Christening Gifts for Boys

Finding the perfect gift for a boy’s christening can be challenging, but it’s an opportunity to give something that will be cherished for a lifetime. In this guide, we’re going to explore a range of unique and sentimental christening gifts for boys.

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Understanding Christenings

The Significance of Christening Gifts

Christening gifts are more than just presents; they represent love, blessings, and good wishes for the child’s spiritual journey. These gifts often become keepsakes, holding immense sentimental value and reminding the child of their unique connection to their faith.

When to Give a Christening Gift

Christening gifts are typically given on the day of the ceremony. They can be presented directly to the parents, or sometimes they might be placed on a dedicated gift table at the reception.

Silver Plated Train Money Box, Tooth & Curl Carriages- Baby Christening Gift

The Silver Plated Train Money Box with First Tooth & Curl Carriages is a wonderful and meaningful gift for a baby’s christening. This charming train-themed money box is not only a decorative item but also a cherished keepsake that holds precious memories.

De Walden Boys Christening Engraved St Christopher Pocket Watch in Wood Box

The Boys Christening Gift Engraved St Christopher Pocket Watch in Wood Box is a timeless and meaningful gift choice for a baby boy’s christening. This elegant pocket watch, featuring a beautifully engraved St Christopher design, is not only a practical accessory but also a symbol of protection and guidance.

Personalised Blue Floral Christening Candle - 7cm x 15cm White - Christening/Baptism Keepsake for Boy or Girl

Celebrate the joyous occasion of a christening or baptism with the Personalised Blue Floral Christening Candle. This custom gift offers a combination of beauty, personalization, and sentiment, making it a cherished keepsake that represents the child’s spiritual journey and the love shared on this special day.


Tickle & Main Everybunny Prays, Baby and Toddler Gift Set with Praying Musical Bunny and Prayer Book in Keepsake Box, Boys, Blue

The Tickle & Main Everybunny Prays Musical Gift Set is not only a delightful and engaging gift for children but also a meaningful way to introduce them to prayer and faith. It promotes values of gratitude, kindness, and spirituality, providing a lasting impact on their spiritual journey.

Boy's Christening Engraved Oak Photo Box Album Nan Grandad Gift

The De Walden Boy’s Christening Engraved Oak Photo Box Album Gift is a beautiful and personalized keepsake that is perfect for preserving and showcasing cherished memories from a boy’s Christening day. This unique gift combines the functionality of a photo album with the elegance of an engraved oak box.

Noah's Ark Gift Boxed Set Hand Carved & Painted Christening New Baby Gift by East of India

Celebrate the joyous occasion of a christening or new baby with the Noah’s Ark Gift Boxed Set Hand Carved & Painted. This gift offers a combination of craftsmanship, storytelling, and sentimentality, making it a cherished keepsake that holds the joy and blessings of this special milestone.


Dolce Valentina DV Children's Personalised 925 Sterling Silver Baby Boy Bangle, Boy Bracelet, Baptism, Baby Shower, Blue Cubic Zirconia 0-1yrs

The Dolce Valentina Personalised Sterling Silver Baby Christening Bracelet is a beautiful and meaningful gift for a baby’s christening or baptism. This exquisite bracelet is made from high-quality sterling silver and features a delicate and adjustable design that is perfect for little wrists.

Boy's My First Rosary Glass Beads Blue Children's Christening Gift

Celebrate the joyous occasion of a boy’s christening with the Boy’s My First Rosary with Glass Beads. This gift offers a combination of beauty, tradition, and spirituality, making it a cherished keepsake that symbolizes the child’s spiritual journey and the love shared on this special day.


White Faux-Silk Double Bow and Silver Plated Cross Christening Photo Album in Blue - Holds 60 6x4 Pictures - Gorgeous Christening Gift Idea for Baby Boy by Happy Homewares

This gorgeous photo album can be personalized with the baby boy’s name or initials, adding a unique touch and making it an even more meaningful gift. It comes in a gift box, ready to be presented to the recipient on their special day.

Petit Cheri Baby Boy wooden Memories Keepsake Box Vintage Style

The Petit Cheri Baby Boy Wooden Memories Keepsake Box in Vintage Style is a charming and sentimental gift for a baby boy. This beautifully designed keepsake box allows parents, family members, and friends to store and cherish precious memories of the little one’s early years.

