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Gift-giving is an art, and nothing captures the heart quite like a gift that induces genuine laughter. In a world filled with standard presents, funny gifts emerge as true heroes, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or simply wanting to brighten someone’s day, our guide to the best funny gifts will ensure your present is both memorable and mirthful.

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How to Choose the Best Funny Gifts

Selecting the perfect funny gift requires a blend of understanding the recipient’s sense of humour and being in tune with current trends. It’s essential to consider the individual’s personality and preferences, as humour is subjective and varies from person to person. For instance, while some might appreciate a quirky mug with a witty quote, others might find joy in a humorous book or a playful gadget. Keeping abreast of popular culture, memes, and trending jokes can also provide inspiration, ensuring that the gift is both timely and relevant.

Moreover, the context in which the gift will be given plays a pivotal role. For occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, it might be apt to choose something personal and light-hearted. However, for more formal events or workplace celebrations, it’s prudent to opt for gifts that are funny yet inoffensive. Always remember, the best funny gifts are those that evoke genuine laughter while still being thoughtful and considerate.

Top 3 Funny Gifts

1 – Mini Me Personalised Doll – View the best deals here

2 – Bad Alexus – View the best deals here

3 – Pure Bred Idiot – View the best deals here

Suck UK | Hip Flask | Secret Flask In Book | Hip Flasks for Men & Groomsmen Gifts | Secret Alcohol Containers to Smuggle Your Booze & Festival Drinks Smuggler | Alcohol Gifts for Men | Flask Alcohol

The Secret Hip Flask is a hilarious and entertaining funny gift option that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. This stainless steel hip flask is designed with a playful twist, making it a perfect choice for men, women, and various occasions.

The flask’s secret design adds an element of surprise and amusement. It’s a witty way to discreetly carry your favourite drink, adding a touch of fun to festivals, parties, or any social gathering. The blue colour adds a vibrant and eye-catching element to the flask, enhancing its novelty factor.

Maryaz Personalised Gifts Custom Face Boxers, Personalised Funny Face Boxers Briefs Novelty Briefs Underpants for Men Husband Boyfriend Family Lovers with Face Photo

The Personalised Funny Face Boxers are a playful and humorous gift choice that can bring laughter and amusement to your loved one. These custom face boxers add a touch of fun and novelty to every day, making them a perfect funny gift for men, whether it’s your husband, boyfriend, or even a family member.

With the ability to personalise the boxers with a face photo, you can create a unique and one-of-a-kind design that is sure to elicit smiles and laughter. The unexpected and comical nature of seeing a familiar face on underwear adds a delightful element of surprise.

XKONG Big Toe Shoes,Cartoon Toe Shoes,Warm Soft Slippers,Male Female Winter Cartoon Funny Indoor Shoes, Pink, 6.5-9…

The Big Toe Slippers are a unique and light-hearted funny gift choice that can add a touch of humour and playfulness to someone’s daily routine. These cartoon toe shoes combine comfort and entertainment, making them a unique and amusing present for both men and women.

The cartoon design, resembling big toes, adds a comical and unexpected element to traditional indoor slippers. Imagine the laughter and amusement as the recipient slips their feet into these quirky and cosy shoes, instantly transforming their lounging moments into a source of fun.

Barry Wood Sitting on a Bed -Funny Rude Mug - Message Appears as it Heats - Perfect Novelty Gag Gift - Office Joke - White Elephant Gift Best Funny Gifts for Friends…

The Barry Wood Meme Mug is a hilarious and cheeky funny gift that’s sure to make anyone laugh. This novelty mug adds an element of surprise and amusement with its unique heat-activated feature.

At first glance, the mug appears to show the infamous “Barry Wood Sitting on a Bed” meme, a nod to internet humour. However, as hot liquid is poured into the mug, a hidden message is revealed, creating a playful and unexpected visual effect.

MINI ME! Personalised Doll | Plush Add Photo Face Doll Teddy | Novelty Kids Gift of the Year Finalist | Approx 33cm x 46cm The Original Doll | Made in GB (Black)

The MINI ME! A personalised Doll is a hilarious and creative funny gift that brings a touch of whimsy and amusement to anyone’s day. This plush doll allows you to add a photo of your face (or someone else’s) onto the doll’s face, creating a comical and personalised resemblance.

Standing at approximately 33cm x 46cm, this original and novelty doll is sure to elicit laughter and surprise. The ability to see a familiar face on a plush doll adds an unexpected and entertaining twist to the ordinary.

