Best Funny Father's Day Gifts

Looking for a way to add a dash of humour to your Father’s Day celebration? Consider exploring the Best Funny Father’s Day Gifts, perfect for bringing your dad a smile or a hearty laugh. These gifts celebrate your dad’s sense of humour and the lighter side of fatherhood. Think outside the traditional gift box and opt for something tickling his funny bone. Imagine his amusement with a novelty apron featuring a witty dad joke, a custom mug with a humorous quote, or a quirky book of ‘Dad-isms’. These gifts are not just about the laughs; they’re a way to lighten the mood and show your dad that you appreciate his sense of humour. Choose a funny Father’s Day gift that entertains and lets him know that his ability to make you smile is one of the greatest gifts of all. Make this Father’s Day memorable with a gift combining humour and heartfelt appreciation. Also, check out our other Father’s Day Gift Guides for more inspiration.

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Best Funny Father's Day Gifts

Add a touch of humour to Father’s Day with our Funny Father Pillow—a delightful and playful gift idea that’s sure to bring a smile to your dad’s face. Featuring a witty “Favourite Child Pillow” design, this pillow is a humorous and lighthearted way to express love and appreciation for the special bond between you and your dad.

Perfect for adding a touch of charm to any living space, this pillow serves as a reminder that laughter is a key ingredient in the recipe for a happy home. Surprise your dad with this humorous and affectionate Father’s Day gift that showcases your playful side and adds a cosy and amusing touch to his personal space.

Best Funny Father's Day Gifts

Elevate Dad’s daily dose of laughter with the Personalized Giant Face Cushion – Double Sided, the ultimate Father’s Day gift that puts his favourite child front and centre, literally! Picture this: a massive cushion featuring a larger-than-life image of the chosen favourite child’s face on both sides. It’s the kind of personalized touch that turns an ordinary cushion into a comically oversized ego booster. Whether Dad wants a quick power nap or a good laugh, this cushion is the perfect blend of comfort and cheekiness.

Best Funny Father's Day Gifts

Bring laughter to Father’s Day with the hilarious “Embarrassing Dad Jokes” book, a fun novelty gift that celebrates the timeless tradition of cringe-worthy dad humour. This collection of typical dad jokes from around the world will surely tickle Dad’s funny bone and elicit groans from everyone in the family. The book is an ideal gift for the dad known for his legendary, albeit embarrassing, one-liners. With each turn of the page, this entertaining compilation brings forth the joy of shared laughter and the unique charm of dad humour.

Best Funny Father's Day Gifts

Make your dad’s morning coffee routine extra special with the Favourite Child Mug, a personalized touch that warms both his heart and his beverage. This custom photo and name mug is not just a thoughtful Father’s Day gift; it’s a cherished keepsake that brings a smile with every sip.

Choose a favourite photo and add a personal touch by including your name, creating a unique and sentimental token of love. Order from a UK shop with the added perk of free shipping, ensuring your heartfelt gift reaches her doorstep conveniently.

Dads Are Hard To Buy Gifts For Funny Fathers Day Birthday T-Shirt

Tackling the age-old dilemma of what to get for the dad who has everything just got a whole lot easier with this “Dads Are Hard To Buy For, so Just Enjoy This Carefully Selected T-Shirt and the Joy of Having Me!” T-shirt. This quirky and candid gift is the perfect remedy for any Father’s Day or birthday shopping conundrum. The shirt provides a touch of humour with its witty message and serves as a daily reminder of the awesome gift Dad already has – you!

Best Funny Father's Day Gifts

This Father’s Day, give the gift of a peaceful night’s sleep with the “Grow It – Snore Curing Plant.” Finally, a remedy for those nocturnal symphonies that Dad insists are just “sleep sound effects.” This kit has everything needed to cultivate the ultimate snore-busting green companion – add water and let the anti-snore magic begin. Watch in amusement as Dad embraces the whimsical world of snore-fighting flora, proudly placing the plant on his bedside table like a guardian against nighttime nasal serenades. It’s a hilarious yet thoughtful present that promises both a good laugh and the potential for a snore-free slumber.

Best Funny Father's Day Gifts

This Father’s Day, gift your dad the laughter he deserves with the Comedy Pass for Two, an evening of rip-roaring comedy that promises non-stop entertainment. This unique experience grants entry for two to a comedy club show, offering the chance to witness four hilarious comedians in action. The venues selected for this experience have hosted comedy legends like Eddie Izzard and Michael McIntyre, ensuring a night with side-splitting performances. From Jack Dee to Jo Brand, the stage has seen them all, and now it’s your dad’s turn to be part of the audience.

Best Funny Father's Day Gifts

This Father’s Day, give the soon-to-be or new dad in your life the ultimate lifeline with the Survival Toolkit for New Dads! Because, let’s face it, fatherhood can sometimes feel like navigating uncharted territory. Packed with essentials like a biohazard bag (for those unexpected diaper situations), baby wipes, ear defenders (because baby cries can be surprisingly loud), and gloves for those hands-on moments, this kit is the superhero cape every dad needs. The included baby care instructions with illustrations offer a humorous touch, making the daunting task of parenting a bit more approachable.