Silver Plated Christening Day Gift Set 4-Piece, Includes Egg Cup, Spoon, Baby Photo Frame, Napkin Ring, Presentation Gift Boxed

The Silver Plated Christening Day Gift Set is a delightful 4-piece collection that includes an egg cup, spoon, baby photo frame, and napkin ring. This set is elegantly presented in a presentation gift box, making it a perfect gift for a baby’s christening day.

Personalised Christening Gift, Custom Baptism Gift, Elephant Teddy Bear Soft Toy Plush, Christening Gift For Boys, Baby Keepsake, Christening Present, Baptism Present

Introducing the Personalised Christening Gift, a custom-made and heartfelt present that combines the adorable charm of an Elephant Teddy Bear Soft Toy Plush with the personal touch of customization. This gift is perfect for boys and serves as a cherished keepsake to commemorate their christening or baptism.

Baby Boy's Personalised Name, Date and Weight Newborn Shawl Blanket

Celebrate the Christening of a baby boy with the Personalised Name, Date, and Weight Shawl Blanket. This custom gift offers a combination of warmth, comfort, and personalization, creating a lasting keepsake that honours the special milestone of the baby’s birth.


Personalised Holy Bible Gift - Childrens Baptism Communion Confirmation Christening Gifts For Boys Girls

Celebrate the spiritual journey of a child with the Personalised Holy Bible Gift. This custom gift offers a combination of faith, love, and personalization, creating a treasured keepsake that will guide and inspire them as they grow in their faith.


Beatrix Potter A25864 Peter Rabbit Nursery Set, 3 Pieces - White & Peter Rabbit My First Little Library

In addition to the nursery set, the Peter Rabbit My First Little Library is a wonderful addition to your baby’s early reading collection. This set includes four small board books featuring Peter Rabbit and his friends. Each book introduces simple concepts, such as colours, numbers, shapes, and words, in a playful and engaging way.

Personalised Christening Cushion, Christening Gift for Boy, Custom Christening Gift for Boys, Baptism Present, Christening Keepsake, Baby Keepsake, Pillow

Introducing the Personalised Christening Cushion, a custom-made gift specially designed for boys to commemorate their christening day. This beautiful cushion can be personalized with the child’s name, date of christening, or a heartfelt message, making it a unique and cherished keepsake.

Booulfi Baby Christening Blanket Newborn Unisex Baptism White Baby Blanket Shawl Knitted Baptism Blankets for Babies

In a classic white colour, this blanket is symbolic of purity and innocence, reflecting the significance of the Christening or Baptism ceremony. It creates a serene and angelic atmosphere, enhancing the beauty of the occasion and making it a memorable experience.

Christening Gift ideas for Girls and Boys Baptism Crystal Angle with Cross

When it comes to christening gifts for boys, a Crystal Angel with a Cross is a timeless and meaningful choice. This elegant and symbolic gift combines the beauty of crystal with the spiritual significance of an angel and a cross.

Choosing the Right Gift

Considerations to Bear in Mind

When choosing a christening gift for a boy, remember to consider the parents’ preferences and religious beliefs, the longevity and usefulness of the gift, and its potential as a cherished keepsake.


Choosing a christening gift for a boy is an opportunity to give a meaningful and lasting keepsake. By considering the child’s and parents’ preferences and the gift’s potential to grow with the child, you can choose a present that will be cherished for years to come.


What is an appropriate amount to spend on a christening gift?

The amount to spend on a christening gift can vary widely, depending on your relationship to the child and your personal budget. Gifts can range from sentimental keepsakes to practical items, with a broad price range to match.

Can I give a non-religious gift for a christening?

Yes, while many prefer to give religious gifts for a christening, it's perfectly acceptable to give a non-religious gift, such as a personalized blanket or toy.

Is it okay to give money as a christening gift?

Yes, giving money or a savings bond as a christening gift is a common practice. It can be a useful contribution towards the child's future.

How should I present my christening gift?

You can present your christening gift in a gift box or bag with a heartfelt note attached, expressing your good wishes for the child's spiritual journey.

What's the difference between a christening and a baptism?

In many Christian denominations, christening and baptism are used interchangeably. However, in some, baptism refers to the ritual of using water to welcome the child into the Christian faith, while a christening is the naming ceremony.


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