FAB GIFTS Personalised Cushions Customised Face Photo Cushion with any Image/ Funny Pictures edge to edge Printed Mushion (Large, 55 x 49 CM)

The Personalised Funny Face Photo Cushion is a hilarious and imaginative funny gift that’s bound to bring laughter and joy to anyone’s day. This large cushion allows you to personalise it with a funny or unexpected image, creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that’s both amusing and sentimental.

Measuring 55 x 49 CM, this cushion provides ample space to showcase a funny photo, a quirky illustration, or a comical image that will catch the recipient off guard. The edge-to-edge printing ensures that the design takes centre stage, making it impossible to miss.

Tetris Waffle Maker. Makes Tetris Shaped Waffles. Officially Licensed Tetris Waffle Machine.

Unleash the playful side of breakfast with the Tetris Waffle Maker. A true ode to nostalgia, this officially licensed waffle machine transforms your morning routine into a delightful game of shapes and flavours.

Brace yourself for a stack of Tetris-shaped waffles that bring a smile to your face before you’ve even taken your first bite. This waffle maker adds an exciting touch to your kitchen, turning breakfast into a creative adventure that’s sure to brighten your day.

Funny Gifts

Get ready to go bananas with “It’s Bananas! The Monkey Tail Game” – a hilarious and entertaining indoor activity that guarantees laughter and fun for the whole family. This game is not just your ordinary board game; it’s a source of active and uproarious enjoyment for kids, teens, and adults alike.

Unleash your inner monkey as you compete in a series of wacky challenges and try to outdo your opponents. From balancing bananas on your head to completing ridiculous tasks, this game is designed to bring out the silliness in everyone.

Activity Superstore Comedy Night For Two Gift Experience Voucher, Available at 25 Locations, Comedy Gifts, Funny Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Retirement Gifts

Get ready for a night of uncontrollable laughter with the Activity Superstore Comedy Night For Two Gift Experience Voucher. This hilarious and entertaining gift is your ticket to a side-splitting comedy show that’s bound to leave you and your companion in stitches.

With this voucher, you have access to comedy nights at 25 different locations, ensuring that you can choose the one that’s most convenient for you. It’s not just a gift; it’s an opportunity to enjoy a memorable evening filled with funny jokes, witty banter, and uproarious performances.

Bad Alexus Bluetooth Speaker | Hilarious Gifts for the Home | Novelty Rechargeable Speaker with Funny Responses | Cheeky Home Audio Speaker | Prank Gifts

Introducing the Bad Alexus Bluetooth Speaker – a hilarious and cheeky addition to your home that will leave you in stitches. This novelty rechargeable speaker is not just your ordinary audio device; it’s a source of endless amusement and funny responses that are sure to liven up any gathering.

With the Bad Alexus Bluetooth Speaker, get ready for a dose of unexpected and comical commentary. From witty remarks to playful banter, this speaker is designed to keep you entertained and laughing for hours on end.

Boxer Gifts Wine Cage Escape Room Game | Solve The Puzzle To Receive The Gift | Bottle NOT Included,

Get ready for a wine-tasting adventure like no other with the Wine Cage Escape Room Game. This hilarious and entertaining gift is more than just a simple wine holder – it’s a playful challenge that adds an element of mystery and amusement to your gift-giving experience.

The Wine Cage Escape Room Game requires a bit of brainpower and puzzle-solving skills. Your recipient will need to crack the code and solve the puzzle in order to unlock the wine bottle that awaits inside. It’s a delightful and unexpected twist that turns the act of receiving a gift into a playful and engaging activity.

Boxer Gifts Phone Escape Room Game | Solve The Puzzle - Escape From Prison To Unlock Your Trapped Phone | Fun Family Games For Kids and Adults | Unique Christmas or Birthday Gift For Children

Introducing the Phone Escape Room Game – the ultimate funny gift for the phone addict in your life! This interactive and entertaining game adds a hilarious twist to the world of smartphone obsession, turning it into a playful and engaging challenge.

The Phone Escape Room Game puts a creative spin on the typical escape room concept. Instead of escaping a physical room, players must solve the puzzle to “escape from prison” and unlock their trapped phones. It’s a lighthearted way to acknowledge the addictive nature of smartphones while adding a dose of laughter and fun.

