Easter Egg Baskets

Easter egg hunts are a cherished tradition, and having the best Easter egg basket can make this festive activity even more delightful for everyone involved. Are you looking for the perfect Easter egg baskets that combine functionality with festive charm? Our guide brings you various options catering to different styles and age groups. There’s something for everyone, from classic wicker baskets adorned with colourful ribbons to playful, themed baskets for kids featuring characters from popular children’s stories. Consider durable and reusable baskets that can become a part of your family’s Easter traditions for years. Whether organising an Easter egg hunt or simply looking for a charming way to present your Easter gifts, explore our selection of the best Easter egg baskets to add extra joy to your celebrations.

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Top 3 Best Easter Egg Baskets

1 – Personalised Easter Egg Buckets – View Best Deals Here

2 – Personalised Bunny Basket – View Best Deals Here

3 – Rattan Rabbit Basket – View Best Deals Here

Prextex 12 Bright Coloured Plastic Easter Egg Hunt Baskets for Kids, Easter Egg Small Gift Basket with Handle for Children's Easter Parties, 9 cm high excluding the handle and 14.5 cm wide at the top

Get your little ones ready for an egg-citing Easter egg hunt with these vibrant and sturdy plastic Easter egg baskets. These baskets are 9cm high (excluding the handle) and 14.5cm wide at the top, perfect for children to collect Easter eggs. With 12 baskets included, they are ideal for parties, family gatherings or school events. Each basket features a durable handle for easy carrying and comes in a bright and fun colour to add to the festive atmosphere. Make this Easter extra special with Prextex’s Easter egg hunt baskets!

Easter Egg Baskets

Celebrate the joy of Easter with the enchanting Rattan Bunny Basket – a limited edition wonder by WonderWeaver Design. Handwoven with care, this whimsical rabbit-shaped basket is crafted from natural rattan, creating a delightful and durable accessory for your little one’s egg hunt adventures. Measuring approximately 17-18cm wide and 25cm high (including the handle), this basket is perfectly sized to hold a collection of Easter treasures. The limited edition design adds an extra touch of uniqueness to this festive accessory, ensuring your little explorer has a charming and one-of-a-kind companion for their Easter egg hunt.

Easter Egg Hunt Gift Basket for Kids, Pink Wicker, Flower Crafts (Yellow)

Get ready for an egg-citing Easter egg hunt with this beautiful wicker basket. Perfect for kids, this basket is ideal for collecting Easter eggs or as a gift basket for your little ones. Made from high-quality wicker, it’s sturdy and durable, ensuring it can be used year after year. With its charming flower craft design and lovely yellow colour, this basket adds a touch of springtime cheer to any Easter celebration. Measuring approximately 20cm in length, 15cm in width and 10cm in height, it’s the perfect size for little hands to carry. Whether planning a large Easter event or a small family gathering, this wicker basket is a must-have addition to your festivities. Don’t settle for a boring or flimsy basket; go for this charming wicker basket and create cherished Easter memories with your loved ones!

Easter Egg Baskets

Enhance the joy of Easter festivities with the charming and personalised Easter basket made of felt. This sweet bunny basket, adorned in a delightful cream-beige hue, adds a whimsy to the holiday celebration. Crafted from sturdy and vegan felt, the basket is eco-friendly and durable for collecting Easter eggs. The plush rabbit ears, sewn securely in place, add a playful dimension to the design, while the adorable rabbit face, printed on the ears, brings the basket to life. Perfect for both boys and girls, this Easter basket becomes a treasured keepsake as it is personalised with a name, making it a thoughtful and unique gift for the season.

Dekewe 12pcs Easter Basket with Handle, Easter Basket Craft for Kids, Easter Egg Basket, Paper Easter Egg Hunt Baskets, Easter Gift Baskets for Candy, Toys, Easter Party Favor, Home Crafts Supplies

Get ready for Easter with these 12 charming Easter baskets! Perfect for Easter egg hunts or as gift baskets for your little ones, these baskets are made from high-quality paper, ensuring they’re sturdy and durable. With their lovely design, each basket is the perfect size for collecting Easter eggs, candy, or small toys. Measuring approximately 11cm in height and 9.5cm in diameter, these baskets are just the right size for little hands to carry. Whether planning a large Easter event or a small family gathering, these Easter baskets are a must-have addition to your festivities. They’re perfect for crafts and home supplies, too! Don’t settle for boring or flimsy baskets; go for these charming Easter baskets and create cherished Easter memories with your loved ones!

Easter Egg Baskets

Elevate your Easter gifting with the enchanting Easter Love Bag, a Moroccan-inspired straw basket that adds a touch of elegance to the joyous occasion. This natural and eco-friendly basket is a stylish accessory and a thoughtful and customisable gift for the festive season. With the charming inscription “Love” and adorned with hugs and kisses, this Easter basket is a heartfelt expression of affection. Crafted carefully, it becomes the perfect vessel for collecting Easter eggs and creating lasting memories.

