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Event management software has become indispensable for planning and executing successful events. Whether you’re organising a small business conference or a large-scale trade show, these tools offer a range of functionalities that cater to various aspects of event management. Here’s a comprehensive look at some of the best event management software available.

Our Top Pick

Eventbrite – Thanks to its user-friendly and versatile platform, Eventbrite is the top pick for organizing personal celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. Its strength lies in the simplicity and efficiency of the event creation process, enabling users to set up and manage events effortlessly. The software offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing invitations, registrations, and payment processing, which is particularly useful for events that require ticket sales or RSVP tracking. The platform also excels in marketing and communication, offering email automation and social media promotion features, ensuring that event details reach all potential guests effectively. Its mobile check-in feature also streamlines the event entry process, enhancing the guest experience. Eventbrite’s ability to cater to a wide range of event types, from small gatherings to more significant celebrations, along with its intuitive design and robust functionality, makes it an ideal choice for personal event planning.

Top Event Management Software


SpotMe is an all-encompassing event marketing platform ideal for handling the execution of events. It is solid in audience engagement, offering features like live video streaming, breakout rooms, and interactive tools. Data protection and analytics are also key features, making it a robust choice for virtual or hybrid events​​.

Social Tables

Social Tables offers free event planning tools, including virtual venue tours and contactless seating. It excels in planning the in-person aspects of hybrid events, with interactive floor plans and real-time collaboration tools, making the hybrid experience smoother and more efficient​​.


Tripleseat specialises in data tools for restaurants, hotels, and unique venues. It offers features for capturing relevant data and converting it into actionable reports and leads, ideal for unique venues looking to maximise data utilisation​​.

Member Solutions

Member Solutions targets businesses with membership models, such as fitness centres or music schools. It streamlines event sign-ups, forms, and billing and provides email marketing features, making it suitable for membership-based communities​​.


Eventbrite is a versatile tool for many events, from small gatherings to significant corporate events. It offers event creation, registration, payment processing, and marketing functionalities and caters to diverse event types​​.


Cvent is a comprehensive event management tool that offers venue management, attendee engagement services, event showcasing, and budgeting. It suits various industries and supports in-person, virtual, and hybrid events and webinars​​.


Hubb focuses on conferences and meetings, offering content organization and communication tools. It’s great for keeping track of all event content, including speaker and sponsor information​​.


Choosing the right event management software depends on the specific needs of your event. Consider factors like the type of event (virtual, hybrid, in-person), desired features (engagement tools, analytics, registration processes), and your target audience. Utilizing these tools can significantly enhance your events’ efficiency, reach, and success.


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