Funny Gifts for Women

Laughter is often cited as the best medicine, but have you ever considered it might also be the best gift? A hearty laugh can be a much-needed respite in today’s fast-paced world, where stress and anxiety are familiar companions. This blog post aims to be your ultimate guide to choosing funny gifts for the women in your life, whether it’s your mum, sister, partner, or friend. We’ll delve into why humour makes for an unforgettable gift, explore various types of funny gifts, and even give you a curated list of the top 10 funny gifts for women. So, if you’re looking to make an occasion memorable or want to bring a smile to her face, read on.

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The Power of Laughter

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of funny gifts, let’s take a moment to appreciate the power of laughter. It’s not just an expression of amusement; it’s a complex social and psychological phenomenon. Laughter can break the ice in awkward situations, bond with groups, and improve mental and physical health. Studies have shown that laughter can reduce stress, improve mood, and even boost the immune system. Now, imagine encapsulating all these benefits into a single gift. That’s the magic of a funny gift.

Bad Alexus Bluetooth Speaker | Hilarious Gifts for the Home | Novelty Rechargeable Speaker with Funny Responses | Cheeky Home Audio Speaker | Prank Gifts

Warning: Be prepared for uncontrollable fits of giggles, unexpected punchlines, and a serious workout for your funny bone. The Bad Alexus Bluetooth Speaker isn’t just an audio device – it’s a hilarious home companion that’ll question whether you’re listening to music or engaging in a sidesplitting comedy show. Get ready to turn up the laughter and bring the house down with this riotous and unforgettable novelty speaker!

Imagine asking it to play your favourite song, only to be met with a sassy retort that catches you off guard and leaves you in stitches. This mischievous little speaker has a knack for turning ordinary moments into unforgettable comedic experiences. It’s like having your stand-up comedian living inside a compact speaker!

Whole Bottle of Wine Glass Novelty Gift Vino Per Una x 2

The Vino Per Una “Whole Bottle of Wine” Glass – a hilarious and fabulous way to celebrate life’s finer moments with a dash of extra glamour and a lot of laughter! This isn’t just your ordinary wine glass; it’s a masterpiece of comedic indulgence designed to turn any ordinary evening into an extraordinary wine-tasting adventure.

For the wine-loving woman who knows that “one glass” is just a charming myth, this oversized glass is here to fulfil her wildest vino dreams. With the capacity to hold an entire bottle of her favourite wine, it’s the perfect blend of sophistication and audacious fun. No more pesky refills or constantly searching for the bottle – this glass is a one-stop shop for endless delight.

SERVD - His & Hers - The Hilarious Real-Life Couples Card Game

The SERVD His & Hers Card Game is a hilarious and entertaining funny gift for your boyfriend. This real-life couples card game is designed to bring laughter and fun to your relationship, making it a great way to bond and share some lighthearted moments.

With its humorous and relatable scenarios, the SERVD card game offers a playful way to navigate everyday situations and challenges that couples often encounter. It’s a fun and interactive way to spark conversations, share laughs, and strengthen your connection.

FAB GIFTS Personalised Cushions Customised Face Photo Cushion with any Image/ Funny Pictures edge to edge Printed Mushion (Large, 55 x 49 CM)

The Personalised Funny Face Photo Cushion is a hilarious and imaginative gift bound to bring laughter and joy to anyone’s day. This large cushion allows you to personalise it with a funny or unexpected image, creating an amusing and sentimental masterpiece.

Measuring 55 x 49 CM, this cushion provides ample space to showcase a funny photo, a quirky illustration, or a comical image that will catch the recipient off guard. The edge-to-edge printing ensures the design takes centre stage, making it impossible to miss.

XKONG Big Toe Shoes,Cartoon Toe Shoes,Warm Soft Slippers,Male Female Winter Cartoon Funny Indoor Shoes, Pink, 6.5-9…

Introducing the Big Toe Cartoon Slippers – a hilarious and heartwarming way to keep your feet cosy and make a statement that’s sure to tickle your funny bone! These funny slippers are not just your ordinary footwear; they’re a playful fashion statement that adds a dash of humour to your indoor escapades.

With their larger-than-life big-toe design, these slippers are a delightful twist on traditional footwear. Imagine slipping your tootsies into these soft, warm wonders and wiggling your way through the day with an extra dose of laughter. Whether you’re padding around the house, lounging with your favourite book, or hosting a quirky indoor dance party, these slippers are bound to be the life of the party.

BAD CHOICES Party Game + After Dark Edition Set - Hilarious Adult Card Game for Friends, Fun Parties and Board Games Night with your Group

The ultimate recipe for laughter, blushing cheeks, and unforgettable nights – Bad Choices: The Have You Ever? Game + After Dark Edition. Get ready to dive into a world of hilarious confessions, outrageous revelations, and sidesplitting moments that will leave you and your girlfriends in stitches!