XULIN 12PCS Easter Egg Hunt Basket for Kids Child Party Craft Gift Basket-Spring Easter Egg Hunt Favour Holders with Bunny Design-Easter Gift Box ,Easter Arts Crafts For Kids to Make DIY

Add some Easter charm to your festivities with XULIN’s 12PCS Easter Egg Hunt Basket! With its adorable bunny design, this basket is the perfect way to collect Easter eggs during your Easter egg hunts. Measuring approximately 13cm x 11cm x 5.5cm, this basket is just the right size for little hands to carry around. Made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials, this basket is lightweight and durable, making it perfect for everyday use. Not just for egg hunts, this basket is also great for holding Easter gifts, crafts, and other goodies. This basket is a must-have addition to any Easter celebration and is ideal for kids and adults. It’s also perfect for DIY Easter arts and crafts projects. So, why wait? Get XULIN’s 12PCS Easter Egg Hunt Basket and make your Easter celebration unforgettable!

4PCS Happy Easter Egg Hunt Bags, Easter Bunny Carrot Chick Egg Bags with Handles, Easter Treat Bags, Non-Woven Bags for Gifts Wrapping, Egg Hunt, Easter Party Supplies, 23×22×11cm

Looking for cute and colourful bags for your Easter egg hunt? Check out these 4PCS Happy Easter Egg Hunt Bags, featuring adorable Easter bunny, carrot, and chick designs. Each bag has a sturdy handle, making it easy for your little ones to carry their eggs, candies, and treats. These non-woven bags are perfect for wrapping, egg hunts, and Easter party supplies. The bags measure 23×22×11cm, providing plenty of space for all your Easter goodies. Get your kids excited about Easter with these fun and festive egg hunt bags!

Baker Ross ET884 Easter Coloured Baskets (Pack of 12) Craft for Kids to Decorate and Fill with Eggs or Gifts

The Baker Ross ET884 Easter Coloured Baskets are the perfect craft for kids to decorate and fill with Easter eggs or gifts. This pack includes 12 baskets in assorted pastel colours, providing plenty of creative opportunities. The baskets are made from durable cardstock, featuring a classic woven design and sturdy handle. Kids can personalise their baskets with stickers, markers, and other craft materials to make them unique and special. These Easter baskets are great for school projects, Easter egg hunts, or a fun activity for kids. Fill them with candy, toys, or other small surprises for an extra special Easter surprise. With the Baker Ross ET884 Easter Coloured Baskets, kids can celebrate the holiday with their personalised basket to show off to family and friends.

Easter Egg Baskets

Make this Easter extra special with the Personalised Easter Bucket, a delightful and customisable mini metal bucket perfect for Easter egg hunts and gifts on the day. These charming buckets are available in two sizes – 7.5 cm tall as featured in the photo or a larger 16 cm tall version – and add a personalised touch to your Easter celebrations. Crafted with care and attention to detail, each bucket is a unique and practical accessory for collecting Easter eggs or presenting a thoughtful Easter gift. The personalisation allows you to add a special name or message, making the Easter experience even more memorable for your loved ones.

Easter Egg Baskets

Add a touch of personalisation to your Easter celebrations with our exquisite Personalised Printed Wooden Easter Egg Gift Crate, a delightful alternative to traditional Easter baskets. Treat your little ones to a unique and charming Easter experience that is guaranteed to bring smiles to their faces. These stunning crates feature a bunny and chick design and offer the option to personalise with any text you desire. Unlike vinyl or transfer decals, our crates are directly printed onto the wood using the latest UV technology, providing a beautiful and long-lasting professional finish.

Easter Fillable Golden Jumbo Egg, 4X 10cm Made from Plastic, Large Surprise Egg for Kids Adults Easter Hunt Party Favors, Easter Basket Stuffer Egg Theme Party Supplies

Make this Easter extra special with these four large golden refillable Easter eggs. Measuring 10cm, they’re perfect for hiding Easter surprises such as small gifts, chocolates or other treats. These jumbo plastic eggs are sturdy and can be used year after year for your Easter celebrations. With their shiny golden finish, they add a touch of glamour to any Easter egg hunt. Whether planning a large Easter event or a small family gathering, these eggs are a must-have addition to your Easter basket stuffers. Fill them up with goodies and watch the excitement on the faces of your loved ones as they hunt for the eggs. Don’t settle for small, flimsy eggs; go for these jumbo refillable Easter eggs and make this Easter one to remember!