Oldi Mug- Birthdays Christmas Funny Gift Presents Celebration Novelty Old Large Heavy Duty Handle Dino Coated Dishwasher/Microwave Safe Sublimation Ceramic (Blue Handle Prime)

Introducing the Oldi Mug – a hilariously witty and entertaining gift that’s perfect for birthdays, Christmas, or any celebration that calls for a good laugh. This novelty mug is more than just a vessel for your favourite beverage; it’s a playful and humorous statement that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

With its “Oldi” design, this mug embraces the joys and quirks of getting older in a light-hearted and fun way. The large and heavy-duty handle ensures a comfortable grip, while the dino-coated design adds a touch of charm.

Whole Bottle of Wine Glass Novelty Gift Vino Per Una x 2

The Whole Bottle of Wine Glass is the ultimate humorous and lighthearted gift for wine enthusiasts. This novelty wine glass, sold as a set of two, is not your average stemware – it’s a playful statement that celebrates the love for vino in a larger-than-life way.

With its oversized design that can hold an entire bottle of wine, this glass is a cheeky take on wine consumption. It’s a fun conversation piece that adds a touch of laughter and camaraderie to any gathering.

Mothers Day Birthday Candle Gifts for Mom from Daughter and Son, Mom Life is Hard Scented Soy Candle, Being Your Favorite Child Candle, Birthday Mother’s Day Gift for Mom

The “Being Your Favourite Child” scented soy candle is a hilarious and heartwarming funny gift that celebrates the unique bond between a mom and her children. This thoughtful and amusing candle is more than just a fragrant delight; it’s a playful expression of love and a touch of lightheartedness.

With its charming scent and witty label, this candle captures the sentiment of being the favourite child in a playful and affectionate way. It’s a reminder that the love between a mother and her children is deep and enduring, no matter who claims the title of “favourite.”

Funny Gifts

The 2024 Dad Jokes Boxed Calendar is the ultimate desk accessory for anyone who appreciates a good laugh. Packed with 365 days of jokes, this calendar is a treasure trove of hilarity that’s sure to brighten every day of the year.

With its collection of witty and groan-worthy dad jokes, this calendar brings a touch of humour and amusement to any workspace. Each day presents a new opportunity to chuckle, eye-roll, or share a smile with colleagues, making it a delightful addition to any desk.

Pure Bred Idiot - Hot Sauce Roulette Game - 12 - 0.75 Ounce Bottles Hot Sauce Gift Set - Perfect Premium Gourmet Gag Gifts for Men - Spicy Challenge Hot Sauce Sampler

Get ready to turn up the heat and have a spicy good time with the Pure Bred Idiot Hot Sauce Roulette Game! This hilarious and daring gift is not your ordinary hot sauce set – it’s a playful and entertaining game that adds a fiery twist to your taste buds.

With 12 different hot sauce bottles, each with varying levels of spiciness, the Hot Sauce Roulette Game is a thrilling challenge for the bravest of souls. Will you conquer the heat or succumb to the burn? It’s a lighthearted way to test your limits and share a lot of laughs along the way.

NOVELTY PLACE Toilet Golf Game Set - Practice Mini Golf in Any Restroom/Bathroom - Great Toilet Time Funny Gag Gifts for Golfer

Introducing the Toilet Golf Game Set – a hilarious and unexpected gift that turns your restroom into a mini golf course! This novelty game is not just a fun pastime; it’s a playful and entertaining way to add a touch of humour to your daily routine.

With the Toilet Golf Game Set, you can practise your putting skills right in the comfort of your bathroom. It’s a lighthearted and amusing way to make the most of your toilet time and turn mundane moments into a golfing adventure.


In the vast spectrum of gift-giving, funny gifts hold a special place. They’re not just tangible items; they’re moments of joy, laughter, and shared amusement. As you navigate the world of gifting, let our guide to the best funny gifts be your compass, pointing you towards choices that not only delight but also entertain. After all, in times of joy and celebration, what’s better than a gift that brings a smile to the face?


What exactly are funny gifts?

Funny gifts are presents designed with humour in mind. They can range from witty books to quirky gadgets, all intended to evoke laughter and amusement.

Why opt for a funny gift instead of a traditional one?

Funny gifts offer a unique and memorable experience. They show thoughtfulness, creativity, and a desire to bring joy in a distinctive way.

Where can I source the best funny gifts?

Numerous online retailers and novelty shops offer a diverse range of funny gifts. Our guide also highlights top picks to simplify your search.

Are funny gifts appropriate for all occasions?

While funny gifts are versatile, it's essential to consider the recipient's sense of humour and the occasion. They're perfect for light-hearted events and individuals who appreciate a good chuckle.

Can I customise my funny gift?

Many vendors provide customisation options, allowing you to add a personal touch to your humorous present, making it even more special.


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