With Bad Choices, you’re about to embark on a rollercoaster ride of risqué questions, daring dares, and jaw-dropping admissions. This game isn’t just a game – it’s a passport to the wild and wonderful tales that usually only come out after a few glasses of wine. Whether you’re spilling secrets, sharing embarrassing stories, or exploring uncharted territories of your imagination, the After Dark Edition takes the fun to a new level.

Suck UK | Hip Flask | Secret Flask In Book | Hip Flasks for Men & Groomsmen Gifts | Secret Alcohol Containers to Smuggle Your Booze & Festival Drinks Smuggler | Alcohol Gifts for Men | Flask Alcohol

The Secret Hip Flask is a hilarious and entertaining gift option that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. This stainless steel hip flask is designed with a playful twist, making it a perfect choice for men, women, and various occasions.

The flask’s secret design adds an element of surprise and amusement. It’s a witty way to discreetly carry your favourite drink, adding a touch of fun to festivals, parties, or any social gathering. The blue colour adds a vibrant and eye-catching element to the flask, enhancing its novelty factor.

Cat Funny Hand Towels - Cute Bathroom Kitchen Towels Cat Decor Decorative Hanging Face Towels Super Absorbent Soft - Mothers Day Easter Birthday Christmas New Home Gifts for Women Mum Cat Lovers

The “Pawsitively Hilarious” Cat Hand Towels – the purrfect blend of cuteness and humour that will have any cat-loving woman in stitches! These adorable and practical hand towels are more than just towels; they’re a whimsical addition to any bathroom or kitchen, making every visit a delightful experience.

Featuring charming cat designs in classic black and white, these towels are here to lend a paw and add a touch of feline fancy to any space. But don’t let their cute appearance fool you – they’re not just for show! These towels are super absorbent and luxuriously soft, making them ideal for all your drying needs.

2 Pcs Big Mama Undies Novelty Big Undies Gag Gift Oversized Granny Panties Funny Panties Joke Gift for Women Men

Introducing the “Big Mama Undies” Novelty Set – the ultimate laugh-out-loud gag gift that’s sure to leave women in stitches! These oversized granny panties are more than just underwear; they’re a hilarious tribute to comfort and confidence, all wrapped up in a bundle of belly laughs.

Picture when your special someone unwraps this delightful duo of colossal undies. With their exaggerated size and tongue-in-cheek style, these panties are a playful nod to the joys of embracing one’s curves and letting go of fashion norms. It’s a cheeky reminder that comfort knows no bounds – and that confidence comes in all shapes and sizes!

Barry Wood Sitting on a Bed -Funny Rude Mug - Message Appears as it Heats - Perfect Novelty Gag Gift - Office Joke - White Elephant Gift Best Funny Gifts for Friends…

The Barry Wood Meme Mug is a hilarious and cheeky gift that will make anyone laugh. This novelty mug adds an element of surprise and amusement with its unique heat-activated feature.

At first glance, the mug shows the infamous “Barry Wood Sitting on a Bed” meme, a nod to internet humour. However, as hot liquid is poured into the mug, a hidden message is revealed, creating a playful and unexpected visual effect.

MINI ME! Personalised Doll | Plush Add Photo Face Doll Teddy | Novelty Kids Gift of the Year Finalist | Approx 33cm x 46cm The Original Doll | Made in GB (Black)

The MINI ME! A personalised Doll is a hilarious and creative gift that brings a touch of whimsy and amusement to anyone’s day. This plush Doll allows you to add a photo of your face (or someone else’s) onto the Doll’s face, creating a comical and personalised resemblance.

Standing at approximately 33cm x 46cm, this original and novelty Doll will elicit laughter and surprise. The ability to see a familiar face on a plush doll adds an unexpected and entertaining twist to the ordinary.

Gifts for Her Him, Anniversary Romantic Gift for Her Girlfriend, Funny Birthday Gifts for Her, Wife, Girlfriend, BFF, Women, Mom Gifts,Best Candles Gifts for Women

Unleash the playful side of breakfast with the Tetris Waffle Maker. A true ode to nostalgia, this officially licensed waffle machine transforms your morning routine into a delightful game of shapes and flavours.

Brace yourself for a stack of Tetris-shaped waffles that bring a smile to your face before you’ve even taken your first bite. This waffle maker adds an exciting touch to your kitchen, turning breakfast into a creative adventure that will brighten your day.

It's Bananas! The Monkey Tail Game - Funny, Fun Party & Family Game for Kids, Adults, Outdoor, Board Game, Hen Do, Bachelorette, Summer, Garden, Bridal, Baby Shower, Girls Night, Birthday Gift, Laugh

Get ready to go wild with “It’s Bananas! The Monkey Tail Game” – a hilarious and entertaining indoor activity that guarantees laughter and fun for the whole family. This game is not just your ordinary board game; it’s a source of active and noisy enjoyment for kids, teens, and adults alike.