Easter Egg Baskets

Indulge in the joy of Easter gifting with our delightful Easter Hamper Baskets, the perfect treat to surprise and delight someone special this festive season. These thoughtfully curated baskets encompass the spirit of Easter with a charming selection of goodies. Inside, discover a mini colouring book, a mini puzzle, mini stickers, and mini bubbles, providing hours of entertainment and creative fun. Adding a glass Easter drink bottle and a milkshake cone adds sweetness to the celebration. Choose from a tempting array of Smartie/Cadbury or Milkybar options to suit individual preferences.

Best Easter Egg Baskets

Celebrate Easter in style with the Happy Easter Egg Elegant Gift Basket Hamper, a refined assortment of sweets and keepsakes designed to be adored by everyone. This meticulously curated Easter chocolate and sweet hamper is a visual delight, presented in a beautiful display basket that adds an extra touch of elegance to the festive occasion. The contents include a charming bunch of daffodils, a wooden bunny keepsake, and a delectable assortment of chocolates such as a Maltesers Egg, Toblerone Bar, KitKat bunnies, Galaxy eggs, a bag of bunny Milk eggs, Smarties bag eggs, and a collection of miniature eggs.

How to Choose the Best Easter Egg Baskets

When Easter rolls around, selecting the best Easter egg basket becomes essential. The ideal basket not only holds your Easter eggs but also adds to the festive spirit of the holiday. Look for baskets that are durable, appropriately sized, and visually appealing. Consider who will use it – a young child might prefer a basket with their favourite cartoon character, while adults might appreciate a more elegant design. Also, consider the basket’s future use; a versatile design can be repurposed for decoration or storage.

Why Easter Egg Baskets are Important

Easter egg baskets are more than just containers for eggs; they’re a central part of the Easter tradition. They represent the holiday spirit, often with colourful eggs, candies, and small gifts. For children, the excitement of an Easter egg hunt is usually tied to the basket they carry. These baskets can also be an essential element of your Easter decor, bringing a festive touch to your home. They hold physical items and the joy and warmth of family traditions.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Easter Egg Baskets

  1. Size and Capacity: Ensure the basket is large enough to hold many eggs and treats.
  2. Material Quality: Use durable materials like wicker, sturdy plastic, or fabric.
  3. Handle Strength: A strong handle is essential, especially for active egg hunts.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal: Choose colours and designs that match the Easter theme and personal taste.
  5. Safety for Children: Ensure no sharp edges or small parts if intended for kids.
  6. Weight and Comfort: Consider how easy it is to carry, particularly for young children.
  7. Customisation Options: Some may prefer baskets that can be personalised.
  8. Price: Find a basket that fits your budget while meeting quality standards.
  9. Reuse Potential: Consider if the basket can be used for other purposes after Easter.
  10. Eco-Friendliness: Look for baskets made from sustainable or biodegradable materials.

How to Wrap Easter Egg Baskets

  1. Choose Appropriate Wrapping Material: Use clear cellophane or colourful tissue paper.
  2. Place basket in the Center: Lay out your wrapping material and place the basket in the middle.
  3. Add Festive Fillers: Fill the basket with Easter grass or tissue paper before wrapping.
  4. Gather and Secure: Bring the edges of the wrapping material up around the basket and secure it with a ribbon.
  5. Add a Decorative Bow: Tie a large bow at the top for a festive touch.
  6. Attach a Gift Tag or Card: Personalize with a tag or card for the recipient.
  7. Consider Themed Decorations: Add stickers or Easter-themed decorations to the wrapping.
  8. Ensure Visibility of Contents: If using opaque material, ensure the contents are visible at the top.
  9. Check for Holes or Tears: Ensure the wrapping is secure and intact.
  10. Final Touches: Add any final decorations like artificial flowers or Easter ornaments.


Choosing the right Easter egg basket can significantly enhance your Easter celebration. From considering the size and material of the basket to how you wrap it, each aspect plays a vital role in creating the perfect Easter experience. Remember, the best basket meets your practical needs while capturing the joyous spirit of Easter.


What is the best material for an Easter egg basket?

The best material depends on your needs. Wicker is traditional and sturdy, while plastic is more durable and easier to clean. Fabric baskets are soft and often collapsible for easy storage.

How can I personalise an Easter egg basket?

Personalize by adding name tags, ribbons, or by choosing a basket in the recipient's favorite color. Some baskets can be custom ordered with names or initials.

Are Easter egg baskets only suitable for children?

No, Easter egg baskets are for everyone. While children might enjoy baskets with playful designs, there are many elegant options suitable for adults as well.

How do I choose the right size for an Easter egg basket?

Consider the age of the person using it and how many eggs or items it needs to hold. For younger children, smaller baskets are easier to carry.

Can Easter egg baskets be reused?

Absolutely! Many Easter egg baskets can be repurposed for home decor, storage, or used in future Easter celebrations. Look for versatile designs for long-term use.


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