flavour experience. Including wholemeal crackers provides a delightful crunch, offering the ideal canvas to showcase exceptional cheeses and chutneys.

Gourmet Food Gifts

Embark on a culinary journey with a two-hour gourmet cooking masterclass for two at Ann’s Smart School of Cookery. This hands-on experience invites you to learn the art of crafting three delectable courses under the guidance of a talented chef. The example menu provides a tantalizing glimpse into the culinary delights you’ll be creating, starting with home-smoked potted prawns accompanied by toasted brioche. Move on to the main course featuring quick-cooked juicy pork belly served with crispy skin, saffron potatoes, apple chips, apple puree, and crispy kale. Finally, conclude your gourmet feast with a dessert of pineapple roasted in white rum and muscovado sugar, served with toasted coconut crème.

Not only will you savour the fruits of your labour, but you’ll also gain valuable skills and techniques to replicate these impressive dishes at home. The experience is designed for novice cooks and those looking to enhance their culinary prowess.

Thoughtfully Gourmet, Master Hot Sauce Collection Gift Set, Flavours Include Garlic Herb, Cayenne Bacon, Apple Whiskey, Mango Habanero and More, Pack of 30

The Thoughtfully Gourmet Master Hot Sauce Collection Gift Set is a spicy sensation that brings a burst of flavor to every dish. This thoughtfully curated set includes an array of 30 unique hot sauce flavours, showcasing a masterful blend of ingredients that elevate your culinary experience. From the zesty kick of Garlic Herb to the smoky allure of Cayenne Bacon, the collection explores a range of taste profiles that cater to every hot sauce enthusiast.

Indulge in the tempting variety of flavours, including the sweet heat of Apple Whiskey and the tropical punch of Mango Habanero. This gift set is more than just a collection of hot sauces; it’s a culinary adventure that allows you to explore and experiment with different taste sensations.

Gourmet Food Gifts

Embark on a culinary adventure along the picturesque Kent coast with our gourmet foraging experience, where nature becomes your pantry. Led by expert foragers, immerse yourself in the bounty of the wild, discovering the hidden gems that nature has to offer. From aromatic herbs and succulent berries to nutrient-rich seaweeds and fragrant flowers, you’ll learn to identify and gather an array of wild ingredients that will form the basis of your exquisite dining experience.

As the day unfolds, revel in the beauty of the countryside, celebrating the natural world while acquiring the skills to preserve these treasures for year-round enjoyment. Whether foraging along the shoreline or exploring meadows, each location provides a unique backdrop to your culinary journey. The climax of this extraordinary experience culminates in a fine-dining gourmet feast served in unexpected and delightful settings, ranging from stylish beach huts to secluded wilderness picnics

Gourmet Food Gifts

Indulge in the epitome of luxury with our artisan, handmade chocolates – a dessert lover’s dream and the perfect gift for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Elevating the traditional box of chocolates to new heights, our gourmet collection is anything but ordinary. Crafted with care and passion, we exclusively use Fino de Aroma chocolate, ranking among the top 8% in the world for its exceptional quality and flavour profile.

Immerse yourself in a world of culinary creativity with our unusual and quirky chocolate range. From delectable truffles to intricately designed pralines, each piece is a work of art, showcasing the mastery of our chocolatiers. The delightful fusion of flavours sets our chocolates apart, where you can experience all your favourite desserts encapsulated in smooth, rich chocolate. Gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians, this exquisite assortment caters to diverse dietary preferences, ensuring everyone can savour the decadence.

GARCÍA DE LA CRUZ - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Gift Set, Aromatised Oil, Garlic, Basil, Chilli and Lemon, Sourced in Spain, Montes de Toledo, Glass Bottles, Pack 4-250 ml

Delight the senses with the GARCÍA DE LA CRUZ Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set. This luxurious culinary experience captures the essence of Spain’s Montes de Toledo region. This exquisite set includes four 250 ml glass bottles of organic extra virgin olive oil, each uniquely aromatized with the flavours of garlic, basil, chilli, and lemon.

Sourced from the renowned García de la Cruz olive groves, this premium olive oil is a testament to quality and tradition, offering a distinct and authentic taste that elevates any dish. Experience the rich heritage of Spanish olive oil craftsmanship as you explore the diverse and aromatic profiles within this thoughtfully curated gift set.

Gourmet Food Gifts

Indulge in a sensory journey with the Six Month Gourmet Coffee Bag Gift Subscription, a delightful treat for coffee enthusiasts. This subscription offers a unique and delicious bag of gourmet coffee curated from 17 countries every month. Hand-roasted by expert UK roasters, each batch is carefully chosen to cater to your taste preferences, ensuring a personalized and satisfying coffee experience.