Unleash your inner monkey as you compete in a series of wacky challenges and try to outdo your opponents. From balancing bananas on your head to completing ridiculous tasks, this game is designed to bring out the silliness in everyone.

Activity Superstore Comedy Night For Two Gift Experience Voucher, Available at 25 Locations, Comedy Gifts, Funny Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Retirement Gifts

Get ready for uncontrollable laughter with the Activity Superstore Comedy Night For Two Gift Experience Voucher. This hilarious and entertaining gift is your ticket to a sidesplitting comedy show that will leave you and your companion in stitches.

With this voucher, you can access comedy nights at 25 different locations, ensuring that you can choose the most convenient. It’s not just a gift; it’s an opportunity to enjoy a memorable evening filled with funny jokes, witty banter, and loud performances.

Boxer Gifts Escape Room Game-Bottle Puzzle Box For Adults-Unusual Fun Wine Gifts For Men & Women-Unique

Get ready for a wine-tasting adventure with the Wine Cage Escape Room Game. This hilarious and entertaining gift is more than just a simple wine holder – it’s a playful challenge that adds an element of mystery and amusement to your gift-giving experience.

The Wine Cage Escape Room Game requires some brainpower and puzzle-solving skills. Your recipient must crack the code and solve the puzzle to unlock the wine bottle that awaits inside. It’s a delightful and unexpected twist that turns receiving a gift into a playful and engaging activity.

Boxer Gifts Phone Escape Room Game | Solve The Puzzle - Escape From Prison To Unlock Your Trapped Phone | Fun Family Games For Kids and Adults | Unique Christmas or Birthday Gift For Children

Introducing the Phone Escape Room Game – the ultimate funny gift for the phone addict in your life! This interactive and entertaining game adds a hilarious twist to the world of smartphone obsession, turning it into a playful and engaging challenge.

The Phone Escape Room Game creatively spins the typical escape room concept. Instead of escaping a physical room, players must solve the puzzle to “escape from prison” and unlock their trapped phone. It’s a lighthearted way to acknowledge the addictive nature of smartphones while adding a dose of laughter and fun.

Oldi Mug- Birthdays Christmas Funny Gift Presents Celebration Novelty Old Large Heavy Duty Handle Dino Coated Dishwasher/Microwave Safe Sublimation Ceramic (Blue Handle Prime)

It introduces the Oldi Mug – a hilariously witty and entertaining gift perfect for birthdays, Christmas, or any celebration that calls for a good laugh. This novelty mug is more than just a vessel for your favourite beverage; it’s a playful and humorous statement that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

With its “Oldi” design, this mug embraces the joys and quirks of getting older in a lighthearted and fun way. The large, heavy-duty handle ensures a comfortable grip, while the dino-coated design adds a touch of charm.

Funny Gifts for Women

“The Ultimate Date Night Game for Couples: Would You Rather?” is a fun and entertaining gift for your boyfriend. With a mix of lighthearted and thought-provoking questions, this game encourages couples to share their preferences, opinions, and thoughts playfully and engagingly. It’s a great way to bond, laugh, and learn more about each other.

Gifting “The Ultimate Date Night Game for Couples: Would You Rather?” to your boyfriend is fantastic for adding excitement and laughter to your relationship. Whether you’re looking for a way to have fun on a date night or create more opportunities for enjoyable conversations, this game will surely provide both of you with memorable and entertaining moments.

No products found.

The “Little Ms Always Cold” Ceramic Mug – the sassy and hilarious gift sure to warm up any woman’s sense of humour! This cheeky mug is more than just a vessel for your favourite brew; it’s a playful declaration of someone’s love for cosy comfort and their charmingly unapologetic tendency always to feel a chill.

With its witty “Little Ms Always Cold” design, this mug is a hilarious nod to those who are perpetually bundled up, no matter the weather. Whether sipping a steaming cup of coffee, indulging in a soothing herbal tea or enjoying a rich hot chocolate, this mug is the perfect companion to chase away the cold and bring on the laughter.

InFanso Scented Candles Funny Gifts for Friends, 100% Natural Soy Wax Lavender Candles, Gift for Best Friend Women Men, Friendship Gifts for Women

Get ready to turn up the heat and have a spicy good time with the Pure Bred Idiot Hot Sauce Roulette Game! This hilarious and daring gift is not your ordinary hot sauce set – it’s a playful and entertaining game that adds a fiery twist to your taste buds.

With 12 different hot sauce bottles, each with varying levels of spiciness, the Hot Sauce Roulette Game is a thrilling challenge for the bravest of souls. Will you conquer the heat or succumb to the burn? It’s a lighthearted way to test your limits and share a lot of laughs along the way.