OSDUE Mini Golf Club Putter Ballpoint Pen, Golfers Gift Box Set, Presents for Dad Christmas Gifts Funny Novelty Gift for Friends Office Accessories Desk Decor Brother Stocking Fillers Personalised Pen

Elevate Dad’s office game with a swing of humour and a stroke of fun this Father’s Day with the Mini Golf Club Putter Ballpoint Pen – the perfect gift for the golf enthusiast who takes his game seriously, even in the workplace. This gift box set is a hole-in-one for laughter, featuring a ballpoint pen cleverly disguised as a mini golf club. Every document becomes a putting green, and those business reports transform into a golf scorecard. It’s a tee-terrific way to bring a touch of the fairway to his desk, making work a bit more like a leisurely round of golf. Presented in a stylish gift box, this novelty set will be a hit for any dad who enjoys a good swing and laugh.

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This Father’s Day, unleash the comedic power of “Dad Joke Loading” with this hilarious T-shirt, a perfect Xmas present for Daddy. Crafted with humour and love, this shirt playfully embraces the timeless tradition of dad jokes, reminding everyone that the puns are coming and the laughter is imminent. Whether he’s grilling in the backyard or telling a classic dad joke at the family dinner table, this shirt is a delightful way for Dad to announce his comedic intentions. It’s not just a piece of clothing; it’s a wearable declaration of his dad’s humour prowess.

Best Funny Father's Day Gifts

This Father’s Day, gift your dad the ultimate luxury with the Lazy Man Self-Stirring Mug, because who needs to break a sweat over a morning brew? This ingenious gadget takes the hassle out of stirring your tea or coffee, sparing Dad from the difficult journey of navigating a spoon through the mug. With a simple push of the thumb-friendly button, the magic begins – sit back, relax, and witness as the mug stirs its contents all on its own.

Boxer Novelty Poo Timer - Time Your Toilet Trips Joke Funny For Men Dad Boyfriend Husband Novelty Men's Christmas Birthday Secret Santa Fathers Day

This Father’s Day, add a touch of humour to Dad’s bathroom routine with the Boxer Novelty Poo Timer – the ultimate joke and funny gift for the man who appreciates a good laugh. This cheeky timer, shaped like a boxer with a mischievous grin, is designed to inject lighthearted fun into those inevitable toilet trips. Whether Dad claims to be in there for strategic thinking or merely seeking a moment of solitude, this novelty gift will time his bathroom escapades with a wink and a chuckle.

How to Choose the Best Funny Father’s Day Gifts

Choosing the best funny Father’s Day gifts involves understanding your dad’s sense of humour and selecting something that will make him laugh or smile. Consider inside jokes, his favourite comedy shows, or humorous aspects of his personality. The key is finding a balance between fun and affection, ensuring the gift is amusing and shows your love and appreciation.

Why Funny Father’s Day Gifts Are Important

Funny Father’s Day gifts are essential because they add a lighthearted touch to the celebration, reflecting the joy and fun in your father-child relationship. These gifts can create memorable moments and show your dad that you appreciate not just what he does but also who he is, including his sense of humour.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Funny Father’s Day Gifts

  1. Dad’s Sense of Humor: Align the gift with the type of humour he enjoys.
  2. Appropriateness: Ensure the gift is appropriate and won’t offend.
  3. Personalization: Add a personal touch to make the gift more meaningful.
  4. Quality: Choose a gift that’s not only funny but also well-made.
  5. Usability: Consider if the gift can be used or displayed after the laugh.
  6. Age-Appropriate Humor: Match the humour to his age and preferences.
  7. Originality: Look for something unique and not clichéd.
  8. Inclusivity: Make sure the gift includes everyone in the fun.
  9. Relatability: Choose something that relates to his life or experiences.
  10. Tastefulness: Keep it tasteful and in good spirits.

How to Wrap Funny Father’s Day Gifts

  1. Humorous Wrapping Paper: Use wrapping paper with funny prints or jokes.
  2. Comical Cards: Include a funny card that complements the gift.
  3. Gag Presentation: Present the gift humorously or unexpectedly.
  4. Funny Tags: Use gift tags with jokes or witty quotes.
  5. DIY Decorations: Add DIY decorations that match the gift’s theme.
  6. Prank Packaging: Consider a prank box for an initial laugh.
  7. Playful Colors: Use bright and playful colours in the wrapping.
  8. Themed Packaging: Match the wrapping theme to the gift’s humour.
  9. Creative Containers: Use unusual containers for a surprise element.
  10. Interactive Unwrapping Experience: Make the unwrapping process part of the fun.


Funny Father’s Day gifts are a great way to celebrate your dad light-heartedly and joyfully. These gifts can bring laughter and create enjoyable memories, making Father’s Day a commemorative, fun and engaging experience. Remember, the best funny gift suits your dad’s personality and strengthens the bond you share through a shared sense of humour.


What are some examples of funny Father's Day gifts?

Examples include novelty socks with funny messages, humorous books, gag gifts related to his hobbies, a ‘dad joke’ t-shirt, or a funny mug or apron.

How can I personalize a funny Father's Day gift?

Personalize with inside jokes, custom-printed items with humorous quotes or images, or create a DIY gift that plays on a funny aspect of your relationship.

Are prank gifts a good idea for Father's Day?

Prank gifts can be fun if they are in good spirit and your dad enjoys that kind of humor. Make sure it's lighthearted and not something that could be embarrassing or uncomfortable.

Can I make a funny Father's Day gift myself?

Definitely! A homemade gift, like a funny photo collage, a humorous poem, or a handmade coupon book with silly offers, can be very amusing and heartfelt.

How do I ensure my funny gift is well-received?

Know your audience – make sure the gift matches your dad's sense of humor and that it's something he would find funny, not just anyone. It's important to keep it respectful and considerate.


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