The convenience of a letterbox-friendly pack means that every month, the recipient will be greeted with a delightful surprise at their doorstep, making it a hassle-free and enjoyable subscription. Whether you prefer the rich flavours of South American blends, the bold profiles of African beans, or the nuanced tastes of Asian coffees, this subscription promises a diverse and delightful coffee experience over six months.

Gourmet Food Gifts

Treat the burger lover in your life to a delectable Gourmet Burger and Craft Beer Experience for two. This enticing gift offers the perfect blend of savoury indulgence and hoppy delights as recipients embark on a culinary adventure at a location of their choice from the available options listed in the tech specs tab. Whether it’s a trendy urban hotspot or a cosy gastropub, this experience promises a feast for the taste buds, pairing mouthwatering gourmet burgers with a selection of carefully curated craft beers.

With the flexibility to choose the location and time that suits their preferences, the lucky recipients can savour the experience at their convenience within the 12-month validity period.

Gourmet Food Gifts

Elevate the joy of gifting with a decadent Gift Basket brimming with gourmet chocolates, cookies, and snacks. This indulgent assortment is a sensory delight, curated to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Delve into the world of exquisite chocolates, each piece a masterpiece of flavour and texture, from decadent dark chocolates to velvety milk chocolates.

Accompanying these sweet treasures are artisanal cookies, baked to perfection for a delightful crunch that complements the smoothness of the chocolates. The carefully selected snacks add a savoury touch, creating a harmonious balance that ensures a truly gourmet experience. Presented in an elegant basket, this ensemble of treats is not just a gift; it’s a celebration of culinary craftsmanship and delightful moments.

How to Choose the Best Gourmet Food Gifts

Choosing the best gourmet food gifts involves considering the recipient’s taste preferences and exploring high-quality, unique food items. Look for artisanal or speciality products that offer a unique culinary experience. This could include exotic chocolates, premium olive oils, handcrafted cheeses, or gourmet coffee blends. The key is to select items that provide a sense of luxury and indulgence, something the recipient wouldn’t typically buy for themselves.

Why Gourmet Food Gifts Are Important

Gourmet food gifts are significant because they offer a sensory and luxurious experience. They are a way to indulge in high-quality, often artisanal products that one might not regularly enjoy. These gifts can introduce the recipient to new flavours and cuisines, making them an exciting and memorable choice. They are also a way to celebrate special occasions with a touch of sophistication and pleasure.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Gourmet Food Gifts

When selecting gourmet food gifts, consider the following:

  1. Quality and Authenticity: Look for authentic, high-quality products known for their excellence.
  2. Recipient’s Preferences: Align the gift with the recipient’s taste preferences and dietary restrictions.
  3. Presentation: Choose elegantly packaged gifts to enhance the sense of luxury.
  4. Variety: Consider a gourmet gift basket with a selection of different items to offer a range of tastes and experiences.
  5. Exclusivity: Seek out items that are unique or hard to find, adding to the gift’s specialness.

How to Wrap Gourmet Food Gifts

The presentation of gourmet food gifts should reflect their elegance and quality. Use high-quality wrapping materials, stylish boxes, or baskets. Adding a personalized note or a decorative ribbon can enhance the overall appearance and make the gift feel more special.


Gourmet food gifts are an excellent way to offer someone a luxurious and indulgent experience. By carefully selecting high-quality, unique items that cater to the recipient’s tastes, you can provide a delightful and memorable culinary experience. These gifts are not just about the food; they are about the joy and pleasure of savouring something genuinely exceptional.


What are some popular gourmet food gift ideas?

Artisanal cheeses, fine wines, premium chocolates, specialty teas or coffees, and gourmet olive oils are popular choices.

Can I customize a gourmet food gift basket?

Yes, many gourmet shops offer the option to customize gift baskets based on preferences and budget.

Are gourmet food gifts suitable for people with dietary restrictions?

Absolutely, you can find gourmet gifts tailored to various dietary needs, such as gluten-free, vegan, or organic options.

How do I ensure the freshness of gourmet food gifts?

Purchase from reputable suppliers known for their quality and ensure the gift is delivered in a timely manner, especially for perishable items.

Is it appropriate to send a gourmet food gift for a business occasion?

Yes, gourmet food gifts are often well-received in a business context as they are seen as thoughtful and luxurious. Just be mindful of any known dietary restrictions or preferences.


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