Star Cutouts CS1067 Harry S Green Lifesize Cardboard Cutout With Mini

The “Harry Lifesize Cardboard Cutout with Mini” is a hilarious and unexpected gift that will bring a burst of laughter and amusement to her day! This isn’t just any cardboard cutout; it’s a hilarious twist on the classic, designed to tickle her funny bone and spark conversations wherever it goes.

Imagine her surprise and laughter as she unwraps this unexpected treasure. The lifelike cutout of “Harry S. Green” is a playful nod to the unexpected and a delightful addition to any space. Whether she prop it up in her living room, place it by her desk, or even take it along for photo ops, it will elicit smiles and giggles from everyone who encounters it.

Tips for Choosing the Right Funny Gift

Know Her Sense of Humour

The first and most crucial step in choosing a funny gift is understanding the recipient’s sense of humour. Not all humour is universal; what one person finds hilarious, another might find confusing or offensive. Take the time to consider her likes, dislikes, and the type of humour she enjoys. Does she love puns? Is she a fan of slapstick comedy? Or does she prefer dry, sarcastic wit? Knowing this can guide you in selecting a gift that she’ll find funny.

Consider the Occasion

The occasion can significantly influence the type of funny gift that would be appropriate. For example, a gag gift might be perfect for a hen party but less suitable for an anniversary. Always consider the context in which you’re giving the gift. A funny gift perfect for a casual get-together with friends might not be the best choice for a more formal occasion.

Presentation Matters

The way you present the gift can add an extra layer of humour. For instance, you could wrap a small, funny item in a large box filled with packing peanuts, adding a comedic element of surprise. Or you could include a funny card that complements the gift, turning the unwrapping into an experience.

Think Longevity

While the initial laugh is important, consider how long the gift will remain funny. A hilarious joke the first time might lose its charm after the tenth time. Please choose a gift that has lasting appeal and can bring a smile to her face long after she’s received it.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Overdoing It

While it’s tempting to go all out in the name of humour, sometimes less is more. Overdoing it can make the gift feel forced, diminishing its comedic impact. Aim for a balance between humour and practicality; a funny and useful gift is often the most appreciated.

Inappropriate Humour

Always consider her comfort zone when choosing a funny gift. What you find hilarious might be uncomfortable or even offensive to someone else. This is especially important if the gift is for a colleague or someone you don’t know well. When in doubt, opt for something light and universally funny rather than something that could be considered risqué.

Forgetting Her Preferences

The best funny gift is one that she’ll also find useful or enjoyable. Please don’t get so caught up in the humour that you forget her likes and dislikes. For example, a funny wine glass is a great gift—but not if she doesn’t drink wine.

The Wrap-Up

Why Choose a Funny Gift?

A funny gift is a small yet significant escape in a world filled with challenges and stress. It’s saying, “I care about you, and I want to make you smile.” It’s a gift beyond material value, offering the priceless gift of laughter and joy.

The Last Laugh

As we’ve explored throughout this guide, funny gifts come in all shapes and sizes, from personalised items and quirky gadgets to experience gifts and subscription boxes. The key to choosing the perfect funny gift is knowing the recipient well and considering the occasion. With a little thought and creativity, you can find a gift that makes her laugh and warms her heart.


Choosing the perfect gift can be a daunting task, but as we’ve seen, adding a touch of humour can make the process easier and more enjoyable. A funny gift serves multiple purposes—it brings immediate joy, offers long-term psychological benefits, and strengthens your relationship with the recipient. Whether it’s a personalised item, a quirky gadget, or an experience designed to elicit laughter, a funny gift is memorable. So, the next time you find yourself in a gift-giving problem, remember that laughter is a universal language everyone understands and appreciates.

Summary of Key Points

  • The Importance of Humour: Laughter offers psychological and social benefits, making it a powerful tool for improving mental well-being and strengthening relationships.
  • Occasions for Funny Gifts: From birthdays and anniversaries to hen parties and holidays, there’s always an opportunity to give the gift of laughter.
  • Types of Funny Gifts: Personalised items, quirky gadgets, and experience gifts offer a wide range of options for funny gifts.
  • Choosing the Right Gift: Knowing the recipient’s sense of humour, considering the occasion, and thinking about the presentation can help you select the perfect funny gift.
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid: Overdoing it, opting for inappropriate humour, and forgetting the recipient’s preferences are pitfalls to avoid.


Is a funny gift appropriate for any occasion?

While humour is generally well-received, the appropriateness of a funny gift depends on the occasion and the recipient's personality.

Can a funny gift be sentimental?

Absolutely! A gift can be both funny and sentimental, offering a balanced blend of laughter and emotion.

What if my funny gift flops?

Humour is subjective. If your gift doesn't elicit the laughter you hoped for, the effort and thought you put into choosing it will still be appreciated.


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